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Swap Offers 2.0

chrischris Posts: 3,520
edited April 25 in Swaps
100,200 views/86 pages on the last thread should be sufficient to earn us a new thread so let's start one here. :)

Please keep this limited to items that originally came in a subscription box. Thank you!
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  • lalalalalala Posts: 686
    edited April 24
    I'll start!

    Check out my nerdy/geeky stuff if you're willing to swap for anything for it. I don't do beauty for beauty, etc. I am very open if you are!

    I have:
    -Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Water Bottle
    -Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Coasters
    -Harry Potter Death Eaters Mask Key Fob
    -Dr. Strange Keychain "Eye of Agamotto"
    -Stargate SG-1 Beanie
    -Captain America The 1st Avenger Hydra Pin


    Edited 4/23: still looking for more swap offers! I know I don't have much listed right now, but I'm working hard to swap things away for things I want/need!
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  • KristyKristy Posts: 1,630
    I have: a lovely XL Mustard 1951
    ISO: an XL Mauve 1951, or an XL Prune Ripauste
  • nancytnancyt Posts: 685
    I have a Little dress that is just Darling and many Halo items!
    ISO Dermaflash
  • SheaShea Posts: 108
    Anyone looking for the tribe alive purse? I will swap mine for half rv if you have stuff I'm following.
  • Tanya3Tanya3 Posts: 1,038
    I'm still looking for the black Stella bag from the first avenue A box and with a new thread I figured I should list again what I have to offer!!
    - XL 1951 in end AND black and gold dots AND bubble
    - Bleu unit besace
    - Alexis bittar cuff
    - Alice and Olivia wallet
    - Evocateur in medium with butterfly design
    - Pehr throw
    - multiple massi throws
    - Multiple halcyons in different patterns/colours
    - Eddie borgo cuff
    - Alexis bittar ring
    - I'm also open to working out a partial swap and payment for it. I'm sure I have more and would love to check out followed lists too
  • careybcareyb Posts: 904
    Would love to find a home for these new, never used or sampled items. Swapping for half RV. :-) Would prefer to do a multi swap with these items.

    2 ( Two) X Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum FS
    1-Glo therapeutics Vital Eye Cream Full Size
    Lelet NY Swarovski Crystal Hair Pin
    Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Pencil in Jet FS
    Freeze 24-7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum
    L'oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Lip Color FS
    Smartfx Volume Extend Mascara
    Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer
    yourMinerals SWEDEN Mineral Eyeshadow in Brown Hypnotic
    Arcona Magic White Ice
    Kueshi Anticellulite Booster FS
    Redken Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray FULL Size

  • seuss516seuss516 Posts: 278
    Have to offer:
    Luxor Eddie Borgo silver bracelet still in packaging
    Emma and Chloe April braided bracelet in gold still in packaging with box

    I love my Stella mai from Oui Please and only wear it so they'll just take room in my jewelry box.

  • RochelleRochelle Posts: 859
    @wldflowur13 I'd be interested in the keychain at below rv.
  • wldflowur13wldflowur13 Posts: 426
    @Rochelle sorry I meant to post that in the ISO thread. I'm wanting to get the keychain, not trade it away
  • strmama2strmama2 Posts: 643
    -1951 Aubergine (new, more purple one)
    -1951 Wax in either blue or yellow
    -1951 in the new gold starburst pattern

    I have:
    -1951 Black Snake
    -1951 3D Gris (new, but slight defect from Luxor sale)
    -PerlB tote NWT
  • AACAAC Posts: 99
    1. PS terrarium insides (i.e. sand, moss, dirt, crystal) - I don't need the glass vase, so this should be a good way for people with broken sets to get rid of theirs - I value this to be be $15-20.
    2. Vosge Matcha Mint Chocolate

    All remaining Julep polishes in my listings at HALF off RV. Brand new, never swatched. Mostly gorgeous golds, blues, and greens. I just can't wear them. Does not work with my pale pale skin.

    FYI: I also give a bump up if I'm swapping beauty samples for home/luxe items. Generally in the range of 25% to 50% increase depending on how rare. (Sorry, no increase for items with 100+ listings - like the Pehr runner or jelly bag.)

    Hope you can help a gal out! Thanks!!
  • strmama2strmama2 Posts: 643
    I have a stuffed padded flat rate envelope filled with various packet samples... would anyone want this? Just looking for something to make it worth shipping :)
  • lizy7lizy7 Posts: 85
    @strmama2 I might be interested. Not sure that I have any of your follows though.
  • kitty01kitty01 Posts: 108
    edited April 26
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  • moniquemonique Posts: 620
    I have the RZ black candle and Tatcha I'd love to get rid of. Also, the House of Harlow Tasselation cuff needs to go to a nice home, It's just not my style. I'm always looking for a cute bracelet or little bag.
  • Em1Em1 Posts: 987
    @AAC I think our swap got canceled because you swapped the nail polish I chose to someone else. Shoot me another request for the terrarium insides! I still have it listed for you.
  • sephrenia300sephrenia300 Posts: 162
    @monique still interested in your tesselation cuff! Don't really have any bags, but have a different 2 different bijoux box bracelets, the anodized one with a blue stone that came as an earring replacement, and the goldenrod bracelet from this month. I've also got my Karen Kane necklace this month that's not one of the listed ones, I'd have to take a picture of if you're interested.
  • AACAAC Posts: 99
    Em1 said:

    @AAC I think our swap got canceled because you swapped the nail polish I chose to someone else. Shoot me another request for the terrarium insides! I still have it listed for you.

    @Em1 - OMG, I had no idea I did that! Sorry! I wish MSA had a function where it told the listing person what items are pending which who. That's like the 3rd time it's happened where I was really looking forward to a swap and someone accepted a swap that I had pending (and totally forgot about) and then poof, it's gone.
  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 91
    @monique I just send you a swap request for the Tatcha :)
  • ElmaElma Posts: 968
    @kitty01 - are your handbags leather? ... if so, please PM me please :)
  • EnduringWoneEnduringWone Posts: 104
    @monique I still want the cuff! I just have to get to a computer to get my swap number. My laptop is on it's last legs.
  • kitty01kitty01 Posts: 108
    @Elma yes I have 2 pm you :)
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,042
    I would love to swap for makeup or anything from my follows list. The biggest factor in swaps is shipping. I would like to do a larger swap to maximize shipping.

    Symbology Scarf

    KBeauty sanitary sampled:

    Scinic Snail All In One Ampoule (heavy for shipping purposes)
    Elizavecca Kangsi 24K Gold Pack
    As well a few not listed

    Would swap at a reduced value for follows

    2 Stephanie Johnson Camera Crossbody Bag
    Modgy expandable vase in brickbrack
    I love lot of cosmetics items on the last few pages of my profile that are reduced to about 50%

    Will include the $50 Credit Voucher or Velvet Eyewear $25 Gift Card for free in a larger swap.

  • MoonAndStarsMoonAndStars Posts: 550
    I have three Kosta Boda Heart Glasses that I would love to get out of my swap bin, if anyone is looking for them.
  • Rhubarb_BlackberryRhubarb_Blackberry Posts: 853
    edited April 25
    Would love to swap stuff on my list for more of the Robb Vices wallpaper gift cards! :)
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  • chrischris Posts: 3,520
    Please keep this limited to items that originally came in a subscription box. Thank you!
  • Rhubarb_BlackberryRhubarb_Blackberry Posts: 853
    edited April 25
    You have a Navy, Camel or Mustard XL Wax 1951
    and I have a gold LE Rose et Marius tumbler from the upcoming Luxor box or the Black /Gold Agama Halcyon Days watch from that box.

    And I have a purple 8 oz S'well bottle and want to trade for your tiny pinky S'well bottle.
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  • ZuZuZoomZuZuZoom Posts: 352
    What will it take to get a Navy, Camel or Mustard XL Wax 1951 for @Rhubarb_Blackberry? I can offer a Black and Gold Dot XL, a Rose Gold XL or a 3D Gris XL. This has been her unicorn for awhile and I'd like to help.
  • @ZuZuZoom you are so amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • KrisKris Posts: 34
    @Rhubarb_Blackberry I have an unused/in bag Camel XL Wax. I don't have it listed. DM me if you would like to see a picture and work a swap.
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