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June 2017 ISO

cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,324Member
edited June 1 in General
It's June already!

I'm ISO lipstick Queen in hello sunshine, as mine came broken


  • lalalalalala Posts: 912Member
    ISO any of the Bonvivant Botanical Mellow Clay Masks.

    (I know I can buy them on Amazon, but maybe someone has a jar somewhere and would love to have one of my random things listed to swap.)
  • wldflowur13wldflowur13 Posts: 489Member
    edited June 1
    - Mara Hoffman sarong
    - Polaroid PLD 6003 Sunglasses
    - Swell waterbottle 9oz (I'd love the purplish one if possible)
    - Ripauste XL bag with strap in black (and maybe the matching small pouch)
    - Oui Please Leonor Greyl shampoo and mask
    - Kikoi Blanket from the Globein refresh box
    - lipstick queen in frog prince
    - it Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 600Member
    I'm currently ISO texture sprays (R+Co, Oribe, etc). I just got my hair chopped off and would love to try some of these since I hate most hairsprays but haven't been able to get responses from anyone when requesting the ones listed in the swap board. Willing to swap nonbeauty for them too.
  • moniquemonique Posts: 722Member
    edited June 3
    -Grande lip plumper multiple samples or a full one
    -Julep Restorative Milk- it's a dropper so don't mind if it's been tried.
    -Purple or Blue GlobIn basket
    -Any suggestions for a good reasonably priced hair mask/deep condition for someone with very long fine hair. Maybe a Living Proof
    -Tata Resurfacing mask

    Thanks for any assistance.

    **And always looking to add siblings for SMINTY & MAUVELLE, my lovely 1951's
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  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 92Member
    @janemockingjay I usually give away or swap my hair products. I'll message you if I get any hair products in my bags so you can check out my listing if interested. Sadly I just gave away my r+co spray (p.s - I'm new).
  • MicheleMichele Posts: 81Member
    @Grishma if you ever have Davines items I will gladly swap with you. Right now my swap list is lacking but have more boxes coming. Not looking for the texture items that @janemockingjay wants, just shampoo, conditioner, masks type stuff.l
  • KristyKristy Posts: 1,822Member
    @janemockingjay I have an Amika mini texture spray. Pm me your address and I'll send it out tomorrow!
  • meowsicatmeowsicat Posts: 545Member

    Multi item swap requests so I can clear out my stash. Followed list is current and baby items I'm seeking are for one of my employees expecting her first child.

    Everyone seems to want the same things only - Sunday Riley, Drunk Elephant, Liostick Queen and 1951's but I'm sure there have to be long timers and new swappers that'd like to find some of the great stuff from more distantly past boxes lol.

    That being said, I have a decent chunk of stuff not listed (bc of overwhelming single same item requests) and those are also negotiable for swap if I can acquire some follows AND get my swap stash gone.

    if you have swapped with me before, you know I send extra goodies with every swap. I just need it gone at this point. Too much stuff, too many boxes still to arrive (I cancelled so many already, I don't understand how there's such a lot still arriving) and my treasures need to become yours.

  • BestAuntEverBestAuntEver Posts: 1,416Member
    @meowsicat I apologize, I think I was supposed to check on some Lancome Nuit for you recently? I have a couple and am happy to toss them in the mail. PM me, if my brain is halfway working properly...
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 600Member
    @Grishma thank you that would be great
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 600Member
    @Kristy I'll pm you thanks!
  • cmiller512cmiller512 Posts: 1,411Member
    ISO -

    Kokie Brand Blue Nail polish from the June Ipsy bag

    Pretty please & Thank you!!!
  • KiKiKiKi Posts: 91Member
    edited June 1
    I have several ISO's that I cannot for the life of me get on the swaps. I'll list them in order of want and if anyone wants to swap with me I'd be forever grateful!! I also have some full size products on the way that I will list as soon as I have them in hand!!

    Anything from Mahalo
    Lina Hanson Global Face Trio Cleanser/Exfoliator/Mask
    Rose et Marius Perfumed Hand Cream (orange blossom)
    EVE LOM Cleanser and Muslin Cloth
    Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
    Lalicious brown sugar and vanilla shower oil and bubble bath
    Tocca Montauk Candle

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  • lallenlallen Posts: 190Member
    @meowsicat what's your swap profile?
  • SmarwSmarw Posts: 407Member
    @KiKi send me your swap link, I have some of those unlisted
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,420Member
    edited June 2
    ISO Filorga--yes even though it's expired, as long as it hasn't been opened :).
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  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,500Member
    @KiKi I have the Nuxe, Lalicious & REM hand cream. I just don't remember the scent of the hand cream I got..I'll send you a request!
  • GadilikiGadiliki Posts: 285Member
    @MariaNG, sending you a PM.
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 456Member
    @meowsicat I sent you a request :blush:
  • KiKiKiKi Posts: 91Member
    @LisaB & @Smarw - Thank you so much!!

    Everyone here has been so kind so I'll try to help anyone else out as well!

    @wldflowur13 I have that lipstick and possibly that sarong, I'm not sure if it's the right one or not!

    @meowsicat I have some of your follows! I'm recovering from surgery so I'm a little slow moving right now but I'll try to find them this weekend :smile:
  • nancytnancyt Posts: 708Member
    ISO-Mantry crate Only. <3
  • meowsicatmeowsicat Posts: 545Member
    @kiki if you click on my picture, swap link is in profile. What's yours?
  • ArtemisArtemis Posts: 9Member
    @nancyt I have a carnivore crate that is pretty much identical!
  • meowsicatmeowsicat Posts: 545Member
    @lallen I sent you a request.
  • meowsicatmeowsicat Posts: 545Member
    @BestAuntEver - there's a glitch in messaging and it won't let me contact you. I would very much like the visionnaire nuit - as much as I can get hold of. Thx
  • AnnemAnnem Posts: 907Member
    Looking to swap or buy the "Pirate Inspired" Fortune Cookie box...
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 499Member
    edited June 1
    I'm also ISO the PSMH Polaroid Sunglasses...wondering if it would be worth it to buy the box and just swap everything else...

    Also the Colourclub color changing polish from Birchbox

    @Annem - fyi, they are restocking the collection on the 16th if you want to buy anything in particular.
  • mimiretzmimiretz Posts: 467Member
    @monique I also have long, fine hair (although I have a lot of it, so it's thick but fine, if that makes sense). I like the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair mask a lot.
  • moniquemonique Posts: 722Member
    @mimiretz thanks! I've been a bit weary of that one since there are so many available. It's hard to find a decent one that does weigh my hair down.
  • BestAuntEverBestAuntEver Posts: 1,416Member
    @meowsicat PM'd you.
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