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What theme should we use for the next exchange? [June 2017]

chrischris Posts: 3,579Member, Moderator
edited June 10 in Swaps
We will be opening signups in the next couple of days for our next forum exchange! (Thanks for your patience!) :)

We discussed ideas for the theme(s) here: Forum Exchange [June 2017] - What theme should we do next?

We will likely pick 1 or 2 theme options for the exchange depending on how this poll goes. Please vote for your first choice of theme. If you have another strong favorite, please just mention it in the comments. I included a brief description of how each theme would work/what theme-specific info the recipient would include when signing up. The sender is always allowed to include whatever he or she wants as long as the exchange guidelines are followed, but, hopefully, will keep the recipient's comments in mind when putting together the box.

Also, we will have a separate poll for Retail Value category preferences in a few minutes.

What theme should we use for the next exchange? [June 2017] 115 votes

summer fun (anything summery) - recipient provides general likes
12% 14 votes
staycation / treat yo'self - recipient describes ideal staycation for him or herself
13% 16 votes
color box - recipient provides favorite color(s) & box is curated with that in mind
2% 3 votes
spa box - recipient provides general likes
5% 6 votes
destination box - recipient provides theme, e.g. beach, great outdoors, ski bunny theme, specific country/city, haunted castle, etc.; sender curates box around or inspired by that theme
20% 24 votes
fandom - recipient provides a couple of fandoms he or she is interested in, e.g. Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. (I will do my best to match these appropriately, but be aware this could be a tricky theme. However, don't be scared of this option if you are really interested in it.)
5% 6 votes
first initial - box items begin with same initial as recipient's first name (default) or last name if recipient prefers this; for example, if first name begins with "A", box contains items/ or brands that start with "A"
5% 6 votes
home box - recipient provides general likes
11% 13 votes
surprise me - recipient provides likes; sender interprets these into a mystery theme of sender's choice
10% 12 votes
favorites - (AKA holy grail, life hacks) - sender includes items personally loves, but also has list of recipient's likes for reference
13% 15 votes


  • CheyChey Posts: 435Member
    There's a lot of really good choices here! I'm also super interested in the destination box and the favorites category!
  • Love2323Love2323 Posts: 264Member
    Whatever it is it'll be fun
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 260Member
    Might be nice to ask person to provide a few choices on destination theme to both give gifter options and also keep an element of surprise for person receiving.
  • rachelnycrachelnyc Posts: 683Member
    edited June 12
    @lynndeanne that's a good idea!

    If we end up doing destination, I'm also wondering if there's a practical way to list the places we live and/or will be traveling to this summer in case anyone's interested in those specific destinations, without things getting too complicated...

    Like I live in NYC and will be in Los Angeles, at San Diego Comic Con, and probably at Disneyland in July and would love to put a box together from any of those if someone's interested in them (especially comic con! they have so much awesome stuff & a lot of it you can't get anywhere else).

    I'd also be happy to do any destination at all, just thinking it would be cool if there was a way to figure out if our travels end up matching up with a theme someone really wants.
  • 2crazyspaniels2crazyspaniels Posts: 171Member
    @rachelnyc - I agree. I'll be traveling myself (so jealous that you're going to SDCC) and it wouldn't be difficult to curate a box based on my travels to SoCal, UK, or Las Vegas, but if I get someone that says they want a "skiBunny" box, I'd probably struggle, as I live in the middle of the desert.
  • ElmaElma Posts: 989Member
    how about we list 2 or 3 we would like to receive and 2 or 3 we would like to curate? I know that's a lot of work for @chris to match but that could work for the destination box
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 493Member
    edited June 13
    @rachelnyc if destinations doesn't win i'm all about comic con!! I just got back from Paris if you'd be interested in that lolol we could do our own in person swap
  • rachelnycrachelnyc Posts: 683Member
    @jewlz Ooh, I love Paris!!! I'm so jealous! Did you have any macarons while you were there? :love: If you want things from comic con, I'm happy to bring some nerd swag back! Shopping for someone else might help me channel my rampant spending into something more productive than buying myself fifty art prints, a dozen shirts and a giant bag of toys. . . lol. I've already preordered two things and it's still a month away.
  • LexLex Posts: 328Member
    I was thinking of the destinations more as a theme, to use the example given ski bunny could include a throw, mug, hot cocoa, scarf, gloves or other winter type items (not my area of expertise so I am sure there are more creative ideas). While it would be really cool if you chose that theme to get items from popular ski destinations most people won't be able to provide that.

    A box of items from Paris would be awesome though!

    @rachelnyc Do you dress up for comic con?
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 456Member
    Is the partnering random or does @chris actually pair people? The latter sounds like a lot of work!
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 260Member
    I don't think you have to be in or go to a destination to do a box inspired by it. There might be gourmet food shops near you that carry foods or boutiques, but, more likely you check out the area online and then curate a box accordingly. It would have been really hard 25 years ago, but not so much now.

    And totally agree with @Lex on ski bunny... you could go with warm and comfy or you could shop REI for ski gloves, etc... or shop Etsy for everything from Ski Lift inspired shot glasses to ski lift wine charms to ski hats, etc.

    I don't think anyone should be expected to import things from another country... it would be more looking for the flavor of the destination.
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 499Member
    @whitpick - Once a theme is picked out you a survey of sorts is posted, you email your response to @chris and then she will match you based on that.

    She does an awesome job, I've done 3 forums swaps and everyone has been super nice and fun to shop for. :)
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 456Member
    Awesome @Jackiecupcake I am so excited to participate!
  • rachelnycrachelnyc Posts: 683Member
    edited June 13
    @lynndeanne & @Lex I definitely agree that the destination theme shouldn't require ordering things from out of the country or actually going to the place! I was just thinking it would be fun to list places we're going in case it happens to be somewhere people would be interested in having as a theme. :)

    @jewlz THAT MACARON <3 And yes, we should definitely talk comic con tomorrow! Maybe I can snag you a Conan pop if I manage to get tickets to his show again this year!
  • ZuZuZoomZuZuZoom Posts: 385Member
    edited June 18
    @chris Are we going to start this soon?
    Post edited by ZuZuZoom on
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 418Member
    @jewlz don't forget to bring memorabilia to comic con. My son is at Awesome con this weekend and is filling the Stan Lee book from Geek fuel with autographs.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 493Member
    @flirtmd i'm not going @rachelnyc is (so I need to bribe her before she leaves lol). Lunch on me whenever @rachelnyc! lol.
  • SMZSMZ Posts: 139Member
    When is this starting? I'm excited!
  • KathleenA57KathleenA57 Posts: 171Member
    Yeah, so...June exchange...still happening?
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 456Member
    Looking like a July exchange now...
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