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Subscription Box Items in use

cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,317Member
edited June 2016 in General
I thought that it might be helpful to share how we all use the items we get from subscription boxes in our daily lives. Besides makeup/nail polish/skincare but obviously that's a big use too.

I wanted to start it off since I noticed my nightstand is all items I received or swapped for.
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  • chelsearchelsear Posts: 1,912Member
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,317Member
    Nice baskets @Angienharry ;)
  • AngienharryAngienharry Posts: 1,197Member
    @chelsear it's only 8. @cleegiants I put your baskets to great use, I adore you for swapping them to me!!!
    1. Hello beautiful tray
    2. Compassion lemongrass candle
    3. Globein basket
    4. Globein basket
    5. Mela picture frame
    6. Globein hand blown glass
    7 and 8 are walking dead pops!
    Those are just the items in my office!!
  • chelsearchelsear Posts: 1,912Member
    @Angienharry Ah I thought the little Sheldon vinyl must be from a nerd box too! It looks really really nice!
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,317Member
    @tamara i love trays! and don't worry about a picture. this is a judgment free zone. believe me, i had to work to get my nightstand that clean. i love just hearing how people use items!
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,826Member
    Love this thread! Its so fun to see how everyone is using their items
  • njphelpsnjphelps Posts: 604Member
    I am loving these pictures!! POST MORE PLEASE :*
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,317Member
    @McSquared it would have been an apt thread (i saw it before you deleted). You're USING that sarong which is a sub box item right? so totally a "subscription item in use".
  • McSquaredMcSquared Posts: 988Member
    Thanks @cleegiants !!! I am using it and loving it! I use mine as a scarf and it is one of my favorite things I have ever swapped for
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,826Member
    @MSN - fun! red PS vase, ny glass, water from PS, POP figures
    and is that the little glass/mirror thing from PS? that you painted pink?
  • chelsearchelsear Posts: 1,912Member
    The corner of the kitchen bar at my BFs place (my sadddd herbs are dying!) and a seek and find of the inside of my nightstand at my BFs apt (hint, there's A LOT!)
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,826Member
    @chelsear - I don't even now where to begin on the seek & find! there is a lot!
    but of course the pacifica wipes, henri bendle bag, new bracelet from gift izzy box?, tassel bracelts :), julep, ear buds...
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 750Member
    @chelsear I see 3 tubes of Delectable cream in that one photo alone! Wow!
  • chelsearchelsear Posts: 1,912Member
    Oh @Em_P my obsession is real. I need a back up! The skinnier one is just about empty... And the little tube is a new product. I am testing it as lip balm and on my eczema.

    @Randi2 LOL yes... And a tote from GT rolled up, a white strap from GT that I will make into hair bands, prize candle rings and my LLB leaf ring, CHOCOPIE hand cream from Beauteque (care of @dantesmom ), Julep nail polish case filled with stuff, tool kit from Julep, Julep lotion and cuticle oil, the sparkly polish from PSMH, Blueberry coconut oil Chapstick from Fruit for Thought (curated by @Pam ), gold necklace that was a GWP for Birchbox designed by LeTote, two fortune cookie soap products, one Holika Holika lip balm (the cupcake!) from Beauteque, and there are a few others! My life has been taken over by sub boxes.
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,826Member
    edited June 2016
    @chelsear - very impressive!! I knew that rolled up thing was familiar, but couldn't put my finger on it.

    I'm going to have to look into this Delectable cream (sounds delicious! so it has to smell wonderful too then right? and it must work pretty good if you have 3 tubes - in that pic anyways)

    EDIT - so I'll def be getting some of that Delectable stuff on my next Target trip (which is probably tonight since I haven't been for 1 whole day)!
    saw it was at Target and was like YAY! Awesome - then read its vegan & cruelty free too and doesn't have all that other bad stuff in it!! double YAY!
  • njphelpsnjphelps Posts: 604Member
    @Ponder88 Your gonna need a bigger shelf! @chelsear @MSN @DJ12608 @mini2z @bookishgirl @PattyK @Tanya3 @cleegiants YES, YES, YES!! OUR ADDICTION IS REAL ;)
  • chelsearchelsear Posts: 1,912Member
    @Randi2 THEY HAVE IT AT YOUR TARGET!?! I have stalked every Target I've been to, I travel a lot for work and if I see a Target I pull in and stalk it there too!! NONE OF THEM HAVE HAD IT! @TriciaD Spotted it at Kohl's and sent me some (YOU ARE THE BEST!!) so now I have a new place to stalk...

    It is really amazing. I am a hand cream expert after having contact dermatitis on my hands my whole life, super dry skin and cuticles, and using hand lotion constantly. It is fast absorbing, non-greasy, very moisturizing, the tubes are a great size to stash EVERYWHERE, it's inexpensive, doesn't have mineral oil/petroleum/petroleatum (I am allergic), and smells like what I imagine heaven to smell like. I am seriously obsessed ever since randomly adding it to a swap because it said coconut and then getting it a week later... I am hooked for life. I have stopped hunting for my HG hand cream because I found it!! I will dabble with others from time to time when I have a place I can fit both a new one and my HG (like my nightstand), but if I have to choose just one for travel or my purse, I go be Delectable Coconut and Cream.
  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,136Member
    I've also seen Delectable at kohls of all places.
  • mini2zmini2z Posts: 2,211Member
    My drawer-less nightstand (top drawer was stuck)
    Lots of subbox items
    Also have the Jelly thing for charging iPad, iPhone, Fitbit, one open its the BEST thing ever! Bought it for Curaçao because tripadvisor had room tips that only two plugs
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