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POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Summer 2017 Box Review [SPOILERS]

BestAuntEverBestAuntEver Posts: 1,414Member
edited June 1 in POPSUGAR Must Have
Yep. I am on board, even without spoilers. I have no shame.
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  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,510Member
    lol you are the worst influence... but I'm not a subscriber (anymore) so at least I have a few more days to talk myself out of it
  • Rain08Rain08 Posts: 222Member
    Finally, an LE box that will be an easy skip for me! *wallet breathes sigh of relief* (Watch it turn out to have something amazing in it, lol.)
  • ValerieValerie Posts: 465Member
    I really liked the last 2 summer boxes so I will most likely be getting this one. Would love a spoiler first though.
  • Jenny1973Jenny1973 Posts: 589Member
    Skipping this go around.
  • GeorgiaGeorgia Posts: 376Member
    If the spoiler is anything but a cover-up, I'm in. The last two were horrible on my short and stout figure.
  • debbiesblimdebbiesblim Posts: 1,033Member
    edited May 8
    I skipped the Barney's boxes so I should get this right?!

    But I guess I should wait to see what is Luxor's big announcement...
  • PowersPowers Posts: 47Member
    @hildol Thanks for the recap! I was just headed to the reviews site to see what was in the past summer LEs. I'm not a regular PSMH subscriber but I'm thinking I might take a chance on this one...lots of indulgently useful stuff in the past 2 versions.
  • mini2zmini2z Posts: 2,211Member
    Will be my birthday splurge
  • Em1Em1 Posts: 1,008Member
    Is the summer box the same thing as the resort box?
  • lrn12lrn12 Posts: 247Member
    edited May 9
    @Em1 No they are each different LE boxes.

    I'm holding out for spoilers. Loved 2015 and 2016 was so so for me. The Resort box this year wasn't really my style and I ordered without spoilers so I'm holding out for now.

    For now....

    So help me, I need will power!
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  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 1,817Member
    Add me to the list of those buying spoiler or not... I'm weak with a large side of FOMO
  • inimitableinimitable Posts: 368Member
    I skipped the Resort box because it doesn't usually seem to be my style, but I'm more likely to grab this one. I liked both of the previous ones.
  • KristyKristy Posts: 1,808Member
    Oh, sure enough @BestAuntEver! :) Your bad influence has been validated by 3 people so far!
  • KristyKristy Posts: 1,808Member
    Let's be honest doesn't take much for us to hand over our money to PSMH ;) How many pehr table runners did poor @Jennifer3141 buy from them..?? She was practically drowning in them!
  • ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 44Member
    Oof. I am either getting this or the BOS Summer Box. It all depends on the spoilers.
  • Jenny1973Jenny1973 Posts: 589Member
    Still holding strong. Waiting to see what Luxor is announcing on Wednesday.
  • sarasara Posts: 2,470Member
    Ahh, @BestAuntEver, you know you are always the temptress on these boxes. And to try to shame us by saying May is your last box, why, we are in May right now! It's only your last month til you don't manage to cancel your subscription, accidentally, you will say...

    I would love a spoiler. I say, knowing full well in all likelihood I will order this without a spoiler. I am more likely to love this than the BOS. This and the fall box are my favorites. But can someone help me remember- this one always sells out, right? Not like the CFDA?
  • sarasara Posts: 2,470Member
    Which box did that warm cotton lotion come in? I swear, I have gotten every PSMh box except about 2 of the minis, and I've never had that lotion- unless I swapped it in my sleep! Which is possible, lol!
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 2,452Member
    edited May 9
    @sara My bad- it's "cool cotton." It's from the Aug 2016 Mini, but since then it's been in most of the mystery boxes.
  • debbiesblimdebbiesblim Posts: 1,033Member
    @Jennifer3141 everyone will be ISO it now :lol:
  • sarasara Posts: 2,470Member
    How could I have ever missed this in 10,000 PSMH boxes? And, I have to say, this months was lovely
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