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POPSUGAR Limited Edition Resort 2017 Box Review [SPOILERS]

laurablaurab Posts: 606Member
edited March 16 in POPSUGAR Must Have
Is anyone else wondering when we will get news or spoilers on the next box? They usually do a resort box around this time every year.
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  • jojo1355jojo1355 Posts: 199Member
    I almost forgot about the resort box! You're right, the 'press' release about it was around this time last year.
  • jojo1355jojo1355 Posts: 199Member
    Doesn't look like they did a spoiler last year though. And going forward, I always need a spoiler on high $$ boxes :smiley:
  • leiaburgessleiaburgess Posts: 253Member
    Wasn't it last years Resort box that was available on GiltCity for around $100 dollars? I know I bought one that had a fragrance giftset, an odd turquoise striped coverup and a black cosmetics bag that was way overpriced in RV and I think with the coupon code I only paid $100 which was a fraction of the original price with POPSUGAR. Because of that I doubt I will buy their Resort box unless they show some awesome spoilers.
  • jojo1355jojo1355 Posts: 199Member
    @leiaburgess that was the CFDA box at $250. The 'resort' box had a hat, marshmallows, a frame, body scrub. It's usually $100.
  • breezydayebreezydaye Posts: 440Member
    Last year's box. I don't know that I will be getting this. I didn't last year and I'm not mad about it. I would have liked the marshmallows the most. Do they usually still have this on sale once spoilers are released?
  • hildolhildol Posts: 764Member
    edited February 18
    I LOVED last year's box. I was origionally not thrilled when the 1st strange spoiler of an orange bracelet came out or what color was it? i had LOVED 2015 and still use the heck out of the giant baggu striped beach bag, paddles etc. So 2016...I got it and it was amazing in person.I love the bracelet, hat, the marshmallows were incredible. I felt so sick as i was inhaling them but COULD.NOT.STOP. lol. Frame is pretty and i found a second one at tjmax, the indie lee was and is a holy grail and I have swapped for it multiple times. I also swapped for an entire 2nd box. Repeat marshmallow experience and totally worth it. Loved everything except the make makeup. When its released, Im in. I just wish it was here before my vacay in mid march.
  • leiaburgessleiaburgess Posts: 253Member
    I traded for the hat but that is the only thing I would have wanted from the box.
  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 875Member
    I hated last year's box, but loved the prior years.
  • sarasara Posts: 3,384Member
    I still want that scrub, have never been able to swap for it!
    I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!
  • lrn12lrn12 Posts: 288Member
    I got last years and wasn't a huge fan. LOVED the scrub and liked the frame a lot, that was about it. Now I don't know if I should get this years or not. If I don't get it, with my luck it will be an AMAZING box, lol.
  • laurablaurab Posts: 606Member
    I thought last year's resort box had a spoiler? Well, it sold out quickly because i had to try to swap for what i wanted. I swapped for the marshmallows, the hat, and the indie lee scrub. Which i have to admit i haven't used the hat much but im not normally a hat person, the reason i got it was for going outside in the sun. The marshmallows of course were good. Nothing is wrong with the scrub but for me i didn't end up loving the scent but used it up anyway. I agree that I'll usually wait for a spoiler on high end boxes, but these always sell out fast and in the past my items have swapped well. I usually decide by looking at past boxes and whether i liked it enough that i would have bought it. For me, that is the resort, summer, and holiday for her. I always skip Fall LE and ive never missed anything from that season.
  • leiaburgessleiaburgess Posts: 253Member
    lrn12 said:

    I got last years and wasn't a huge fan. LOVED the scrub and liked the frame a lot, that was about it. Now I don't know if I should get this years or not. If I don't get it, with my luck it will be an AMAZING box, lol.

    You could probably trade for the items you want easily.
  • lrn12lrn12 Posts: 288Member
    @leiaburgess yes, very true. It's just the FOMO gets the best of me sometimes haha
  • leiaburgessleiaburgess Posts: 253Member
    lrn12 said:

    @leiaburgess yes, very true. It's just the FOMO gets the best of me sometimes haha

    Ahhh, me too! But if you can't trade for it you can always buy it on Ebay. I was that way about the PSMH NM box but then I did a cost/benefit analysis and determined I could trade or just buy what I wanted and not get the stuff that I just hated in that box and there was a lot that I just hated! BTW, how the heck do you just tag someone without the quote? Does that question make me sound old??

  • TraciRheinTraciRhein Posts: 1,720Member
    @leiaburgess type the @ and then start typing their name without a space :)
  • EddyEddy Posts: 194Member
    @leiaburgess - no that question does not make you sound even slightly old :)
  • leiaburgessleiaburgess Posts: 253Member
    @missycat928 You conveyed my thoughts precisely! They told everyone the 1/17 box was sold out and then they released it at 40% off. The $250 LE edition that had the weird coverup was on GiltCity and I bought it with a coupon for $100. I would have been mad if I had bought it at full price. Everyone is on to that bait and switch scheme now! I usually buy the LE editions that are released around Christmas and the ones they did with Target but the others I am in wait and see mode on! I bought subs to their monthly at the Black Friday events and am locked in for 16 more months and I don't mind having paid that for their monthly box even though I have traded the bulk of what I have gotten. I did love their 12/16 box and really wish they had stayed with those sort of items. I know this makes me sound so cynical but I am really not. I am just a little peeved at POPSUGAR at the moment. They really need to get their act together with their fulfillment of orders. Their last Boutique Sale, with the missing items and the mystery boxes around Christmas that arrived with no packing material and open bottles of Lalicious leaves a lot to be desired! Needless to say I will never buy another mystery box from them for that reason. Wow, that was long winded.
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 1,048Member
    agreed @leiaburgess - soo much agreement. I bought the black friday deal because if I like one thing per box, I'm happy with the cost. But, the constant "sold out" messages and then "40% off" drive me nuts. Another issue - the constant emails! I am a subscriber so I don't need to know what deal is going on right now. And, sending the damn spoiler emails AFTER people have gotten the box is priceless. There have been many issues in my boxes - missing items, leaking items - and I rarely bother to let them know because it is a HUGE ordeal to get CS to do anything for you. They need to stop, refocus, and try a new business strategy! LOL
  • leiaburgessleiaburgess Posts: 253Member
    @missycat928 The emails drive me crazy also. I wish you could opt out of their emails.
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,505Member
    I love me some popsugar but I rarely jump on the LE boxes or mystery boxes anymore.. they always seem to crop up on sale somewhere! And the mystery boxes have been kind of a fiasco.. not a bad deal, but not a great roll-out. When I find the boxes on sale, then I jump! Lots of great giftable items!
  • CurlyQCurlyQ Posts: 27Member
    I just received this email from Popsugar:

    Save the date! Our Limited Edition Resort presale starts Feb. 22 at 10 a.m. PST. As a loyal subscriber, you can be the first to gear up for a much-needed getaway with travel accessories made for the unequivocally stylish set. It's everything you need to kick off your most relaxing and reinvigorating vacation ever. Be sure to mark your calendars and tune in tomorrow to secure your box!
  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 764Member
    I am shocked that the box goes on sale tomorrow. Usually there are 1.25 million emails announcing the announcement of a box before it ever goes on sale. Last year's resort box wasn't for me so I will wait for a spoiler.
  • sesphyrsesphyr Posts: 76Member
    edited February 21
    When do boxes go on sale for people that aren't subscribers? Nvm apparently it's available on the 24th for non-subscribers. Do their LE boxes usually sell-out for non-subscribers?
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  • lrn12lrn12 Posts: 288Member
    I'm holding out for a spoiler. I got last years and liked two things. FOMO is strong with this one.... lol
  • paigepaige Posts: 372Member
    Last year's box was not appealing to me at all and I was not sad to have missed it. But looking back at the 2015 review (back before I discovered this site), that looks like an amazing box. I have been trying to swap for that train case forever and the necklace is beautiful too.
  • gillepgillep Posts: 438Member
    @paige totally agree with you, there was nothing from last year's box that stands out to me but I would have loved the 2015 box if I had known about it and MSA. Hopefully there will still be availability after a spoiler is released.
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