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Robb Vices - June *Spoilers* and *Speculation*

AlexAlex Posts: 729Member
I'm listening to my Stelle speaker and waiting for what we're going to see this month! Any ideas?


  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,013Member
    BUT.... this is Father's Day month, so maybe something even more guy-focused?
  • AlexAlex Posts: 729Member
    @DianeER Totally possible. Maybe fancy shaving stuff?
  • LuluLulu Posts: 212Member
    My label was just created. It looks like this box may be here next week.
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 194Member
    WAT @Lulu ?!!!

    The anticipation begins!!!!
  • ikimashokieikimashokie Posts: 52Member
    edited June 3
    Lulu said:

    My label was just created. It looks like this box may be here next week.

    Ditto, mine is due the 9th... I hope it's booze, because I'm *definitely* going to need it on the 9th.

  • ZuZuZoomZuZuZoom Posts: 380Member
    My label was created too! Mine is due the 8th and it's 10 pounds....WOW!
  • AlexAlex Posts: 729Member
    @KathleenA57 Don't worry, I'm sure we'll be graced with another -gate to puzzle over. :)
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,013Member
    Mine will be delivered Tues. 6/6 also! Here we go again!
  • TiaTia Posts: 135Member
    Can't wait for spoilers! I love that this is a monthly box. I don't know how they do it.
  • aggieaggie Posts: 113Member
    I haven't even had a chance to drink my last booze... looks like I'll need a booze party :)
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 100Member
    Now I really want boat shoes! A coupon for custom boat shoes would be awesome! I would not even whine about paying for shipping.
  • AlexAlex Posts: 729Member
    Mine isn't going to be delivered until next week (and it will be a MONTH until I get to get my greedy hands on it, thanks to my having to ship it to my parents since UT doesn't allow anything fun in the state), so I'm counting on everyone getting it earlier in the week to fill us in!
  • SJPSJP Posts: 1,752Member
    Custom made boat shoes would ROCK!! That would be a great idea for them to tuck away for a future box if they are reading this! :smiley:
  • AlexAlex Posts: 729Member
    edited June 5
    Hmm...their twitter mention sugar, salt, beach views, hammocks, sandals, and sunglasses...

    I could totally see a hammock happening, one you tie between trees.
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,013Member
    I'll be sending the oysters to my son and his new bride as a wedding present, after they get back from their honeymoon and I'm sure they're home to receive and enjoy them. :smiley:
  • sarasara Posts: 2,470Member
    I signed up June 1, and emailed to see if I could get the June box. Just got an email back saying they were extending the deadline to 6/11. I sounds like anyone who wants this month can still get it...
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,392Member
    Wah, no shipping for me, yet. I will be stalking this thread tomorrow!!
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,013Member
    @Sneakertree did you ask for the knife? I was going to buy one separately for my son and his wife, but if they'll throw one in.... N I C E !
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 194Member
    @Nyx Wah as well, no tracking still in my FedEx!

    No way I'm going to resist spoilers now....
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 194Member
    edited June 5
    @SJP, @bunnee - given the hint that @Alex found, maybe it's custom flip flops!

    And with the salt hint, maybe the alcohol this month is tequila! Yum!
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,013Member
    Eeeee! Mine's on the move, delivery tomorrow!
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 194Member
    edited June 5
    OMG I just realized why I probably don't have a shipping notice -- after trying to get my boxes last month changed to deliver to the local FedEx, they changed my delivery address in my account!!! Geez, I'd really prefer that they just let me redirect the packages myself. Edit: Nevermind, the page was just deceptive. It was showing the info on the sidebar for the shipping info for the May box. LOL though, because that box was never successfully rerouted to FedEx for me.

    Let me ask, did they fix the issue from last month? Are people with June boxes en route able to modify their delivery for a local Fedex for pickup?
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