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Luxor May Spoiler



  • DonnaDonna Posts: 181
    That's awesome!
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,386
    I am soooo tempted.. but the fine print says "**Each member will receive a black OR camel leather 3-piece set & option to choose color preference is NOT available" and I would only want the black set!
  • CarlakCarlak Posts: 61
    Awesome spoiler. So excited!
  • KristyKristy Posts: 1,630
    Damn. I might need that.
  • mhigginsnycmhigginsnyc Posts: 1,641
    I want black if anyone is subbing and doesn't want! I'd love to swap for the black (or I'm happy to split the box with anyone that subs and doesn't want...or anyone that wants to sub and doesn't want this!). Please feel free to hit me up!!
  • Chrsie0076Chrsie0076 Posts: 336
    VERY excited!
  • hKChKC Posts: 1,068
    edited March 10
    I'm with @mhigginsnyc - if anyone doesn't want any of the spoiler, I would love to swap or split the box for it. Even for the belt. Either color works for me! :)
  • ValerieValerie Posts: 452
    Well I signed up again and I'm hoping to get the black set. Fingers crossed
  • Rhubarb_BlackberryRhubarb_Blackberry Posts: 853
    edited March 10
    I would love to trade my Ripauste set toward a Wax 1951! Please, anyone? :)

    And ETA: If that doesn't happen and I end up having to keep my set, I'd prefer camel, so if I get Black I will be looking to trade it for a Camel set :)
  • Jenny1973Jenny1973 Posts: 548
    Awesome spoiler for a FRIDAY! Very excited. Either color works for me.
  • breezydayebreezydaye Posts: 425
    Regardless what color I get I would swap all 3 pieces for a 1951. I'm following some old and new if anyone is interested.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 3,002
    Well then. I should have admitted defeat and signed up for an annual and gotten that HD watch. Of all the had to do something I couldn't refuse, Luxor Box. You're not letting me leave you!

    P.S. I want the black.
    P.P.S. I'll probably get rid of my black rond if I get a black Ripauste.
    P.P.P.S. Is it my imagination or has Luxor Box gotten dramatically better?
  • jojo1355jojo1355 Posts: 175
    I was completely convinced I'd be cancelling. It's rare I like 2 spoilers in a row from them. But darnit, this is great! I'd prefer the camel, but either color works for me.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 3,002
    @jojo1355 I'm in the exact same situation, sure I'd be canceling! Maybe we'll swap if I get camel and you get black :)
  • debbiesblimdebbiesblim Posts: 970
    @mhigginsnyc if I get the black set we can work something out ☺️
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 714
    I want camel, but I'm sure if I get black I can swap it out. Yay - great spoiler!
  • @hkc sent you a PM ☺️
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 624
    I am so tempted!! But i only want it if i could guarantee i would get black. UGH! the temptation is so real. must.... resist... and stalk the swap site for a black one. What should i do!! I thought i was done with Luxor, and they really are sucking me back in. If anyone is subbed already and doesn't like the spoiler please let me know, i'd be willing to split the cost.. or however these things work. :smile:
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 624
    Also- this might be the most tempting spoiler (for me) of ALL time for me... and somehow i am resisting.
  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,459
    My first instinct is always to want black but I think I'd be happy with camel. I don't have anything like it.
  • debbiesblimdebbiesblim Posts: 970
    edited March 10
    Ok going to throw this out here...would swap the set for the latest pure boosts (how do they fit? I usually wear size 8)

    ETA: I got it!
    Post edited by debbiesblim on
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 624
    @LisaB that's a good point.. I am the same way. So you're saying..... Go sub to the box right?? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE TELLING ME?! ;) haha
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,386
    @leah - I've been trying to swap for a black rond.. please let me know if you decide to swap or sell, I'm interested!
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 624
    edited March 10
    @debbiesblim I have the pure boosts in 8 1/2.. In case they run small. Don't have them listed, but they have not been out of the avenue a box, so i can't speak to sizing. :smile:
    Post edited by lisatrato on
  • KKHKKH Posts: 432
    I'd like both camel and black so I supposed I'll end up having to swap for a second set ;)
  • debbiesblimdebbiesblim Posts: 970
    @lisatrato thank you Lisa for the offer!! Another swapper told me it's really TTS for once so I will probably need a size 8... :kissing_heart:
  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,459
    @lisatrato just sayin.....LOL

    This IS a great box so far though! I am getting 2 (because I bought the annual after I paid for the seasonal) so I'm hoping my chances are good to get both..they wouldn't send me 2 of the same colors...WOULD THEY????
  • seuss516seuss516 Posts: 278
    edited March 10
  • ElissaElissa Posts: 328
    @lisab they sent me two orange hd bangles in a row so apparently they don't keep track of these things
  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,459
    @Elissa Those b_______!!! haha oh well..we shall see what happens!
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