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What boxes do you need added to the MSA box directory.

lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,291Member
I know that I'm not the only one who has emailed MSA numerous times about adding certain boxes. I even spoke with Liz directly and it still didn't happen, so I'm hoping together we can make this happen. I personally want the boxes exactly and Amazon New Year New You added. I'll compile a list of what we want added and go from there. Please let me know which boxes you need to be added.


  • PamPam Posts: 1,915Member
    Wander Away
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,291Member
    @Pam I added it and I like the new pic!
  • PamPam Posts: 1,915Member
    @lotusflower13 thanks! The dress is from rent the runway!
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 632Member
    I was just going to say "WanderAway" -- I want to list the spices I got. They added another box for me a couple of weeks ago within a couple of days, so the system does work sometimes! :)
  • berriesandbearsberriesandbears Posts: 243Member
    Cents of Style...I'll be listing everything I received up on swap.
  • MichelleNoelMichelleNoel Posts: 7Member
    edited March 5
    Love this thread. They have added a few boxes I've requested, so I think they just get busy (imagine that :) ) and forget.

    Do they have a criteria for boxes to add? I like to take chances on new boxes. Do they need to be more established before they'll add them? That would make sense ...

    Anyway, I'd like to see:

    The Brass Caliper BrassPacks
    Hwis-kee Box

    I'm waiting on a few more, so I'm sure I'll add to this. :p
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,291Member
    @MichelleNoel I don't believe there's a criteria, but we're talking about boxes we already have gotten stuff from an we need to list items for swap. Is that the case with the one's you listed here?
  • MichelleNoelMichelleNoel Posts: 7Member
    edited March 6
    Hi, @lotusflower13. Yes, I understood that. These are boxes I have items from I'd like to swap and I submitted a request to MSA but have yet to hear back. But The Brass Caliper and the whiskey one are new launches, so I was wondering if MSA was holding off until they're more established.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,291Member
    @MichelleNoel no it's not you. Sometimes for some reason our emails are either not getting read and processed or I don't know, so I'm hoping to do one big list and speak directly with someone.
  • TiskersTiskers Posts: 354Member
    I second the Amazon New Year New You box!

    I asked for that to be added a long time ago, too... :s

    Since Amazon seems to be doing more and more of these boxes, maybe it would be easiest for MSA to just have one Amazon box category... rather than trying to keep the various boxes separate and updated? I dunno?! Thoughts?! :D
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,291Member
    @Tiskers I agree with the Amazon box, but they do have the two one for the luxury beauty box and the one for the sample box, which I think that with those two and the New Year New You box they could have one category, but I think that the surprise sweets and the STEM toys should be separate like they are.
  • TiskersTiskers Posts: 354Member
    @lotusflower13 Yeah, you right! :D <3
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 1,503Member
    @lotusflower13 what about Exactly? Its a freebie so they may not list it, but I got my email yesterday saying my next box will be shipping soon.
  • PamPam Posts: 1,915Member
    @lotusflower13 thank you! Don't know if it was your doing but Nestify is finally posted.
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 632Member
    I emailed again about Wander Away. Maybe we can get it added next!
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 632Member
    Wander Away will be avail for posting items in 24-48 hours!
  • chrischris Posts: 3,579Member, Moderator
    edited March 7
    PSA: If you want a box added to the Subscription Box List, you can email [email protected] or [email protected] and we will make sure it is added.

    I will check into Amazon New Year New You and Exactly. All other boxes in this thread are on the List except for Wander Away at this time.
  • TiskersTiskers Posts: 354Member
    YAY!!! The Amazon New Year New You box was added!
    PS I suppose it will be OK to use that category if Amazon's next similar box is called Mid Year New You???!! :D
    THANKS, @chris
  • kdbkdb Posts: 4Member
    The Organic Bunny
  • chrischris Posts: 3,579Member, Moderator
    @kdb, I requested it be added. :)
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,291Member
    @chris we have been emailing with no response for months, I literally just received an email yesterday stating that the New Year New You and exactly was added. I know that a lot of emails come through, but I feel that ( and I know that there's more than one), but that an email address should be created just for specific things instead of having a general email for almost everything and everyone. It has to be a lot going through all those emails.
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 600Member
    Can the Nocturnal Reader's Box be added to the swap site? I will be subbing to it after I get my box since I like it so much (I won the Cratejoy giveaway so my first one's free, yay!)
  • PamPam Posts: 1,915Member
    NMNL (No makeup No Life)
  • Kaof17Kaof17 Posts: 176Member
    @janemockingjay congrats on winning! I just got the March box and I think it was awesome. I've been searching for a book box that wasn't focused on YA or women's fiction, and I love the selections for this month. The goodies were fun too!
  • TraciRheinTraciRhein Posts: 1,667Member
    @janemockingjay congrats on the win!
  • GeorgiaGeorgia Posts: 378Member
    EcoFlowers needs to be added. I learned about from MSA. And the Butter London Surprise Boxes.
  • PamPam Posts: 1,915Member
    Thanks @chris
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 600Member
    Thank you @chris !
  • EnduringWoneEnduringWone Posts: 121Member
    My Lit Box. I have items I would like to swap. Thanks!
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