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Which Theme Should We Do For The Next Forum Exchange?

chrischris Posts: 3,584Member, Moderator
edited February 6 in Swaps
We are about to start the next forum exchange. What theme would you be most interested in? We may pick a couple depending on what everyone prefers.

Which Theme Should We Do For The Next Forum Exchange? 143 votes

Secret Santa
6% 9 votes
16% 23 votes
White Elephant + Favorite (one white elephant swap item + other favorite items of person putting together box)
10% 15 votes
Local Favorites
39% 57 votes
Color (example, box items based on certain color or color scheme)
26% 38 votes
Other - see comments.
0% 1 vote


  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 633Member
    Considering I live in Los Angeles, local favorites are probably all the things.
  • CheyChey Posts: 437Member
    @Shawna Yessss. Do you think we could pho and boba in a box? Cause a lot of people in the midwest/east coast have yet to experience these beautiful things.
  • KadrenKadren Posts: 338Member
    @chey what is 'pho' and 'boba' Midwestern gal here (Wisconsin). I LOVED the secret santa...we could change the name to "secret pal' or 'secret sister" as we are family on here anyway. =)
  • CheyChey Posts: 437Member
    @Kadren Pho is a wonderful Vietnamese noodle soup. It's broth has a very distinctive flavor to it that many describe as "dirty" (which is a good thing!) It can have any combo of meat and veggies in it but my favorite are seafood based ones with fish cakes in them! Boba is tapioca pearls but many people from SoCal use it in place of a tea from a Taiwanese shop. There is regular boba pearls and popping and it is very popular with milk tea! If you ever see an authentic (any country) Asian food place that has pho, ramen, or boba, I highly recommend getting it!
  • CeceCece Posts: 417Member
    @Chey we have tons of places in the the Boston area to get pho and boba so yummy and don't forget bahn mi.
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 633Member
    I'll just ship a food truck to visit you all.
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 498Member
    @Chey I grew up in OKC eating Pho instead of chicken noodle soup because it's so much better. There is a large Vietnamese community there though, so that might explain it lol!

    The local would be so easy for me (Texas), but seeing as there is literally already a subscription box devoted to it, it may not be as fun as some other places
  • EliseElise Posts: 442Member
    I would have soooo much fun putting together a color theme box :smiley:
  • diamondsonhertoesdiamondsonhertoes Posts: 981Member
    @Kadren you can get pho at egg rolls plus. If you want the really good stuff you would need to go to Minneapolis. EC is limited a bit :smile:
  • HeatheryHeathery Posts: 1,308Member
    BOBA TEA IS THE BEST. They opened a boba place like 500 feet from where I work. I'm in heaven.

    I voted for the white elephant option, but I'd participate in any theme chosen.
  • diamondsonhertoesdiamondsonhertoes Posts: 981Member
    I had so much fun doing the local box last year. It's still my favorite exchange. I thought it would be tough because I live in a small city in Wisconsin but I pulled some things from nearby areas. I voted even though I really shouldn't sign up for this but it's tempting!
  • Brandi1441MarieBrandi1441Marie Posts: 76Member
    I like the color idea, I think a local one would be great to do in the summer. Were covered in snow now but there are so many crafts that come out when the weather is nice.
  • BoerboelmomBoerboelmom Posts: 880Member
    edited February 6
    @Chey there is a large Vietnamese population in the twin cities (Minneapolis/St Paul MN) and we get a chance to enjoy the delicious food. I live five hours away so any local goodies from me would be from the northern half of the state, which is very different from the cities and southern half.

    I'd vote the white elephant exchange but I all ready gave away my purse poncho to an unsuspecting relative, so I'll go with local goodies.

    Edit to add: color could be a new, interesting one also if we wanted to wait until the farmers markets are in full swing for the local goodies exchange.
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 633Member
    It's pouring rain in L.A. again. I could really use a purse poncho, ironically enough.
  • Co123Co123 Posts: 581Member
    Would love to participate in local this time! :)
  • SaizaSaiza Posts: 1,771Member
    I love the local exchange it was my favorite one ever! I did one official one and loved it so much, did two more unofficial exchanges lol.
  • monamonstermonamonster Posts: 1,399Member
    I wasn't planning on participating but I LOVED LOVED LOVED the local swap last time so I prob won't be able to resist if we do that again!
  • paigepaige Posts: 350Member
    I have never participated in an exchange before, but a local favorites swap sounds like a lot of fun to me!
  • cmiller512cmiller512 Posts: 1,411Member
    I think a local swap would be fun!!
  • shelleyhuntshelleyhunt Posts: 105Member
    I really enjoy swapping, so I am sure I would participate either way. I missed the local swap many of you are referencing. For that swap, did you just send food, home items, jewlery, etc. that were made in your local area? I don't want to make assumptions but that was my best guess.
  • HeatheryHeathery Posts: 1,308Member
    @shelleyhunt Here's the photo thread from last year's. Note, there were also V Day and Spring categories, so not all of the photos are local boxes.
  • shelleyhuntshelleyhunt Posts: 105Member
    Thanks @Heathery, I will check it out! :)
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 508Member
    I voted color, but I think a local box would be fun too.

    Although I would struggle because local here is Disney/Universal - not sure what I would toss in beyond that stuff...
  • hays321hays321 Posts: 150Member
    @ginamarie135 I live in OKC now and was happily surprised by the huge Vietnamese population. We love eating at Pho Lien Hoa. Do you like any other places? I'm only here for six more months and don't want to miss any good food. Sadly, we haven't found yummy bahn mi yet.
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 429Member
    We could do S-W-A-P. One item starts with S, another W, Another A and finally a P item.

    We started this at Christmas spelling out Chiristmas several years ago and are now on M. Some letters are easier than others. We work on our letter all year long to get the best representation of the letter.
  • CaptBeefcakesBabyCaptBeefcakesBaby Posts: 630Member
    Local favorites sounds yummy
  • PamPam Posts: 1,939Member
    I loved the local favorites swap last time anc would love to do it again
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