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Clearout Mixed Bundles - All new, Below RV - the addiction is real!

Em_PEm_P Posts: 714
edited May 18 in Swaps
Hi all,
I've been inspired by Popsugar's mystery boxes to create some mixed bundles of my own.
I'm swapping for below RV (as specified). Mostly looking for followed but these have to go so I'm willing to be flexible. If you have a specific swap in mind let me know.
As always, a reminder that I'm in Canada.

Box 1 - the Lady's companion box. RV ~$140 but swapping at $60
Library of Flowers Forest gift set (note small tear at bottom of label) from Birchbox
Earrings from white Willow
By Nature serum from White Willow
Vintage highlighter from Boxycharm
Notepad from White Willow
Mint Pear blender from Ipsy
Tea and puff ball charm from I can't remember which boxes

Box 2 - the Luxe Treat box - RV ~$150 swapping at $70
- Good Morning Gorgeous mug from FFF
- Little triangles necklace from the last white Willow (the thing in the box)
- inkling perfume from FFF
- symbology scarf from RZ
- WOW blender from White Willow
- Butter London mascara from FFF
- Skyn Iceland cream from Ipsy
- Vosges chocolate from I don't know where

Box 3 - the Gracious Home box - RV ~$150 swapping at $70
- Wire bowl from PSMH
- Pehr Runner from PSMH
- Christian Lacroix notes from PSMH
- thank you notes from FFF
- Estée Lauder cream from I can't remember where
- Lollia bath sachet from Birchbox
- Pecksniff hand soap and hand cream duo from White Willow in Apricot

Box 4 - the Keep Warm box - RV ~$110 swapping at $50 - SWAPPED

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