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is it ever okay to ask for feedback?

exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
Or is it best to just wait until people leave it voluntarily?


  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,817Member
    edited April 6
    Personally, I'd probably be patient and wait... sometimes people just forget to leave it, but then will go back later and leave it. I'm completely guilty of that.
    And life just happens, other things come up and people get distracted or busy with other things.

    I might inquire as to whether they received their package or not though.

    But I am interested to hear other perspectives on this question
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,417Member
    edited April 6
    How long has it been? As @Randi2 says, life can happen and people forget, so I agree that a gentle question about receiving the package is the best idea. Even then, I'd probably wait a bit before sending that question.
  • lallenlallen Posts: 190Member
    People will get to it eventually though, I know I tend to pick one time a week to leave all my feedbacks when I'm swapping a lot.
  • leiaburgessleiaburgess Posts: 253Member
    Many of us work and although the package might have been delivered we might not have opened it. When I was on a recent trip I had packages arrive and family members opened them to ensure nothing was damaged but I waited until I returned to leave feedback.
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    @lallen Yep, that's precisely why I am asking.
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 1,502Member
    I have been rated months after a swap I assume people just get busy.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 3,061Member
    I agree with @joiedevie99. I wouldn't appreciate being asked for feedback. I'm one of those who is terribly neglectful about leaving it right away. The feedback happened in my head in the form of "this is so nice/generous/kind of her! I love it!"....but often doesn't get translated to words on a screen for a while.

    (@Smarw, the above comment might have some relevance to you :) )
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    Well, as long as they leave it eventually, I am okay with that. :smile:
  • SmarwSmarw Posts: 407Member
    @Leah shows you how busy I am that I don't even know what you're referring to. Did I forget to leave you feedback once or vice versa? LOVE the palette by the way! :smiley:
  • EliseElise Posts: 431Member
    I'm gonna use this thread as a reminder and go check to see if there's anyone I haven't left feedback
  • EnduringWoneEnduringWone Posts: 114Member
    Wow, I thought we were suppose to as part of the swap process. I look at someone's swap replies to give me a feel for them.
  • kylajaclynkylajaclyn Posts: 3,065Member
    edited April 6
    There's two I've recently swapped with that haven't left me feedback. I'm not a newbie but it still bothers me anyway. I leave mine the second I receive my package from someone. But everyone does things differently so I have to accept that. :)
  • SKDSKD Posts: 112Member
    I wouldn't ask for feedback but I have sent messages to verify that someone got their package and that it arrived safely.
  • lallenlallen Posts: 190Member
    @EnduringWone we are supposed to, but sometimes we just aren't as timely with it as we should be
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,150Member
    > @jeein said:
    > I totally forget about a swap after I ship mine (I probably would not even notice if the other swapper never sends her items...)

    I completely agree. When I do get the swaps I'm pleasantly reminded/surprised when I open them.
  • BishBish Posts: 175Member
    I've had new people ask, and I get it because they are looking for positive so they can get more swaps. I happily marched right over and filled it in. I always eventually do it, just not always right away.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 3,061Member
    @Smarw No! I explained what sometimes happens when I get swaps, and yours is a good example of that. I got it yesterday, opened it, was very excited about everything you sent (which was way more than I was expecting!), but have I left feedback yet? Nope.
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    Ahaha, so my thread is going to become the place to ask for feedback now, lol. :smiley:
  • LeahLeah Posts: 3,061Member
    edited April 7
    @LisaB *pause youtube beauty video* Your wish is my command. Heading over there right now!
  • moniquemonique Posts: 696Member
    edited April 7
    @SKD I do the same thing. Being new the more comments you have is helpful with many people. I have a horrible mailman, so I have to set up alerts for all my packages. Our neighborhood is a bit confusing and we have to watch our deliveries. This tends to make me a little paranoid about my partners receiving theirs. Once I've left my comments and their package says it's been delivered I wait a day or two to check that it made it safely. I know that people are insanely busy so I try not to bug anyone just a nudge.
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  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    edited April 7
    To your point though, @Jackiecupcake (and others), I think leaving feedback for them first serves as even more of a nudge, and if they don't return the favor, then on well, all I can do is wait for someone who will. :smile:
  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,498Member
    @Leah Love it!
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 1,502Member
    I have to leave feedback the day I open the swap or I forget what the swap entailed, I have a horrible memory!
  • MandypMandyp Posts: 254Member
    I leave feedback only after I open my package. Unfortunately, I am only home twice a year so it may be up to seven months
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