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What cosmetic sub has been been great for you this year?

HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,208Member
What cosmetic box/bag has been the best for you this year?

I was just picking out another product from the Whole Foods bag this year and being amazed at how many great products I got that I wanted to use. The trilogy coQ10 Booster Oil has become a favorite product. I currently using the Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner and the Hand Cream.

I when I started with my sub boxes I made a chart and each month I noted how many of the items I wanted to use. This gave me a good idea what boxes I should cancel and really helped me cancel boxes. I am surprised to find the Allure and Sephora haven't been delivering for me like they had in the past but Beauty Fix has been great. I've seen the spoilers for the last few Beauty fix boxes and have been underwhelmed but find when I receive them that I'm trying almost 1/2 of the products. In Sephora's defense, they do have many products in the spoilers that I would use I just seem to get the other products. I wish Sephora would go back to one box. I don't want to cancel Sephora because I just keep hoping they will send me the items I want to try as they are hard to swap for.


  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,374Member
    The Whole Foods bag is my favorite followed by the occasional Beautyfix, and although it's not a beauty sub, many of my favorite skin and haircare items have come from my Oui Please boxes.
  • JustJeseJustJese Posts: 18Member
    Honestly, for me, ipsy has been GREAT for me this year. When I first subscribed nothing matched. But these past few months (minus the obligatory eyeliner that comes with every bag for some reason despite me pointedly leaving negative reviews and adjusting my profile) the lesser known/indie brands have become favorites and I've often purchased from the brands directly.
    Mommy Mailbox was a fave up until 2 months ago and then I had to cancel. They just weren't delivering in my opinion, same with Beautycon.
    I think it all comes down to personal preference and you're always going to have hits and misses. Swapping doesn't always work because people are often hesitant to ship out larger items and then they get bogged down on RV when it comes to the smaller items, generally speaking of course.

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  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 168Member
    Not strictly a cosmetic sub, but I've loved Bomibox so far. It's been a great mix of products from well-known and lesser-known brands and they have a good mix of different things in each box. The boxes themselves are always so pretty too!
  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,073Member
    Between Ipsy, Birchbox, and Play...I would say Birchbox. I've gotten Oribe, Davines, R+Co, Sunday Riley, Dr Brandt and Bobbi Brown items this year. Ipsy coming in a close second, and Play got canned this year.
  • BoerboelmomBoerboelmom Posts: 913Member
    Look Fantastic and Ipsy have been great for me.
  • megganinwonderlandmegganinwonderland Posts: 347Member
    I don't currently subscribe to any cosmetic boxes, but I just wanted to say that I love your idea of keeping a chart of your box items @HappyCat! I think that is genius, and I need to start doing this. I was just thinking the other day that I feel like I swap away most of my Popsugar items but wasn't sure if that was true or not. Thanks for the tip!
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 1,752Member
    It doesn't get the love but Allure is my favorite and thankfully cheap too!
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,208Member
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,426Member
    Seconding Ipsy, now that they have new features.

    I got a mystery box from Benevolent Beauty that I adored, too.
  • AACAAC Posts: 473Member
    edited June 14
    My beauty boxes have all been hit or miss, so I can't really say any that has wowed me.

    Edited - removed off topic commentary and banter. :blush:
    Ask me for my swap profile. :#
  • reneewreneew Posts: 456Member
    I always come back to Beautyfix and Allure for pure beauty/skincare. But I'll second OP since I generally love their skincare and scents.
  • GeorgiaGeorgia Posts: 465Member
    edited June 14
    My daughter and I love Petit Vour. It's technically a box I order for her but if there's an item that she's not feeling I always love it. I really like not having to look at ingredients since they are all natural. It's also very inexpensive.
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 679Member
    @SarahFrances i seriously laughed out loud! i feel so good whenever i am able to catch my autocorrect mistakes. Yours was too good not to share, so glad you did! :D
  • SarahFrancesSarahFrances Posts: 628Member
    @lisatrato I live in constant fear of the trouble autocorrect will get me into.
  • JennWin1980JennWin1980 Posts: 156Member
    I know I am in the minority here, but Play! for me has been amazing. Yes, I've had some misses, but overall, my boxes have been lovely. For $10, I've gotten a lot of goodies that I never would have thought about trying.
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 734Member
    For me it's been Ipsy... they match my profile exactly! In my 7months of subscription I've got only one black liner and no black mascara thankfully. Play is a hit or miss (mostly miss). I do want to try allure or boxycharm next.
  • MergionaMergiona Posts: 5Member
    For me it's Mishibox. They always send good quality/full size Korean skin-care with occasional make-up items, which is great, because frankly speaking, even though I was subscribed to Ipsy and Play!, I still had to go and get my make-up at the store, because I was not impressed much with their samples. Especially Ipsy- most of their make-up are unknown brands to me, or brands I would never purchase to begin with.
  • sclinssclins Posts: 2Member
    I was just checking this thread to see if benevolent beauty sub was worth it and saw that someone got a mystery box... do they sell them time to time like popsugar...? Really needing a beauty box with natural/organic makeup and skincare, thoughts?
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,483Member
    @sclins I think this was their 2nd mystery box. Benevolent Beauty launched around the Spring of 2016, and their 1st mystery box launched ~6 months after that. Hopefully, their mystery boxes will be at least a semi-annual occurrence. :smile:
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