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chrischris Posts: 3,520
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Welcome to MSA's Local Color Exchange!

Everyone is welcome to participate, but must follow the GUIDELINES in this post. (We may modify the GUIDELINES in future rounds depending on how this goes.)

We are including a Local and a Color option in this exchange based on the most popular category options requested.

Local means that the person who receives your name will put together a box for you based on their own physical location. Local can refer to their city, state, region or whatever the curator decides.

Color means the person who receives your name will put together a box for you based on the color(s) you list as your favorite. It is up to that person how closely he or she aligns your box with your listed colors, but good faith efforts are expected here. For example, if someone says their favorite colors are red, orange, and yellow, please do not send them a box where everything inside it is purple, etc.

People will be randomly matched with a partner based on whatever Category you choose.

Basic Rules:
1. Retail value guidelines are estimates, but please try to stick close to these to be fair to everyone. (Even if an item can be found for less than retail, has gone on sale, etc., let’s stick to retail value to keep this simple for everyone.)
2. Brand new items only. Do not include items that have been swatched or otherwise used or tested in any way. Do not include expired items.
3. Food/drinks will be allowed in this exchange.
4. Consider gift wrapping your items or doing something a little extra to make this fun and different from a normal swap.
5. You must include a minimum of 1 item from a subscription box in the box you are putting together. This item must be a full size item (not a sample, deluxe sample, or foil packet). If it is not obvious, please somehow indicate which item(s) came from subscription boxes so we don’t end up with non-subscription box items on the swap site eventually.
6. Category Options (applies to the total retail value of all items in the box you send, but not packing materials or shipping itself): See itemized list of options below.

Note that if for some reason we have an odd number of people in a particular Category such that a match is not possible, you may be moved down to a lower retail value Category so the match can be made. This is rare, but you will be notified if this happens. No one will be moved up into a higher retail value Category.

1. The exchange begins when this post is online.
2. I will send everyone an email containing the information for their match(es) as soon as I can, but on or by sometime Tuesday, March 28th at the latest.
3. You may ship your package at any time, but no later than Wednesday, April 26th. Please use and keep a copy of your tracking number just in case. (You do not need to send this number to me.)
4. All packages should be delivered by Saturday, April 29th at the latest.
5. I plan to provide periodic reminders here about the timeline for everyone’s convenience.
6. We will have a thread for reveals/photos starting on or around April 10th. Posting photos after receipt will remain optional, but please at least acknowledge (and hopefully thank the sender!) when you receive yours to eliminate any questions of whether a package was received, etc.

To participate, please send an email to [email protected] with subject LOCAL COLOR BOX EXCHANGE including all of the following information by 10 PM Pacific on Sunday, March 26, 2017:
1. Your forum name
2. Your real name
3. Mailing address USA addresses only this round. If there is enough interest, we will open this up for intra-Canada matches as well. Please let me know ASAP if you are in Canada and are interested in participating.
4. List of 5 things or categories of things you like (for example, candles, geek/gamer items, unique items, organic household products, products for curly hair) Please do not list things you do not like because I will not pass this information along.
5. Name of your favorite subscription box
6. Your favorite color(s) (REQUIRED for COLOR exchange; OPTIONAL for LOCAL exchange)
7. Your favorite scent(s) (OPTIONAL)
8. Are you okay with receiving food/drinks? If you want to make sure you will not receive alcohol, please specify that here as well.
9. List any allergies you want your match to be aware of (OPTIONAL)
10. Your swap user ID number*** (OPTIONAL, but can help provide the person receiving your name with more information in case they want to consider it. If you choose not to provide this or don’t have a swap ID number, please tell me at least one prior MSA Forum exchange you participated in.)
11. Number of matches you want (We are limiting this to 3 matches maximum if you already participated in a past forum exchange and/or have a satisfactory swap history. If you are brand new, you can request one match in the lowest retail value Category for this exchange. If you request multiple matches and/or anything other than the lowest retail value Category, please tell me how you qualify for that here - for example, participated in past exchange or your swap user ID number*** if you didn't list it already above.)
12. Category Option(s) you want to participate in:
  • Local Mist: Retail Value $20-39
  • Local Sprinkle: Retail Value $40-69
  • Local Shower: Retail Value $70-99
  • Local Storm: Retail Value $100-125
  • Color Mist: Retail Value $20-39
  • Color Sprinkle: Retail Value $40-69
  • Color Shower: Retail Value $70-99
  • Color Storm: Retail Value $100-125

Note that retail value Category is per match. If you want a match in more than one Category, please make that clear. For example, you could write:
Match 1: Local Mist
Match 2: Local Storm
Match 3: Color Shower

13. Anything else you want me to know in making your match.

***Your swap user ID number can be found by logging into the swap site from a non-mobile device, clicking on the upside-down triangle in the top right corner of the screen, and then clicking on My Swaps, and then on Profile Page. The URL information at the top of your screen will contain your swap user ID number: for example where XXXXX is your swap user ID number.

Fine Print:
By sending me your information, you agree to follow all GUIDELINES listed in this post.
(We do not plan to modify the GUIDELINES listed here but reserve the right to do so if necessary. We will notify everyone if that happens. I am not participating in this exchange.) MSA reserves the right to refuse anyone participation in this exchange. I will not share your information with anyone aside from the person you will be matched with. Note that the person whose name you receive may or may not be the same as the person who receives your name. Please reach out to me with any questions.

Most importantly, have fun!
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  • kitty01kitty01 Posts: 108
    Already sign up can't wait :)
  • TiskersTiskers Posts: 319
    edited March 21

    Question from a first-timer: will we have (or be able to have) any correspondence with our partner while we are curating the box? Or is the Q&A form all we get to know?

    PS (ETA): We will also have access to our partner's FOLLOWED listings, I presume... to get that feel for their likes and loves, too, right?

    THANKS! :D
  • chrischris Posts: 3,520
    @kitty01, welcome! :)
    @Tiskers, the default is the Q&A is all you get to know along with any information related to their swap profile assuming they have provided that. And then there is the not-so-secret-forum-comment-stalking option (click on a person's forum username and then look at their past comments) that some people voluntarily do--this is not required at any level--but can give you ideas about what your match likes if you are interested. Otherwise, if you have something specific you want to ask your match, you can email me your question and I will find out for you without revealing your identity. Don't worry, this whole thing is just for fun! Hope that helps! :)
  • TiskersTiskers Posts: 319
    @chris THANK YOU so much! SO helpful. I am getting so excited! <3
  • MelissaDawnMelissaDawn Posts: 194
    Sounds fun! Any ideas on how you'd get an item in a sub box to represent your local area?
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 553
    Now to make decisions on which levels to choose!
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,218
    @MelissaDawn I think that'll be hard, so I was going to go by their followed list.
  • SaizaSaiza Posts: 1,717
    @MelissaDawn I usually just include a sub box item. But I also found that my town has some of its own subscription boxes. Squix is headquartered here, sock101 was founded by two guys here, a local coffee shop has its own subscription box.
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 1,561
    I'm going to have to sit this one out :cry: I'm going away in a couple of weeks so I won't have time to organize a really nice box for my matches before I leave. I hope I can catch the next one!
  • wduwdu Posts: 176
    Yay so excited for this! I've already done a little bit of shopping for the local box--just couldn't wait! Fingers crossed that the things I bought fall into the category of things she likes :#
  • chrischris Posts: 3,520
    @MelissaDawn, good question! I should have clarified that the subscription box item does not have to be local in the Local boxes. :)
  • mopeysealion4820mopeysealion4820 Posts: 1,054
    @chris You're going to run into people missing this if it is only up for such a short time that doesn't include the weekend.
  • MelissaDawnMelissaDawn Posts: 194
    @lotusflower13 good idea, thanks!
    @Saiza i didn't even think about that, I'll have to google some local businesses. I could probably do something from serendipity, they are just an hour away from me
    @chris thanks for the clarification, I think I'll try to make it fit the theme, but it's good to know I don't have to :)
  • chrischris Posts: 3,520
    edited March 22
    @mopeysealion4820, I extended this by 2 days and will get as many matches out as quickly as I can. :)
  • xoxolesleyxoxolesley Posts: 179
    I signed up! This will be my first forum exchange - super excited!!
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 952
    I am feeling all shy and unsure; what if I get someone who loves makeup about which I know nothing, for instance? Anyone want to talk me into participating? (I would go for the Local exchange, being in Las Vegas and all.....)
  • MStarkMStark Posts: 134
    @DianeER You should! I also know nothing about makeup and I've had fun with the exchanges!
  • TiskersTiskers Posts: 319
    @DianeER I was feeling the same way... but with some gentle nudging from a dear friend (and she knows who she is! <3 ) I'm going for it! I hope you do, too. I think we would both really regret it later if we didn't!!! :D
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 952
    (EEEEEK! I did it! I hope I get someone who's OK with chocolate....)
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,688
  • mopeysealion4820mopeysealion4820 Posts: 1,054
    I always love these exchanges and am super tempted to participate. I know the women I would be matched with would be awesome, as they always are. Are other long time forum members participating?
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 553
    Okay. I'm in!
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,218
    @DianeER This will be my first forum exchange too and I'm so so nervous that I thought about emailing Chris to take me out and I go back and forth a million times a day. What if they hate what I get? What if they were looking for and I couldn't get it? What if they judge me? It's so nerve racking for me. Then I say to myself I'm putting my heart and love into it and doing my best and that's what counts.

    Though I still might back out.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,218
    @chris ok your word goes. ;)
  • chrischris Posts: 3,520
    @lotusflower13 It will be great; I promise. :)
  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,097
    @mopeysealion4820 I'm participating too! I need to send in my info still deciding on type and levels
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,688
    edited March 24
    edited bc I re-read the guidelines above and see we have until Sunday now to sign up :smile:
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