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OuiPlease 2.6 - Spring Box (Spoilers, etc.)

AlexAlex Posts: 606Member
The creatively named "Spring Box" is up and advertised - they're saying March shipping on the website. When do we think we'll actually see it? What do we think will be in it? Never a dull moment with OP....


  • dare2smiledare2smile Posts: 158Member
    Spring makes me think of flowers and freshness, and because I'm obsessing over Les Nereides now, here's hoping for another floral piece from them!
  • laurablaurab Posts: 350Member
    march shipping...I think that means last day of march! I dont mind them running slow on shipping but lets be honest. lol I do hope this box has lots of lovely items. I agree another jewelry item from les nereides would be nice, a floral notebook or plate/tray.
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