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Its Back!! Popsugar build your own box! [POPSUGAR Must Have Summer Blowout Sale – 75% Off!]

cmiller512cmiller512 Posts: 1,411Member
edited May 26 in POPSUGAR Must Have

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  • lalalalalala Posts: 912Member
    Am I seeing it correctly that you can get clothing!?! I'm so confused.
  • MelissaDawnMelissaDawn Posts: 206Member
    Just received this email too! Only thing I really wanted is the sunglasses and they are the only thing sold out.... wahhhh
  • cmiller512cmiller512 Posts: 1,411Member
    @lalala Yup, clothing is available!!
  • lalalalalala Posts: 912Member
    So bizarre. The choices that are there are simply amazing. I swear they're trying to compete with FFF with the timing of this deal. I can save my money again!
  • SouthernPrincessSouthernPrincess Posts: 240Member
    I don't see the appeal of these items. Maybe I'm missing something?
  • AlexAlex Posts: 734Member
    I got two water bottles, Dry Shampoo, and a watermelon thing. $27. Almost tempted to buy $100 worth of socks...
  • TiaTia Posts: 138Member
    Can someone post a link? I didn't see it when I went to their website.
  • CassieBCassieB Posts: 421Member
    I'm picking up a few things for Christmas gifts :) My mom and aunt will love the photo album!
  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,500Member
    I'm with @Tia anyone have the link? I didn't get the email yet!
  • TiaTia Posts: 138Member
  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,500Member
    Thanks @Tia!! :#
  • TiaTia Posts: 138Member
    Nothing looks too amazing to me. I like the moto jacket but I work at a clothing store so I don't need to buy anymore clothes.. unless it's real leather than I'll have to snag it...
  • RRZRRZ Posts: 83Member
    Well there went more money I did not need to spend to popsugar
  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 697Member
    The piggy bank is cute, but still $42.
  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 658Member
    I'm super happy. I got the giraffe lovey for my grandson and the Derek Lam set for me for $33 shipped.
  • raindropraindrop Posts: 294Member
    Nothing too amazing, but I've been trying to swap for that Nirvana dry shampoo for like, a year. I'm way happier to have picked up a few of those (and a backup post-it booklet and some socks) for less than I would have paid for one of the Ultimate mystery boxes I was eyeing. At least all this stuff will get used!
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 496Member
    Grabbed 2 Briogeos (I'd literally pay full price for this, it's my fav), the Giraffee Lovey & blue spoon set for my soon to be born neice/nephew (they are keeping it a surprise!), the happy notes since I actually swapped that entire box but kind of wanted those, and the bobby pins because I always find myself wanting 2 silver ones but only have 1!

    This is so much better than the mystery boxes, it's my favorite thing PSMH does.
  • DebraDebra Posts: 576Member
    Woohoo $25.50! Got some cute things I can gift!
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 874Member
    I bought the cobalt blue knit zipper dress, S'well bottle, and F'lint lint roller for about $33! I hope the dress fits me, and I'm so excited they had another boutique sale! I thought about buying the swan, but I'm hoping it comes in the Summer Fun mystery box I ordered from Gilt.
  • AlexAlex Posts: 734Member
    edited May 25
    I'm almost tempted to go back and get the lemlem coverup, but at 75% off it's still too much when I'm not sure if I'll use it. Someday I'll swap for that silly thing!

    Ed: Annnnnd I just went back for the Moto jacket and socks. $28. I got a size 6 - if anyone got an 8 and needs to size down let me know, because I might need to size up.
  • megganinwonderlandmegganinwonderland Posts: 224Member
    @SamanthaL I bought the dress too! I was so excited to see clothing options. Also got the Briogeo which I cannot live without, and the star garland which I have been trying to swap for with no luck. For $33 - not bad. I didn't need to spend more money but justified it by saying it is my birthday present to myself!
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 496Member
    @megganinwonderland I can't live w/o the Briogeo either! My favorite Saturday morning activity is the Briogeo + a face sheet mask :)
  • dare2smiledare2smile Posts: 295Member
    If anyone needs $12 to get over the $100 threshold, send me a note! I'm interested in that pineapple pin - I'll pay you cost + shipping to me?
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,168Member
    @dare2smile PM me your address. I have the Ultimate PS Mystery box coming and would be happy to send my pin to you whenever it arrives.
  • monamonstermonamonster Posts: 1,399Member
    I'm also bummed that I missed the sunnies, but I stocked up on baby gifts - spuni sets and girls socks - and got myself the friendship socks. Not bad!
  • reneewreneew Posts: 239Member
    I also wanted the sunglasses and may be able to live without the rest. What is wrong with me that I just filled a basket for no reason??? Aargh.
  • HeatheryHeathery Posts: 1,302Member
    9 items for $25 = hell yeah! Got 2 things for myself and the other 7 are to hold onto for 3 August birthdays.
  • californiajanetcaliforniajanet Posts: 199Member
    Grabbed a few things, but so bummed that the dry shampoo sold out in the few seconds it took me to add it to my cart and then proceed to the checkout . And here's the head scratcher of the day… A few minutes ago I got one of their texts asking me if I'd like to buy the LemLem coverup for --only-- $98. Ummm really PopSugar? You just offered it to me for 1/2 of that through your 75% off sale...
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