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Luxe for Luxe - let's swap

sarasara Posts: 1,645Member
edited February 15 in Swaps
I might just be lazy, but I am finding it difficult to look at all the different luxe swap threads to swap my luxe items (1951, OP, luxor - plus swap offers and ISO). I also don't like listing my luxe items because, try as I might to say I will only swap for other luxe items, I keep getting requests from people with nothing but $2 beauty samples. So, at the risk of cluttering the boards with yet another swap thread, I thought I'd give this a try. Feel free to chime in!

I have: 1951's, XL in Corail, an Rond Crackle, perhaps a blue nuit besace (which has been used once)
LemLem coverup, (which I am happy to swap for 50% RV)
Van Gogh Sunflower vase
Waterlilies mirror
Assortment of David Jorquin perfumes, brown, blue, red
Les nereides flower bracelet
Joe Sews pouch, gold/cream and black, on the diagonal
Shaffer LA bucket bag, tags off

I also have other luxe items which I have put away unused, sure I will use them but could be tempted to swap for the right items

I am ISO bangles, a HD pale pink or many of the BangleUps, a Ripauste bag, perhaps a Massi throw in a light color.

Anyone else with the same predicament?
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  • JennGJennG Posts: 2,308Member
    I have the Kosta Boda heart glasses that I am not looking for full RV for.
  • stfaughtstfaught Posts: 496Member
    edited February 14
    I have:
    Pehr throw
    Luxor water lilies mirror
    Luxor baccarat ice cubes
    Luxor Dartington clock ( will swap below RV)
    Luxor Chando pink spring blossom diffuser
    Illestevas in sand
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  • Bsp311Bsp311 Posts: 157Member
    I have a mirrored and non mirrored pair of illestevas. I swapped two of my favorite items for the mirrored pair, but I just can't pull them off. I'm also considering swapping my XL Aubergine 1951 (old one not the new purple) for the right item.
  • Rhubarb_BlackberryRhubarb_Blackberry Posts: 393Member
    edited February 15
    I have the Black Happy Rebel Throw
    Luxor Kosta Boda glasses (3 of them)
    Luxor Eddie Borgo Plinth Silver Cuff
    Luxor Steel ice cubes
    Luxor Kashmir Plates
    Luxor Blue Clutch**
    Luxor Dartington Clock**
    Leo Khaki XL 1951
    Blue Nuit L 1951
    See by Chloe Yellow Mosaic Dress US size 8**

    ** Means I will swap these below RV

    My ISO: Any suede 1951, Wax 1951, White Lil Cheetah 1951
    Bangle Ups I don't have, Berry Les Nereides bracelet, Les Nereides I don't have....
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  • strmama2strmama2 Posts: 544Member
    @Bsp311 I would love to swap for the Aubergine! Lmk what you are ISO! :)
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 504Member
    I have a Miansai cuff, new in Miansai jewellery bag, brushed gold in size M. It's not from the box, it was bought from a department store (i know some people are ok with that and some are not, so being upfront about it).
    I bought two so I can swap one for something special.
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • stfaughtstfaught Posts: 496Member
    @Em_P as is everyone else, wondering what you are looking for in a swap?!
  • sarasara Posts: 1,645Member
    Added to the above that I also have the LN flower bracelet and a Joe Sews Poich
  • strmama2strmama2 Posts: 544Member
    @Em_P ahhhhh!!! I would love that!! I swapped mine away and have regretted ever since!
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 504Member
    @stfaught @strmama2 I'm thinking along the lines of RM tumbler set, 1951, or something in that area. I have a few higher end things in my followed.
    I'm open to other suggestions too.
  • Rhubarb_BlackberryRhubarb_Blackberry Posts: 393Member
    @Em_P maybe a Leo Khaki XL ?
  • CarlakCarlak Posts: 44Member
    @sara I have a light Massi throw listed. You have some items I'm looking for, LN flower bracelet, Water Lillies.... Can you look at my listings? Thanks! ☺
  • tealiytealiy Posts: 83Member
    I have a Pehr throw and the Illesteva sunglasses in Sand

    ISO: Devosilver 1951 XL or other followed colors
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 657Member
    edited February 15
    I have:
    massi commodo in black
    massi nonni black
    kosta boda glasses (2)
    XL 1951 Ivory
    XL 1951 Smint
    L and S Gold Python set of 1951s
    XL 1951 Rose Pastel
    XL 1951 Canarino
    Rosanna Kashmir plates and bowls

    Looking for the luxor tumbler set like everyone else on this board.

    @Em_P - do you know what the size medium equates to? I might consider my XL lagoon from your followed if that was something you would consider ;). I usually only wear silver but I'm trying to branch out with the HD bangles lately.
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  • nehaneha Posts: 736Member
    @Em_P I have a R.E.M. Tumbler that you follow. Let me know if you'd like to swap.
  • Bsp311Bsp311 Posts: 157Member
    @strmama2 I'd really like the prosecco candle from the nm popsugar, the pehr or happy rebel throw, maybe a R.E.M. Tumbler. Those are my biggest ISO.
  • Rhubarb_BlackberryRhubarb_Blackberry Posts: 393Member
    edited February 15
    @Bsp311 I have the Prosecco candle and the throw if you'd like to trade after @strmama2 of course!
  • Chrsie0076Chrsie0076 Posts: 253Member
    I have the Brandon Blackwood pouch I'd love to find a nice home for
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 504Member
    @stfaught @strmama2 @neha I have a swap going with Tanya, but I'll let you know if it doesn't work out.
  • JennGJennG Posts: 2,308Member
    I have a super cool geometric Evocatuer cuff
    700 x 700 - 42K
  • nehaneha Posts: 736Member
    @Em_P thanks for letting me know!
  • stfaughtstfaught Posts: 496Member
    @Em_P no problem! Thanks for updating us!
  • sarasara Posts: 1,645Member
    @carlak, I'll take a look!

    @Chrsie0076,what are you looking for. And which pouch?
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 1,462Member
    edited February 16
    ... but on a serious note, I have:
    -an XL Python Rouge
    -one of the old style black woven Massi
    -the ever-followed Kendra Scott earrings in gold/slate
    -copious amounts of nice candles (RZ, FFF, PS, LE, just ask)
    -an entire RZ spring box (because I'm an idiot and forgot to cancel my second sub)
    -the Stella bag from the spring Adidas box on the way
    -a bunch of other little items like the LLB Turkish blanket, assorted Turkish towels, the cork box, Spongelles, etc.

    Looking for:
    -the Sencha & Bourbon scarf in green
    -an XL wax (aka a miracle)
    -corksicle (incorrectly listed as corkcicle on the swap site)

    Updated to include additional items.
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  • sarasara Posts: 1,645Member
    @carlak, pm'd you
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 116Member
    I am tempted to trade for that AJ bracelet just to see why it is so universally hated.
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 1,092Member
    @lynndeanne I've met a few people (myself included) who think it's quite nice. We are naturally simultaneously viewed as weirdos and as desirable swap partners bc we might take an albatross of of someone's hands :tongue:
  • chrischris Posts: 3,308Member, Moderator
    PSA: Please stick to sub box items only, thank you! :)
  • Chrsie0076Chrsie0076 Posts: 253Member
    @sara it is black 5x7 from the Luxor box either late 2015 or early 2016
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