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Swap Offers

MisaMisaMisaMisa Posts: 547Member
The swap site is currently set up to have you request items that you're interested in, but you can't really offer what you would like to swap for those items (except in comments). I thought it might be useful to have a place where you can specify what you want to swap for different items. This way people can put out generous offers for their unicorns and see if anyone bites. Or if someone is in search of an "albatross" they can offer something in this thread that seems fair to them instead of putting out a zillion swap requests. Or if someone received one variation and would like to swap for a different one.


"I am looking to swap 3 Issac Jacobs frames for 1 pehr bin."
"I have a chalkboard candle and I would like to swap it for a Capri candle."
"I would like to swap my beauty protector sample for a tassel necklace."


  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,500Member
    edited August 2016
    I would like to swap my Illesteva dark horn matte sunglasses for a 1951 :)

    Really, really, reaaalllyyy ISO an XL 1951 in Carmin!! :)
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  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,139Member
    I'm looking to swap the baggu striped weekender bag from popsugar le new in plastic for a 1951, looking for ivory or leo silver.
  • belliumbellium Posts: 710Member
    I would love to find a mottahedah much in exchange for my blue mela frame.
  • kylajaclynkylajaclyn Posts: 3,065Member
    Thanks for starting this @MisaMisa !'
  • ValerieValerie Posts: 467Member
    @bellium im sending you a PM
  • strmama2strmama2 Posts: 660Member
    I would like to trade my Illesteva's for a 1951 in a color I don't have...
    I would like to trade my Massi black throw for a PSMH Chesterman round towel...

    @MisaMisa I saw you mention it in the other thread, but gosh do I miss LBB ;)
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,337Member
    I'd be interested to know what someone who is looking to swap the Alexis Bittar cocktail ring is looking for. I definitely don't have any $200 items but I have some nice things unlisted that I might be able to put towards the thing you want. Sorry if this isn't what the thread is for.
  • julzy567julzy567 Posts: 708Member
    edited August 2016
    I would like to swap my (new) XL lagoon, XL Blue Perfo, XL Bri Gris, XL Ivory or XL Bubble for a Stella McCartney Bag from Adidas A.
  • kristinfkristinf Posts: 148Member
    I would like to swap my Brandon Blackwood backpack for 2 XL 1951s and another luxe item that I am ISO :)
  • TracyCTracyC Posts: 232Member
    @kristinf I just sent you a request
  • ValerieValerie Posts: 467Member
    @strmama2 would you be able to send me pictures of the massi throw or a link where I can see it? I have the PSMH round towel new. Thanks
  • MoonAndStarsMoonAndStars Posts: 594Member
    I would like to swap my Jules Smith earrings or necklace for the Arete performance towel in the teal. I would like to swap my L Tigre and L green 1951's for one XL in a color I don't have or L's in royal, khaki, or nude with python.
  • PinkisthenewblakPinkisthenewblak Posts: 764Member
    I would LOVE to swap my Mara Hoffman sarong for a 1951 (L or XL) or Alexis Bittar ring. ❤️
  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 697Member
    edited August 2016
    I have: Illesteva Leonard's in Dark Horn (photo attached)

    I'd like to swap them for your:
    1. 1951 L or XL in a color I don't have (no hair), OR
    2. Ripauste bag in L or XL, OR
    3. Finlay & Co Jenson sunnies, OR
    4. Waiting for the Sun Brigitte sunnies in Black, OR
    5. House of Harlow sunglasses (not gold), OR
    6. Illesteva Leonard's in the Two-Tone color (preferably light), or maybe Sand.

    I have:
    1. Lemlem cover-up
    2. Julie Sion necklace
    3. Red Jotter/Pen
    4. Beautiful Leather Pouch.

    I'd like to swap one or two of them for your:
    1. Swing Design Valey Tray
    2. Kendra Scott Slate/Silver earrings

    I'd also be willing to swap all four of these items towards one of the bigger ticket items I'm ISO above.

    Hope I can work something out with someone :)
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  • kristinfkristinf Posts: 148Member
    @joiedevie99 I just sent you a message
  • Daisydoodle78Daisydoodle78 Posts: 407Member
    edited August 2016
    I would like to swap my silk pillowcase from Luxor for a PSMH round towel. If no one is interested in that particular swap I am curious as to what swappers are seeking for the towel.
  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,139Member
    I swapped my popsugar round towel for a 1951, but I would.have considered that pillowcase too.
  • Daisydoodle78Daisydoodle78 Posts: 407Member
    @mini2z I can relate! We live in an igloo and all of our ceiling fans are on hurricane speeds! I have to have a throw all year.
  • mini2zmini2z Posts: 2,212Member
    It was actually colder in here when we got home, the kids had it at 71, we keep it at 74 but I'm still freezing
  • Daisydoodle78Daisydoodle78 Posts: 407Member
    OR.... I would be happy to swap 2 Mottahedeh snowflake mugs for the PSMH towel.
  • McSquaredMcSquared Posts: 988Member
    I would like to swap my L lagoon, or XL Bubble for a Python Rouge XL

    I would also like to swap my Jules Smith sarong scarf for a few of my followed beauty items like prtty lotion, oribe texturizing spray etc
  • LLBORKLLBORK Posts: 791Member
    edited August 2016
    My Top 10 favorite things I still need to get or want to add to my collection:

    1. The hand painted heart dish from GlobeIN - need
    2. I need the "Can't Get Back to Yesterday" Bracelet - - who has one?
    3. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Fragrance Collection - need
    4. Kate Spade Notebooks and water bottles - want
    5. I collect Tarte Palettes. If you have an unused one - let me know
    6. Love Honest products - especially soaps and hand soaps
    7. Love L'Occitane products
    8. Giving Key products (I have HOPE and STRENGTH so far)
    9. Anything inspirational to help me through my PD journey (journals, items with inspirational sayings, aromatherapy, things from the heart)
    10. Anything handmade or unusual that gives back

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  • AnnemAnnem Posts: 907Member
    @LLBORK sending you a PM now...
  • JustinaJustina Posts: 316Member
    @kristinf just sent you a pm.
  • JustinaJustina Posts: 316Member
    edited August 2016
    Would like to swap my Adidas watch or Phillip Lim pouch for a 1951 or other luxe items. I am pretty open to ideas as long as it is something I can use.
  • SJPSJP Posts: 1,752Member
    I would like to swap the Rachel Zoe Shaffer LA bucket bag for a silk pillowcase.
  • sarasara Posts: 2,491Member
    @LLBORK, I sent you a PM
  • sarasara Posts: 2,491Member
    I would love to swap for the orange plates from LLB, and the hot and cold booties from the Mystery Box of Awesome! The plates are just because I have 2 and often wish to use them for more people, but the booties would be so helpful- I had 2 foot surgeries last year and still need to ice my foot for swelling. The idea of being able to keep them in the freezer and just slip them on sounds so wonderful!
  • hildolhildol Posts: 705Member
    Hoping to swap my adidas watch size small for an adidas watch size large (its a gift) or swap for an adidas watch size large.
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