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Newbie! Looking to rehome tons of samples ❤️

IrishGalNYCIrishGalNYC Posts: 1Member
Hello everyone!

I'm brand new here, and although I'm very intrigued by the whole swapping concept, I am mainly looking to connect with other Makeup & Skin Care lovers who I can share some of my collection with. My husband & I are moving into a new life stage & need to make room for storage of other things. So I'm decluttering my collection (much of which has NEVER even been opened, never mind swatched or used)

My question is, do I have to photograph & catalog everything I have to offer? Some tips on how to get started would be much appreciated.

Look forward to getting to know the community of like minded folks. ❤️


  • Brandi1441MarieBrandi1441Marie Posts: 73Member
    Hi, and welcome to the forum! I think all you should need to do is write the product down, and the shade and list it that way if you are doing a giveaway on the forum, or you can just send random products to anyone who requests.

    If you are looking to swap them, you can list them on the swap site using the name and generally a stock photo pops up for you to use. You should make sure if you list them on the swap site you list the size and shade, there are sometimes misunderstandings on that. You can also search for the box you received them in and see if they have been listed. Good luck!

    If you are looking to connect you can always make a topic about a certain brand you love, or box you receive you enjoy and people can gather there.
  • TiskersTiskers Posts: 351Member

    WELCOME! <3

    I can't add much to @Brandi1441Marie 's excellent post except this: only items from sub boxes can be officially listed for swap on the swap side. But things are a li'l different here on the forum.

    If I understood your post correctly (and I'm thinking I probably did since you posted under the "Free Stuff" category) ;) , it sounds like you are just looking for good homes for your no-longer-wanted stash? You could look through some other Free Stuff posts and see how others have given away items, if that is indeed your intent. Which is super generous and so appreciated by all, but never expected or assumed. I have seen people request postage reimbursement (some don't, soooo unbelievably sweet!), and that's also (IMHO) very fair and understandable.

    Most of all, just have fun with it. You will love the folks here!
  • MishaFazeliMishaFazeli Posts: 67Member
    I think the other two comments covered it, but just wanted to mention that I'd love to take a look at your items and swap! I'm mainly here on the swap site for beauty and skincare so I'm definitely interested! <3
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