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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2017 Review + $10 Coupon [SPOILERS]

kkooimakkooima Posts: 1Member
edited June 2 in All Other Boxes
Anyone have any leads on a Rachel Zoe Summer 17 Box of Style spoiler, or at least when we can be expecting one!?
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  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 651Member
    I don't, but I'll bump this to the top for you. The boxes have been really good lately. I'm hoping for a great one.
  • ErinAnnErinAnn Posts: 136Member
    Hopin for great as well! Didn't love last summers but loved the year prior. Looked up when MSA did spoilers and in past years we would have already gotten it! Ahhhh the anticipation.
  • EliseElise Posts: 432Member
    They have released spoilers later for the past few boxes - I'm assuming because they've started ordering more boxes and are still trying to sell through the current season's boxes. I just got another email from them yesterday promoting the spring box. Just checked and we got the first spoiler hint for the spring box on Feb 2, so if they follow that timeline we'll get the spoiler hint for Summer on May 2.
  • chrischris Posts: 3,570Member, Moderator
    Sorry, no spoilers yet, but we are READY! :)
  • CiCiCiCi Posts: 547Member
    @chris @Jennifer3141 that should be your new profile pic!
  • gillepgillep Posts: 272Member
    Any word on this yet? I really don't want to pay for this box without a spoiler, although, considering how long it has been taking to cancel that may be unavoidable at this point.
  • michellebellemichellebelle Posts: 87Member
    I was able to cancel in just a few days. I think it said next billing would be 5/15. I keep hoping spring will sell out so I can use my $65 gilt city voucher for summer. But the voucher expires 5/10, so it looks like I'll be getting a second spring box.
  • EliseElise Posts: 432Member
    @gillep if you want to cancel before you're charged you can always sign up again if you like the spoiler (& with a discount code most likely)
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 301Member
    I just asked to cancel and they sent me an email back and said I was in the cancellation queue and it would be cancelled within the next week. They also offered me $20 off my next box if I decide to keep it. Should I or shouldn't I? I wish there was a spoiler!
  • gillepgillep Posts: 272Member
    @Elise yes, thank you, that is what I have been considering doing. I am just being lazy (it is unseasonably hot here and I don't want to do much of anything), and would prefer to just get a spoiler that I like and leave it as-is. I guess I just feel like it is spoiler time already!!!
  • EliseElise Posts: 432Member
    @gillep I agree, I'm ready for a spoiler too! (Although honestly, hoping I don't like it so I won't be tempted to buy the box :# ) I think they ramped up their ordering (of products in the boxes) for the last few boxes to get the products for cheaper with a bigger order - but they don't have *quite* enough subscriptions to justify the larger orders it's taking them a bit longer to sell through the boxes
  • lovethesnowlovethesnow Posts: 69Member
    @michellebelle I am in the same boat. We still have 7 more days to wait to use the Gilt Voucher. It will be my first box so at least it won't be a duplicate for me. The only problem with waiting is that I will be committed to the summer box at that point and may not want it.
  • Emma227Emma227 Posts: 90Member
    I'm in the same boat regarding the Gilt voucher. I read in the terms that we can still use the $65 towards the next box (i.e. the amount we paid do not expire). So I can still do that. I am not interested in the current box at all as I don't like the bag, do not use the tatcha... I'm hoping we get something soon!
  • michellebellemichellebelle Posts: 87Member
    @Emma227 very interesting that we can use it for the $65, so like when your Groupon expires. I didn't care about the vouchers for her website site, anyway. I may just wait it out and get the summer box instead of a duplicate spring box.
  • Maureen_BMaureen_B Posts: 284Member
    I do feel like I got a little burned by not just waiting til after full spoilers coupons came out, so I'm going to sit this out til at least full spoilers, and hopefully coupons!
  • Emma227Emma227 Posts: 90Member
    @michellebelle Yes! This was in the email which had the voucher attached:
    May be used to obtain the discount stated on the Voucher until the “redeem by” date stated above; after that time, and for a period of 5 years from the date of issue, the Voucher may be redeemed with the Vendor for the services stated on the voucher equal to the value for which it was originally purchased.

    I'm with you, I don't care much about the voucher for the website.
  • JustwayaarJustwayaar Posts: 242Member
    I'm glad you posted this. I forgot about salvaging the original $65.00 and not getting another spring box!
  • RubymomRubymom Posts: 47Member
    HI, I am a newbie to the discussion forum but not to MSA. I got my first Rachel Zoe box of style via GILT. Can someone explain about th coupon and how it works fo another BOS. Thanks.
  • gillepgillep Posts: 272Member
    Ugh, going to have to cancel this, seeing that they now have a coupon for $30 off the spring box, and still no spoiler for summer is just too much. @Elise you are likely correct with your assessment regarding why they have so many of these spring boxes left over.
  • debbiesblimdebbiesblim Posts: 1,033Member
    @Rubymom hi! You have until 5/10 to use the coupon for a box with a new subscription. At this time they are still selling their spring box.

    After 5/10, you still have $65 (or what you paid for the coupon) as a credit to purchase future boxes (so you just add on however much you would need to pay for a full priced new box for summer or discounted box in the future...etc). You have 5 years to use this coupon.
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 135Member
    I cancelled my subscription and was offered $20 to stay but saw on the blog comments some people mention that they were offered $30 to stay a member and I immediately wrote them and told them if I could get the $30 to stay and get the summer box next. They instantly replied that they would honor this so I was at first amazed at how fast they were responding to my emails, literally a couple minutes later and how great the customer service was. I was not going to stay a member for $80 seeing how it later goes down and is available for different sales but I would stay for $70 for the summer box. I'm so excited I was able to get them to lower my offer and can't wait for the summer box even though there are no spoliers. Spring was my first box and I loved it because of the bag and the scarf! I think that they have improved their customer service:)
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 135Member
    I also got the Gilt deal for the spring box the first time they offered it.
  • Kelly1109Kelly1109 Posts: 328Member
    @V_Muller2 Lucky you! I chatted with them to cancel and didn't get offered anything
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 135Member
    I wrote them an email @Kelly1109 to cancel along with doing it online. I then got an email offer and it said $0 to stay so emailed them back asking what they would offer as it was obviously a typo and they instantly wrote back $20 and so I wrote back and tol them that I saw on the MSA board they had offered $30 and again an instant reply that they would offer me that and I was then resubscribed. So try emailing them and tell them you want the $30 that people had been offered.
  • gillepgillep Posts: 272Member
    I put my cancellation in online following the instructions on the BOS website, and almost immediately received an email with the $30 off offer. It is so bizarre that they aren't being consistent with their offers.
  • BendLBBagsBendLBBags Posts: 331Member
    @gillep, I did the same this morning and not a peep from them!
  • ZuZuZoomZuZuZoom Posts: 381Member
    I cancelled and was offered $20 off to stay. Maybe I should write back and ask for $50 off!
  • KristyKristy Posts: 1,810Member
    Hey I was only offered $10... :lol:
  • sarasara Posts: 2,478Member
    @Kristy, I was also only offered $10. Bet we won't even get that if we wait til the spoiler...
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