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Luxe for Luxe - let's swap

sarasara Posts: 2,512Member
edited February 15 in Swaps
I might just be lazy, but I am finding it difficult to look at all the different luxe swap threads to swap my luxe items (1951, OP, luxor - plus swap offers and ISO). I also don't like listing my luxe items because, try as I might to say I will only swap for other luxe items, I keep getting requests from people with nothing but $2 beauty samples. So, at the risk of cluttering the boards with yet another swap thread, I thought I'd give this a try. Feel free to chime in!

I have: 1951's, XL in Corail, an Rond Crackle, perhaps a blue nuit besace (which has been used once)
LemLem coverup, (which I am happy to swap for 50% RV)
Van Gogh Sunflower vase
Waterlilies mirror
Assortment of David Jorquin perfumes, brown, blue, red
Les nereides flower bracelet
Joe Sews pouch, gold/cream and black, on the diagonal
Shaffer LA bucket bag, tags off

I also have other luxe items which I have put away unused, sure I will use them but could be tempted to swap for the right items

I am ISO bangles, a HD pale pink or many of the BangleUps, a Ripauste bag, perhaps a Massi throw in a light color.

Anyone else with the same predicament?
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  • JennGJennG Posts: 2,386Member
    I have the Kosta Boda heart glasses that I am not looking for full RV for.
  • stfaughtstfaught Posts: 569Member
    edited February 14
    I have:
    Pehr throw
    Luxor water lilies mirror
    Luxor baccarat ice cubes
    Luxor Dartington clock ( will swap below RV)
    Luxor Chando pink spring blossom diffuser
    Illestevas in sand
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  • Bsp311Bsp311 Posts: 181Member
    I have a mirrored and non mirrored pair of illestevas. I swapped two of my favorite items for the mirrored pair, but I just can't pull them off. I'm also considering swapping my XL Aubergine 1951 (old one not the new purple) for the right item.
  • BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,089Member
    edited February 15
    I have the Black Happy Rebel Throw
    Luxor Kosta Boda glasses (3 of them)
    Luxor Eddie Borgo Plinth Silver Cuff
    Luxor Steel ice cubes
    Luxor Kashmir Plates
    Luxor Blue Clutch**
    Luxor Dartington Clock**
    Leo Khaki XL 1951
    Blue Nuit L 1951
    See by Chloe Yellow Mosaic Dress US size 8**

    ** Means I will swap these below RV

    My ISO: Any suede 1951, Wax 1951, White Lil Cheetah 1951
    Bangle Ups I don't have, Berry Les Nereides bracelet, Les Nereides I don't have....
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  • strmama2strmama2 Posts: 664Member
    @Bsp311 I would love to swap for the Aubergine! Lmk what you are ISO! :)
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 762Member
    I have a Miansai cuff, new in Miansai jewellery bag, brushed gold in size M. It's not from the box, it was bought from a department store (i know some people are ok with that and some are not, so being upfront about it).
    I bought two so I can swap one for something special.
  • stfaughtstfaught Posts: 569Member
    @Em_P as is everyone else, wondering what you are looking for in a swap?!
  • sarasara Posts: 2,512Member
    Added to the above that I also have the LN flower bracelet and a Joe Sews Poich
  • strmama2strmama2 Posts: 664Member
    @Em_P ahhhhh!!! I would love that!! I swapped mine away and have regretted ever since!
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 762Member
    @stfaught @strmama2 I'm thinking along the lines of RM tumbler set, 1951, or something in that area. I have a few higher end things in my followed.
    I'm open to other suggestions too.
  • BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,089Member
    @Em_P maybe a Leo Khaki XL ?
  • CarlakCarlak Posts: 61Member
    @sara I have a light Massi throw listed. You have some items I'm looking for, LN flower bracelet, Water Lillies.... Can you look at my listings? Thanks! ☺
  • tealiytealiy Posts: 89Member
    I have a Pehr throw and the Illesteva sunglasses in Sand

    ISO: Devosilver 1951 XL or other followed colors
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 857Member
    edited February 15
    I have:
    massi commodo in black
    massi nonni black
    kosta boda glasses (2)
    XL 1951 Ivory
    XL 1951 Smint
    L and S Gold Python set of 1951s
    XL 1951 Rose Pastel
    XL 1951 Canarino
    Rosanna Kashmir plates and bowls

    Looking for the luxor tumbler set like everyone else on this board.

    @Em_P - do you know what the size medium equates to? I might consider my XL lagoon from your followed if that was something you would consider ;). I usually only wear silver but I'm trying to branch out with the HD bangles lately.
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  • nehaneha Posts: 963Member
    @Em_P I have a R.E.M. Tumbler that you follow. Let me know if you'd like to swap.
  • Bsp311Bsp311 Posts: 181Member
    @strmama2 I'd really like the prosecco candle from the nm popsugar, the pehr or happy rebel throw, maybe a R.E.M. Tumbler. Those are my biggest ISO.
  • BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,089Member
    edited February 15
    @Bsp311 I have the Prosecco candle and the throw if you'd like to trade after @strmama2 of course!
  • Chrsie0076Chrsie0076 Posts: 343Member
    I have the Brandon Blackwood pouch I'd love to find a nice home for
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 762Member
    @stfaught @strmama2 @neha I have a swap going with Tanya, but I'll let you know if it doesn't work out.
  • JennGJennG Posts: 2,386Member
    I have a super cool geometric Evocatuer cuff
  • nehaneha Posts: 963Member
    @Em_P thanks for letting me know!
  • stfaughtstfaught Posts: 569Member
    @Em_P no problem! Thanks for updating us!
  • sarasara Posts: 2,512Member
    @carlak, I'll take a look!

    @Chrsie0076,what are you looking for. And which pouch?
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,198Member
    edited February 16
    ... but on a serious note, I have:
    -an XL Python Rouge
    -one of the old style black woven Massi
    -the ever-followed Kendra Scott earrings in gold/slate
    -copious amounts of nice candles (RZ, FFF, PS, LE, just ask)
    -an entire RZ spring box (because I'm an idiot and forgot to cancel my second sub)
    -the Stella bag from the spring Adidas box on the way
    -a bunch of other little items like the LLB Turkish blanket, assorted Turkish towels, the cork box, Spongelles, etc.

    Looking for:
    -the Sencha & Bourbon scarf in green
    -an XL wax (aka a miracle)
    -corksicle (incorrectly listed as corkcicle on the swap site)

    Updated to include additional items.
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  • sarasara Posts: 2,512Member
    @carlak, pm'd you
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 261Member
    I am tempted to trade for that AJ bracelet just to see why it is so universally hated.
  • chrischris Posts: 3,584Member, Moderator
    PSA: Please stick to sub box items only, thank you! :)
  • Chrsie0076Chrsie0076 Posts: 343Member
    @sara it is black 5x7 from the Luxor box either late 2015 or early 2016
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