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Anyone have hints on where to get a Pehr throw for a discount?

sarasara Posts: 2,470Member
I would love to get my son a Pehr throw, in a color that matches his new apartment. I think we had a discount code from PS, but I imagine that is long since expired. Anyone still have it? And wasn't there a Canadian store that had them on discount? Any other hints?


  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 492Member
    edited May 3
    Spring Concierge:
    You can get promo codes pretty easily for your first purchase through them (also big ebates cash back). They basically just act as a middle man so your order is still shipped from Pehr.

    ETA: I ordered some bins from them and they arrived with no problems at all.
  • laurablaurab Posts: 500Member
    OMG I just checked the link the pillows of the hedgehog and the mouse are too cute!
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,150Member
    Does anyone know of a blanket, not throw, that is similar to the Pehr throw? I don't care if it's expensive, just looking for something with the same type of fabric and similar weigh.
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,417Member
    @sara you're thinking of Indigo here in Canada, which has Pehr products. I just searched and there's a plethora of cute Pehr things (the baby items!!) but no throws.
  • Tanya3Tanya3 Posts: 1,065Member
    @boxjoy you might have luck with pottery barn
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,150Member
    edited May 3
    Thanks! @Tanya3
  • sarasara Posts: 2,470Member
    I think lands end and some of the other "crunchier" stores have flannel blankets. My all time favorite flannel comes from Woolrich, the pjs just get softer and softer
  • sarasara Posts: 2,470Member
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,260Member
    @sara have you checked eBay? I saw some for pretty low prices.
  • sarasara Posts: 2,470Member
    I checked there @lotusflower13, but the ones I saw were not that low. Will check again!
  • mini2zmini2z Posts: 2,211Member

    Hi Ladies! Thanks for loving Pehr. Here's a 20% discount code for today only for you guys. It's site wide for US and Canada. Use SUBADD20. Hope that helps!

    Thanks @pehrdesigns for the coupon

    Chapters Indigo has sales often & have a huge selection of Pehr bins, hampers and pillow covers and frequently go on sale (and they ship to the US and prices are shown in Canadian dollars)
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