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Question for more experienced swappers/Should I even bother?

KboutietteKboutiette Posts: 58Member
So I just sat down to list a box full of beauty items I never touched and it's killing me to look at them. A lot of it is fragrance samples, not minis but straight sample vials. Is anyone ever going to want these stuff? Is it worth my time even listing it on the swap site? Have you ever traded away samples?


  • BoerboelmomBoerboelmom Posts: 875Member
    @Kboutiette I've seen listings (that have swapped) of a bunch of different perfume sample vials. You could list it that way, like all one listing for a mixed lot of sample perfumes.
  • KboutietteKboutiette Posts: 58Member
    I've seen some people post that but didn't know if it would get flagged. I had already listed a few before I asked the question so might be to late to list them all together. It's comforting to hear that you have seen swaps with loads of sample vials. @Boerboelmom
  • BoerboelmomBoerboelmom Posts: 875Member
    @Kboutiette I guess I don't know if it would get flagged. honestly I don't flag anything since I wouldn't really know what came in a sub box or not. I don't think it would though, because they are all from sub boxes so it should be fine.
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,515Member
    I've received a lot of perfume samples as extras in swaps so you could also do that
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 432Member
    I would list them! Sometimes I've looked for specific perfumes for myself or my daughter and was happy to see samples listed. I do sometimes say free with multiswap, but I prefer to list so they go to someone who wants rather than randomly adding as extras.
  • lalalalalala Posts: 885Member
    I also just use them as extras.
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,150Member
    I don't wear fragrances, with very few exceptions, and hate getting perfume samples as extras since it's just more clutter for me to unload and I don't want to send them as extras because I know how I feel about receiving them and know I'm probably not alone. I tend to collect them and list them in a lot as "free with any swap" or send them out as an ROAK to anyone who wants them.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 2,453Member
    @Kboutiette As long as the samples are from sub boxes, you can list them in groups or how ever you want.

    I had a ton of perfume samples that I wanted gone. I don't send perfume as extras because (1) fragrance is so personal and (2) many people don't want them. So, I listed them individually (about 10 at a time) and wrote that they were free with any swap. That way folks got to pick extras that they actually wanted. I got rid them pretty quickly that way.
  • RochelleRochelle Posts: 892Member
    @Kboutiette There's a new forum thread for people looking for small samples like yours that are hard to list/swap for because they're small. Check it out! I think @Happycat is looking for some perfume samples so maybe the two of you have something each other would like and can arrange a swap.
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,026Member
    From my perspective, as someone who has recently started wearing fragrance, & is experimenting with different types -- seriously, list these. If you look on ebay, you'll see people selling individual samples for as much as $10. If someone doesn't live near a Sephora or Nordstrom or whatever, samples of a specific fragrance can be difficult to obtain!

    I feel it's always a good idea to have some small stuff/beauty samples listed because that makes it easier to even out a swap with slight RV differences.
  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,657Member
    I follow lots of perfume samples. I love to try new scents, and I know I'm not the only one.
  • KristyKristy Posts: 1,810Member
    I love perfume samples. I have swapped for quite a few and usually add them on to a swap if it's a little lopsided. You can also post "freebie with multi swap" on them.
  • KboutietteKboutiette Posts: 58Member
    Thanks for the help all!!
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,094Member
    @Kboutiette I would be interested as well, take a look at my items.

    Thanks @Rochelle
  • inimitableinimitable Posts: 368Member
    I usually just end up giving away small perfume vials and samples like that as extras with my swaps. I wouldn't list them individually, but as others have said, making a lot might work. :)
  • laurablaurab Posts: 500Member
    I agree its not usually worth it to list tiny items for swap but there are people iso certain things that would probably really appreciate it! For example Im iso the new ipsy pouch with the red lips but havent been able to swap for it since the people didnt want to do a small swap. The trick is to find someone who has a larger item you want and then add on the little things.
  • CJ84CJ84 Posts: 35Member
    @laurab my Ipsy pouch is up. Take a look, maybe we can swap :)
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