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Davines shampoo, conditioner and body wash

KadrenKadren Posts: 366Member
So I just got my June Birchbox yesterday with a sample of the Davines SU hair and body wash and I LOVE, LOVE it! A couple months ago BB sent the Davines shampoo and conditioner for curly hair (which I don't have) but I tried it anyway and lilac is one of my absolute favorite scents and that shampoo and conditioner was amazing too, soooo....

I would love to swap for more Davines shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I do not like the stuff that comes in the black bottle with the pump. I am hoping to be able to swap for more. I have TONS of unlisted, especially K-beauty, and beauty in general (lots of Bomibox).


  • AACAAC Posts: 473Member
    Davines is the best! I think they're really underrated - I think they're actually better than living proof products.
    Ask me for my swap profile. :#
  • PlaidGirlPlaidGirl Posts: 830Member
    @Kadren Whats your swap id?
    PM me for my swap profile. :)
  • KadrenKadren Posts: 366Member
    My swap ID is 26317 @AAC, I agree! I don't get the hype with Living Proof...the other great shampoo/conditioner I have received in subs is Klorane, thats pretty good as well.
  • moniquemonique Posts: 722Member
    @Kadren I tried the Davines replumping sample duo a little while back and it is the most amazing stuff. I won a $50 Overstock GC and had $20 leftover after finding the most beautiful throw for half price. Imagine my surprise yesterday while looking through the beauty section and finding Davines there. I snatched up the Conditioner so fast, I'm so excited. I definitely need to try the Shampoo/body wash sample here. So far the Naturaltech replumping is by far the best of their formulas and there's quite a few samples around here.
  • KadrenKadren Posts: 366Member
    @monique I will check Overstock, not having any luck with swaps =(
  • MicheleMichele Posts: 105Member
    @kadren which one do you think smells like Lilacs?
  • AannyAanny Posts: 138Member
    I so understand you! I'm crazy about anything Davines, always try to swap for it, and find that people don't like to part with Davines products, for whatever reason, lol! Their products are too pricey for me to buy for the full price, that why I often find myself getting them from Birchbox with my point or on sales. I was recently wondering why Davines doesn't have a decent dry shampoo? Please correct me if it does. I would love some ❤️
    ESL learner. Please excuse my mistakes. Thank you! :)
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