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Virus on the msa site?

MariekMariek Posts: 177Member
Hi everyone, am I the only one getting pop ups when I get on the MSA site?? I'm on my iPhone. I checked a few other websites and nothing. When I Click on the link for the beautycon review, a pop up "you won a thousand dollars!" Comes up. Am I the only one???


  • nehaneha Posts: 951Member
    I had the same thing happen to me this morning. Glad you mentioned.
  • CheyChey Posts: 434Member
    This also happened to me this morning while reading the FFF review.
  • MariekMariek Posts: 177Member
    @Liz Cadman can someone take a look at this Liz?
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,515Member
    Hmmm it does kind of explain why this site has been loading so weirdly the past day or so
  • msaericmsaeric Posts: 48Administrator
    we'll definitely look into this - we hadn't seen it
  • megmeg Posts: 13Member
    I also experienced this while trying to read the FFF review through the twitter link this morning @msaeric. I reloaded it twice and then gave up.
  • msaericmsaeric Posts: 48Administrator
    @meg yep - it's super annoying. I was able to recreate it, and then change some Google settings, and I haven't seen it again. Fingers crossed that gets rid of those spammy looking ads. Sorry about that!
  • msaericmsaeric Posts: 48Administrator
    edited June 8
    You may want to go to Settings on your phone, then Safari -> Clear History and Website Data

    That should clear it all up, and what I've changed should stop the ad from running
  • SusanDSusanD Posts: 54Member
    Happened to me today. I clicked the link from the FFF email and whilenlookimg it switched to something about winning $$
  • Origami99Origami99 Posts: 157Member
    edited June 8
    Yes. I've also had this problem. Thanks for checking on this. Any chance this will leave something on your phone??
  • msaericmsaeric Posts: 48Administrator
    @SusanD sorry about that - it should be resolved now. Sometimes Google Ads, which are the ones you see in the right and left gutter of the site, can serve spammy ads until you go in and manually block them. It should be resolved now! Thanks for your patience!
  • msaericmsaeric Posts: 48Administrator
    @Origami99 it shouldn't - really just annoying forwarding ads. Feel free to go in and clear your website history on your phone to be safe - for IPhone: Safari -> Clear History and Website Data
  • Origami99Origami99 Posts: 157Member
    @msaeric Good to know. Thanks!
  • debbiesblimdebbiesblim Posts: 1,033Member
    I got it too on my phone!
  • prettycatprettycat Posts: 584Member
    Happened to me too ! I wasnt sure if it was just my phone. I freaked out though. I wonder whats up
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 662Member
    It happened to me earlier today too, and really thought something was wrong with my iphone. I switched from a samsung galaxy to an iphone 7 and thought my phone came infected or something. haha, glad to hear it's all fixed now and that it wasn't just with me. o:)
  • ZuZusPetalsZuZusPetals Posts: 799Member
    Thanks for fixing the issue so promptly, and for keeping the site in great shape/spam-free In general. This was definitely the exception rather than the norm. :+1: :+1:
  • nehaneha Posts: 951Member
    @Eric Cadman I have been seeing this page when I'm opening the forum on safari. Is this a bug?
  • BestAuntEverBestAuntEver Posts: 1,414Member
    @neha @msaeric I've gotten a similar 'coding' message upon random refreshes of the forum page several times today, as well. If I refresh again, it's back to normal.

    I am using a Chrome browser and it's occurred on desktop, laptop and the Android app.
  • CassieBCassieB Posts: 421Member
    @BestAuntEver Glad I wasn't actually going crazy!! Kept happening to me while using Chrome on desktop, and it's happening on my iPhone now through the app.
  • MoonAndStarsMoonAndStars Posts: 587Member
    edited June 10
    @msaeric I'm getting this message on both desktop and mobile. Not all the time, but occasionally.
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 498Member
    I'll 3rd that coding thing on chrome. Browsing on my chromebook and it keeps popping up randomly on the forum, haven't seen it on the main page.
  • BestAuntEverBestAuntEver Posts: 1,414Member
    @neha @CassieB @MoonAndStars I wonder if it's related to the tweak @msaeric had to make to counteract the spammy ads yesterday?
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,417Member
    I've been seeing those coding messages today as well, on Chrome browser @msaeric .
  • PamPam Posts: 1,903Member
    No pop ups but when I'm on my iPhone it won't let me scroll past a couple pages without freezing and most of the time won't let me type more than a few words
  • LunaLuna Posts: 992Member
    I was getting the same message on Internet Explorer on both desktop & laptop. I just switched to Mozilla, and it's working fine so far. In addition to getting this while trying to enter the forum, I also got the message after clicking the back button after having already been in the forum for a while.
  • lalalalalala Posts: 885Member
    I have had the same message multiple times today. I was worried my MacBook had issues...and I can't afford that kind of issue. ;)
  • wldflowur13wldflowur13 Posts: 488Member
    Ive gotten this a few times
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,515Member
    Yep I've gotten the same thing several times since this afternoon...
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