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Equinox GC from Robb Vices

JennGJennG Posts: 2,384Member
Hey all!! Has anyone actually tried to use the GC? I am a member and recently stopped personal training bc of financial issues and would love to start again and use these and would love to swap for as many as possible but want to make sure people aren't having issues using them or using multiples. Thanks!


  • BendLBBagsBendLBBags Posts: 331Member
    @JennG, I think I read recently that someone tried to use the coupon and couldn't. It may be somewhere in the RV thread. If I find it, I will post. I'm happy to mail you mine if you can use it (or try to). Just send me a PM with your address.
  • BendLBBagsBendLBBags Posts: 331Member
    Here it is @JennG from the Robb Vices Coupon and Voucher Swap thread:
    jamzilli said:

    Has anyone tried using the Equinox vouchers? Have you had issues?

    I gave one of mine to someone and they were told at the gym that it wasn't valid. RV explicitly states that it is valid at all gyms in the US for sessions in tier 1-3. LAME! I hate telling them to go back and make a fuss -- it should be a nice experience, not a struggle.

  • JennGJennG Posts: 2,384Member
    @BendLBBags thanks so much! My gym manager is looking Into this so if it gets resolved I'll send you my address. You are too kind!
  • AlexAlex Posts: 730Member
    @JennG Please report back on what you hear? I'd hate to swap/gift this to someone who would then have problems using it.
  • MishaFazeliMishaFazeli Posts: 67Member
    I have also been trying to swap for one of these for my Dad to add to his bday gift in mid June. If anyone is interested in swapping please let me know!! And yes please let us know if there are problems with the credit! Thanks <3
  • AnnemAnnem Posts: 902Member
    edited June 7
    I have the Equinox vouchers (2) up for swap that I would gladly swap for a few Sephora beauty samples. Bonus if you have a small Sunday Riley Tidal as I'd like to try a small size before committing to the full size.

    Or I will send them to someone if they'd like to pay first class shipping. The same with my soul cycle vouchers that I have listed.
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  • AlexAlex Posts: 730Member
    @MishaFazeli I see a few small samples you have that I would like, if you're still looking for the card! :)
  • JennGJennG Posts: 2,384Member
    @Annem I'd def pay for shipping and or send samples. I'm sure I have somethings you want. Just wanna make sure usable bc at this point my equinox can't accept till they find out more! If it's good I want them!!
  • cyncyn Posts: 20Member
    @Annem I'd swap for a soul cycle voucher or pay for shipping!
  • BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,025Member
    @JennG I would LOVE to swap that Equinox card I have for you Pocket Bunny!! :)
  • MishaFazeliMishaFazeli Posts: 67Member
    @JennG I just swapped for 2 of these for my Dad and just saw this you mean your Equinox literally said they wouldn't accept it? That would be so annoying seeing as they should have value if they're a featured valued item in a subscription box right
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 662Member
    @JennG i sent you a PM about a voucher if you're still looking for them of course. :)
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