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Swapping my new unopened PLAY! Iconic Edition box

JustJeseJustJese Posts: 14Member
Hi. I'm not certain if creating a new discussion was the right move for this, but I'm very interested to gain some insight and thoughts about how to go about this.
I am privileged enough to be a VIB Rouge and ordered an extra box that I thought I could swap in hopes of obtaining something I'm really coveting on the swap site. Sadly, I have had ZERO success so far in swapping for non-beauty items. I understand that like attracts like and that people are more conscious about shipping costs, but I truly thought the goal of swapping was to trade for stuff that you didn't have (no matter the origin). If I'm not into beauty/don't subscribe to beauty boxes, I imagine that I can at least intrigue someone into swapping my non-beauty stuff for an eyeshadow that caught my attention whilst reading a beauty review i stumble across and vice versa.
In my head I know its a matter of personal preference, but I seriously can't be the only one wondering why there are dozens of a certain item listed and despite having several items that match up to the swappers followed list, a swap doesn't take place.
So my question is....any thoughts or suggestions (**fingers crossed** or if anyone has it and wants to trade for it) how can i swap this coveted beauty box for the Adidas by Stella McCartney bag that was featured in the Spring 2017 Avenue A by Adidas box?
Any and all feedback is much appreciated.


  • JustJeseJustJese Posts: 14Member
    My sincerest apologies for this post if it seems out of place or isn't meant to be in this particular category.
  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 696Member
    I wouldn't see that as a fair trade - but you never know what someone will want. I'd suggest you make use of the threads on the forum that are meant for finding swaps - the July ISO thread and the Swap Offers thread.
  • JustJeseJustJese Posts: 14Member
    Thanks @sara I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong. But I'll list the box anyway and hope for something to catch my eye.
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,510Member
    Another thing to consider is that the Iconic Edition was, what, $20? And the Stella McCartney bag both (a) holds its value and (b) came from a $150 box and (c) is "scarce". that alone will turn people off from that swap. Even if you broke it down by the discount price of receiving it in the box, the bag was still about $50. On ebay it goes for $50-$80.
    The other thing is yeah, most people swap beauty for beauty. I typically do. And even if I do, I mentally lower the RV of beauty items simply for the fact that they are beauty and easy to come by.
  • JustJeseJustJese Posts: 14Member
    Good to know. Thanks everyone.
    I searched in the threads/forums. There isn't a July ISO, only June. Am I missing something or should I post in June 2017?
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,510Member
    @JustJese she meant the June one. We make new ISO threads each month.
  • JustJeseJustJese Posts: 14Member
    @finlidan Thanks! You guys are awesome.
  • Co123Co123 Posts: 573Member
    edited June 16
    Hi, welcome! :) Don't apologize for posting, totally fine! I think the short answer is that it is difficult to swap beauty for non-beauty in general. On top of that, the Adidas bag is pretty coveted, and the RV is higher (I think 135 vs 95). I think you could probably, as @sara mentioned, add another desirable item along with the Iconic box, maybe swap over RV. I think you normally have better chances with swapping full size items rather than samples when trying to do a beauty for non-beauty swap. Might get complicated, but you could always try swapping the Iconic box for something less RV that is non-beauty and keep building a non-beauty stash that way that can eventually be swapped for the bag, if that makes sense. But hey, you never know! One man's trash and all that :) Good luck!

    ETA: Lol @Lex same here I took forever to write this and then I was like oops!
  • LexLex Posts: 320Member
    edited June 16
    Part of the reason (some) people prefer not to swap beauty for other items is that beauty items get used up and non beauty items do not. Also as sara mentioned, we are all so extremely overrun with beauty items. Many of us subscribe to beauty boxes and get beauty in our other boxes so even if there are some beauty items we want to swap for it's not worthwhile to bring in more beauty items while not getting rid of some.

    There are so many reasons swaps don't work out and it's true that without information it can be very frustrating. I have an item I am trying desperately to swap for, I have listed 10+ items the person is following and offered double RV and it's just not happening. Maybe she's burnt out on swapping, maybe she isn't' sure she wants to swap it, maybe the items she's following are just kind of interesting but not things she really wants, maybe she listed the bag hoping for one crazy item. I'm definitely disappointed but it's her item and she can do what she wants with it.

    The goal of swapping is to trade for stuff that we don't have, but within reason. I have seen some crazy swaps go through so you never know, but I don't think you're going to be able to swap $95 in beauty samples for a $150 bag. First off, you paid $20 for the makeup and Adidas is $100 (we aren't paying RV for anything but origin matters a little). Also, the makeup will expire, the bag will not. 27 is actually not a very high number at all considering the number of people on the swap site and since the bag will not go bad, people can wait for something they truly want. Sorry. Good luck :)

    Edit: SO sorry! I did not intend to pile on. A lot of people responded while I was writing my entirely too long post. :/
  • JustJeseJustJese Posts: 14Member
    No, no, no , no @Lex I both initiated and welcome (sorry for the double tense) the commentary. I just wondered what the deal really was.
    Seriously, thank you all for your insights and responses. It's more feedback than I hoped for.
  • AnnemAnnem Posts: 901Member
    Personally I try to swap beauty for beauty and home goods for home goods and the like. Although I really like the Iconic box, I don't think I would be able to swap a Stella bag for it because I'm of the opinion that makeup gets used up and expires and a Stella bag (with proper care) would last for years.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 2,452Member
    @JustJese Hello and welcome!

    I don't follow the beauty for beauty thing, and I'm not at all strict about matching RV, but I still wouldn't accept a bag of make up samples for a Stella bag.

    I would suggest you keep an eye on the recent swaps feed and note what both items swap for. This will give you a real time understanding of what they're actually "worth."

    Good luck!!!
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,317Member
    @JustJese welcome to the forum and swapping! I'm not going to say anything new about swapping the iconic box for the Stella gym bag, but I will note that there are plenty of people who will swap beauty for non-beauty, myself included. The people who are active on the forum are going to be those who subscribe to multiple beauty boxes (or did at some point), so we've all developed quite a stash/hoard of products, so you are only getting a partial story here.

    My guess is that the iconic box would be a fair swap for one of the tops from the box - the shirt and/or sports bra. At least, I would consider it
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,317Member
    Wow @Jennifer3141 that's not a bad swap at all! If you still want that trade, I would be interested! But yeah, I don't like the shift in swap culture.

    Most of my accepted swaps are from forum friends, so I've generally been able to communicate with my swapping partners beforehand. I don't take it personally if someone super chatty on the swap site, but I don't want to feel pressure into swapping into a certain category.
  • berriesandbearsberriesandbears Posts: 240Member
    @Jennifer3141 Sad indeed. Unfortunate someone new confused rules with preferences, didn't realize the swap was heavily in her favor, and then had the audacity to rudely point out her misperception of the absolute last swapper who would take ever take advantage of another.
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,417Member
    edited June 17
    @Jennifer3141 that is awful! What a great swap offer on your part and how terribly rude of her. How can she say that's a hard and fast rule? Can she point to the place Liz or Chris has written that out?
    I have often swapped non beauty for beauty that I need, and if I really want it I'm happy to swap equal RV for it.

    As a matter of fact, I'd love to swap non beauty for a Birchbox style box of samples occasionally since I no longer sub to any beauty boxes.
  • DLRDLR Posts: 600Member
    @Jennifer3141 I do not follow that "rule" either necessarily because there are many very nice albatrosses that I have swapped for some nice makeup products that I would use.

    Again, its up to me what I want for my stuff right? When an item is rare, that is when you need to get creative in my view, like getting that Stella Bag, having friends on the forum help a lot because if you do right by them, they will help you get items you want by doing a fare trade with them along the way, and they will guide, coach and help you learn the ropes. :)
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 590Member
    @Jennifer3141 did you tell her where to stick her photo album? :lol: Seriously though, I keep running across swappers who I request one or two small things from them with about a $20-25 value and then they try to select some of my highest RV listings and tell me they hope we can work out a swap and they only have a total of 7 or 8 listings on their whole page! I'm generous, but not that dang generous.

    For @JustJese welcome to the swap community! We will always do our best to help you with your questions and you'll find the ladies here are great life advice therapists too haha! I agree that swapping the play box for the Adidas bag may be pushing it, but you could probably get some type of "luxe" item for it since it's rare I would think and then keep that to swap towards the Adidas bag. Liz has been posting the monthly "most requested/swapped" items each month, so maybe take a look into those to see what people are really trying hard to get.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 2,452Member
    edited June 17
    Thanks everyone. For those who are curious, I wrote (as nicely as I could manage) that the beauty-non beauty thing isn't a "rule" but that everyone is perfectly free to follow their own personal preferences. I wished her well with her swapping career and that was that.

    Now, let's get back to @JustJese 's question. Sorry, my friend, for hijacking your thread. I really do hope you find a way to get your unicorn!
    Post edited by Jennifer3141 on
  • lalalalalala Posts: 872Member
    Just to point it out - I'm another person who will swap beauty for non-beauty. I still fairly close to RV most of the time to give a baseline, but not always. You may find someone who will accept that kind of a swap, but it will take work! Good luck!
  • LexLex Posts: 320Member
    Beauty for beauty is definitely just a preference and @Jennifer3141 the swap you described sounded very generous. It's just easier to say that than to say to someone with a bunch of beauty samples that you don't want to swap your jewelry for what they have listed. I would definitely do it in certain situations, I just prefer not to in general. Every swap is different and it's totally up to each swapper what she wants to swap her items for.

    I definitely agree that there has been a shift in the swap culture. These aren't business deals and there are lovely people (for the most part) on the other end of every transaction, being kind and courteous will leave them more likely to want to swap with you again in the future. But I am preaching to the choir here...
  • KatMKatM Posts: 175Member
    @Jennifer3141 - Her response is truly disheartening. Especially towards someone who goes out of their way to help others - with nothing expected in return, nonetheless. As for the swap, beauty or not... it was more than fair. RV aside [which was only $20 anyway], the photo album came in a box that cost around $40 which means she paid no more than $7-10 for it at best. All of this negative schooling is completely unnecessary. She could have just cancelled and said the swap wasn't what she wanted. Plain and simple.
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 844Member
    I've only been swapping for 7-8 months and subbing for nearly a year, but in that time, I've accumulated far more beauty products than I think I can use up in two year's time! Not to mention I'm a sucker for Sephora Favorites sets and occasionally buy full-size products of stuff I know I'll use. I actually just canceled my last two subs (both beauty) a couple days ago for this reason, and I'll likely purchase a bimonthly or quarterly lifestyle box later in the summer. I figure that even if I desperately want a beauty product from the swap site, it would be easier to swap certain items from Box of Style or Sugarbash than it is to swap beauty samples.
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