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Mother's Day event Starts today

lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
edited May 2 in Free Stuff
So will you be purchasing any boxes for anyone? What are you hoping to see have deals and what are you hoping for, for giveaways? Be honest if you win something will you give it away or keep it for yourself or does it depend what it is?

I'd like to see flowers given away and I'd give them to my grandmother of course, plus I don't have a relationship with my mom. I'm only a cat mommy, so I'd like to see a giveaway of crazy cat lady. If I'd win something it'd depend on what it is if I'd keep it or give away to someone else. I'm not purchasing any boxes no matter how good the cost. I have way too many boxes.

I'm looking forward to this today! Thanks @Liz Cadman
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  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    edited May 2
    Looks like Urthbox is the first box for the event with a $10 discount.

    Anyone getting this box? Does anyone have this box and know how it compares to the Love With Food box?
  • HeatheryHeathery Posts: 1,302Member
    I'm so nervous because I have someone coming out to look at/fix my broken house heater and I don't know how much that will cost and I have no will power to resist sub boxes even if I should be saving the money. :D :D :D :(
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    @Heathery I completely understand. I need to get my car fixed and I just keep subbing to more boxes. This event is definitely going to be dangerous, but I'm telling myself that I will NOT purchase anything ( ha, ha), only enter the giveaways.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 992Member
    @Heathery I'm so curious to see how many Agrees you get to your comment, as I'm sure a lot of us can relate. Ha!

    Since I'm done with subs for a while (for reals!), I'm looking forward to seeing if any mystery boxes will be launched.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    Go to:
    Boxes are as low as $31.66 plus shipping
    Use code MOM100 and you get 3 months for $100
    Use code MOM200 and you get 6 months for $200.
    Boxes are normally $39.99.
    This is the lowest they've ever offered their boxes.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    I have so much bath and body works stuff that I could create my own Mother's Day gift Tote with all I have!!
  • paigepaige Posts: 349Member
    My Popsugar 6 month deal runs out this month and the only way I will re-sub is if they offer another great deal today. Nothing else has tempted me so far but it wouldn't take too much to persuade me if the right deal comes along.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 992Member
    @lotusflower13 I want to like Bath & Body Works so bad (especially to take advantage of their B3G3 sales), but I always get so incredibly overwhelmed every time I enter that store, that I just end up getting gifts for others, and nothing for myself. I'll keep trying. :)
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    @Luna I only purchase online because the store overwhelms me too plus all the smells get to me, but I did go in and sign up for their mailing list and they send coupons all the time that you can use online too. The shipping cost is the only thing that frustrates me.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    I really want the stitch fix!
  • Co123Co123 Posts: 573Member
    @Luna I love Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles, whenever they have specials ($11-ish), I always stock up. They are the same quality as a Yankee candle and they have great scents! I also love stocking up on hand soap ($3 sales) there. Not a huge fan of the actual 'body' products though. I agree- overwhelmingly store!
  • SouthernPrincessSouthernPrincess Posts: 236Member
    BomiBox is having a Mothers Day box with Sakura themed box etc.
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,817Member
    There were so many deals and giveaways today that I couldn't keep up! Unfortunately I was really busy at work today :(

    But luckily I was able to snag a PSMH Mother's Day box - I went back to get another, but it's sold out now
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    @Randi2 I missed the PSMH Mother's Day box altogether. Oh-well, I guess I saved money.
  • MoiSurtoutMoiSurtout Posts: 605Member
    I put the PS mother's day box in my cart, left to think about it, saw it was sold out... and then bought the one in my cart. So we'll see if I actually get it or not.

    I can't think of anything from recent boxes that I could possibly want unless it's chocolate or marshmallows. But my birthday's coming up and I thought the perfume would be a fun thing to open.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    @MoiSurtout I just wanted the perfume too. I wouldn't even care what else they would put in there, but I'm a perfume addict. It's bad! I have over 80 maybe close to 100. I don't need any more obviously, but I love perfume.

    I hope that you actually get your box!
  • MoiSurtoutMoiSurtout Posts: 605Member
    @lotusflower13 All those must look beautiful on display! I don't have much, but I love perfume. I have my favourites, but it's hard to resist trying new ones. I told myself this was $3 per vial, so it doesn't matter what else is included.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    @MoiSurtout I'm disappointed I missed it. I was busy for a while and when I came on a couple of hours ago they were gone, but I saved money which is good because I need to. @Heathery did you resist the urge to purchase anything today?

    @everyone how long is this event? Just yesterday or a couple days?
  • HeatheryHeathery Posts: 1,302Member
    @lotusflower13 Yes!! I managed to get out with nothing. However, I WOULD have purchased the PS mystery box. Fortunately, it was sold out by the time I saw the listing lol.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 992Member
    The only deal I saw that intrigued me was the PS mystery box, and only because of the perfume set. I've been eyeing that set in Sephora since I first saw it in a previous PS box, and received a sample of one of the perfumes in the Play box. Like a lot of others, I missed out on this one too. Ugh! The one time I decide to go to bed at a reasonable hour (for me... I wake up in the 4am hour).... AND, I didn't even wake up feeling rested! :neutral:
  • LeeleeLeelee Posts: 232Member
    It's funny because I couldn't link to the mystery box from my email so I missed out too. Oh well, I already have 2 of this sub Derek lam perfume samplers from the cfda boxes.
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