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Insomniacs Club

SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
Hello! It is the middle of the night & I am awake. Still! I'm very tired but I cannot sleep---it is very frustrating, but I thought I'd make the most of it & create this place where the few of us who are possibly part vampire can have a place to talk about whatever.

So I'll start. I'm waiting (not at all patiently) for the PopSugar LE Summer box to finally get to me & for an order from Colourpop. I'd really like both to come soon so they can be utilized during the summer!!!

I haven't really gotten anything particularly interesting in a sub box for quite some time. How about you? Any fun finds?

Anything else going on in anyone's life? Having a good summer?

Welcome to the club & I hope you eventually get some sleep!!! ;)


  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    I'm cleaning and trying to organize my stash because I'm not even remotely tired. Good luck with sleep!
  • LeahLeah Posts: 3,495Member
    Hello! I'm awake but that's because I napped for multiple hours today. I'm bored now.

    I was in someone's house last night who is a serious hoarder. It was pretty horrifying to me. I now want to get rid of all of the things. I listed a bunch of stuff for swap last week but now I'm rethinking it because I don't want any of the things (other than the Halcyon Days watch...I still want that :) ).

    My other thought is regarding my two bird mugs from Oui Please. Why doesn't anyone want them?

    Did I put you to sleep yet? :)
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    Welcome fellow insomniacs!!!!

    @Lex Kudos for doing something so productive during your night hours! I used to do lots of things at night, too but it has become a bit more difficult to do anything that makes any noise because my husband & my son are not terribly sound sleepers. I miss being productive at night, though.

    @Leah Yes, being around hoarders is excellent motivation to purge! I will sometimes watch some of the hoarding shows to remind myself that I'm really not that bad yet & to help switch my brain into editing mode. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want those mugs---they are really cute!!
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    I resubscribed to Allure to get the June box. I can't remember what I wanted, but I just wanted that month. So, I canceled once my box arrived & I assumed that would be that. But, much to my chagrin, I got the July box this week! I did not want this box & specifically canceled so that I would not get it----why oh why did I not remember the not-so-great CS of Allure.

    Anyway, I have the box regardless so I decided to try some of the products. Unfortunately, the only item I would have really liked (the lip scrub) has a fragrance I just can't handle! It's really unfortunate because it is an excellent lip scrub---it works amazingly well & you really only need to use a tiny amount! I typically make my own scrubs from coconut oil & sugar, but somehow this is so much more amazing! I wonder why it's so much better. I'd love to figure it out because then I could get the excellent results without the overwhelming fragrance.

    So, if you are looking for a really great lip scrub, I highly recommend the Beauty For Real Lip Revival. As long as you can handle the heavy clove scent.

    I also tried the Burt's Bees facial oil & I couldn't take the scent of that either! It was so strange to have two things be so unpleasantly fragrant in one box because I'm not typically sensitive to scents. Maybe I got a bad one, though, because it literally does smell rancid. It is, however, in a super cute glass bottle!

    OK, that's all I have for rambling right now. :grin:
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    Oh, I have one more slightly alarming story. My main handbag is an XL 1951 in Petrol. I carry it every day & rarely ever carry anything larger (like a tote) unless I'm going to something like a soccer/baseball/basketball game where I'll need things other than my ordinary items.

    Well, it's been oddly stuffed lately & sometimes even a bit difficult to close. So I decided to dump it all out & figure out the problem. I had TWELVE lip products in my bag! TWELVE!!! That's just too many!!! To be fair, one was ChapStik, which is a necessity, but there's really no excuse for the other 11.

    How does one end up with twelve lip products in such a small bag?!? I should add that by switching to the 1951 I was going up in size for the typical bag I used to carry. I know that's terribly uncommon, but I really try to carry as little as possible. Clearly, things had gotten out of hand. ;)

    C'est la vie, I guess. :blush:
  • AngienharryAngienharry Posts: 1,307Member
    I wish I would have logged in here last night at 315 am when I was awake! I will remember to visit this thread during my insomnia nights. Since I've been working out I think I'm more exhausted some days though because my 3-4am insomnia is less frequent now. Hope you are all sleeping well now and have a great day!
  • LeahLeah Posts: 3,495Member
    @sjp What a night. I've been awake for about two hours. For the first hour I thought "hey, cool, I feel rested." The second hour has informed me, that no, I am not rested. Sleeping fitfully for fewer hours does not a rested Leah make.

    A tired Leah also means that all my decluttering plans for today are in jeopardy. Motivate me! Also, about the mugs, I never get any requests. I don't know why. Maybe I should de-list them and relist them.

    I was thinking that part of why there's so much stuff is because I have too much waiting to swap/sell. I'd venture to guess there are about 100 items in my bedroom that fall into that category.
  • megganinwonderlandmegganinwonderland Posts: 349Member
    Thank you for starting this thread! I too wish I had found it last night when I couldn't sleep, but I have bookmarked it!

    Last night when I couldn't sleep I was working on my Scentsy products. I just started selling Scentsy but it hasn't been going very well, so I was working on ways to engage more people. Any one have any good tips??

    @SJP I agree that sub boxes lately haven't been exciting to me, either. I am hoping that changes with Fall themed boxes; Fall is my favorite and usually those boxes are much better for me!
  • KECKEC Posts: 165Member
    I've been having nonsensical dreams about skincare products lately, and waking up in a panic about my sub-box spending! Maybe I should stop by here at 3:30 AM!
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    Here I am again. At least I've gotten a couple hours of sleep tonight, but it's unfortunate to be awake again.
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    @Leah You should de-list & re-list the bird mugs. I bet you'd get some requests then. I'd request them if I had anything worthy of swapping for them but I haven't had a chance to go through most of my items to even list them lately. Plus, I probably don't have anything that would be Kon Marie approved. ;)
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    @Angienharry Kudos for working out & thereby possibly diminishing your insomnia! I actually used to go work out during my insomnia---I love being at the gym all alone!! Unfortunately, I've been rather unwell for quite some time so I've been unable to go to the gym. I really miss it. (Those are words I never thought I'd say! ;) )
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    @KEC Wow, those sound like terrible dreams! I hope you stop waking up in a panic about your sub boxes!! Aren't dreams so crazy?!?

    I don't like it when I have the type of dream that is SO real that it even takes awhile after I wake up to realize it wasn't real. Those stress me out!
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    edited July 17
    @megganinwonderland I don't really know what Scentsy is so I'm afraid I don't have any tips. I do know that there are some people here on the forum who like Scentsy so maybe just search here to see what you find. :)

    You're probably right about the season & sub boxes. Summer is not really a great season for products for me---I don't want salt spray or tanning things or bronzers, etc. I don't live anywhere near a beach & I always try to stay out of the sun. I need a vampire's box for summer survival! ;) :D
  • californiajanetcaliforniajanet Posts: 273Member
    Hi fellow insomniacs! It's 4am and I'm wide awake. Thankfully my insomnia is (hopefully) just a temporary situation as I have major jet lag from returning from a trip/9 hour time change. I was so proud that I made myself stay up til 10:30 thinking I'd be able to sleep through...well so much for that! Right now I'm pondering the fact that I get to head to the post office in a few hours to pick up 3 weeks worth of mail, where I'll have many sub and a few swap packages waiting. The thought is both exciting and overwhelming to me! Our house, which was clean when we got home Sat night, is now already cluttered with trip souvenirs and laundry for 5 people needing washing...and now I'll be adding more "stuff" into the mix... :s What I'd planned as wash day yesterday didn't happen since our baggage didn't make it home with us so just arrived late last everyone rifled through their suitcases late last night and there's stuff strewn everywhere...uggghhh. It's frustrating how quickly the house went from tidy to tornado zone! (And this prob the most boring post EVER...consider it a cure for your insomnia! :p

    @Leah my thought about the mug is that I think it's super cute, but I was disappointed in it's fairly small size! But then again I don't think the size really shows in the listings so who knows...
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    Oh my goodness can I ever relate to the post-trip chaos @californiajanet !!!! It is mind boggling how quickly a house can go from clean to ABSOLUTE DISASTER if you arrive tired & have to rummage through the luggage to find what's needed to get to bed! And then all the laundry!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even imagine how much there would be for 5 people after a three week trip!

    On a happier note, did you have a good trip?? Where did you go? It sounds fun & I don't even know where you were! :smiley:
  • californiajanetcaliforniajanet Posts: 273Member
    @SJP the trip was awesome!! We went to Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. We flew between Prague and Ljubljana in Slovenia, but then roadtripped the whole rest of the way down the Croatian coast. The countries were absolutely beautiful, and what's more, we are actually all still talking to each other after a few weeks in a car together! The teenagers had some bickering (they're 19, 17 and 14) but were at a really good age for it and for the most part got along really well. My husband travels a ton for work, so is able to save up enough frequent flier miles and free hotel nights to get us a "free" trip every few years...a HUGE benefit of his crazy work schedule because we could never swing it without the free airfare and hotels!

    Another stream of consciousness, insomnia thought...since I was gone I put my swapping on vacation mode...but I still got 6 swap requests in spite of that! I guess people just don't pay attention to the fact vacation is turned on? A couple of the requests were from new swappers so I figure they don't know, but most of them were from seasoned swappers--some with several hundred swaps under their it was kind of weird. Has anyone else had that happen?
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    @californiajanet What an incredible trip!!! My husband would be so jealous---he has wanted to travel to Croatia for awhile! I've seen bits of it on various television shows & it looks so beautiful.

    Nothing is better than a 'free' trip! I used to be able to save enough points for all of our hotel stays, but those days are (sadly) long gone.

    Oh, re: swap requests while 'on vacation', I've never gotten more requests than when I put myself on vacation!!! I couldn't believe it!!
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 872Member
    @californiajanet that sounds like an absolutely AMAZING trip, you can definitely count me green on that one lol! I've always dreamed of going to Prague because the architecture there is stunning and I'm a sucker for beautiful buildings :smile: Congrats on the awesome adventure!

    I hope we can keep this thread going cuz I'm totally a night owl and would love to be able to talk to you guys during my 3am insomnia attacks. Even if all we do is post silly funny memes I'm good with that! For the past couple nights I've actually been going to bed at a decent hour, but only because our a/c has been broken since last Wednesday and I didn't sleep AT ALL for the first couple nights since it was so hot so I've been dog tired by the time I get off work. Speaking of dogs......please send your thoughts my little beagle girl's way today; I just dropped her off with the vet to get fixed and she looked so terrified and it broke my heart to leave her there. I get to go pick her up around 6 this evening but I'm a worried mom right now because she's never been put to sleep or even had to go to the vet for more than just her puppy shots. She's also never ever been away from me since I got her as a baby so I know she has to be freaking out right now thinking that I've abandoned her :anguished:
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    @janemockingjay Oh your poor pup!! She'll be fine, but I remember feeling the same way when we had our dog fixed. (Though he was far from a pup! We adopted him from the shelter & he was an older dog---they didn't even know his age but they guessed 6 or 7 years old.) It's a perfect time to snuggle with her & spoil her upon her return home. ❤️

    Our A/C was out the night I started this thread!! It was a miserably hot night. Fortunately, we were able to get it repaired the very next day. :+1: Air conditioning is literally one of my favorite inventions!!
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    @janemockingjay Silly memes are great!

    @californiajanet You should post some pix of your fabulous trip! I love to travel vicariously. :)
  • californiajanetcaliforniajanet Posts: 273Member
    @janemockingjay sending healing thoughts to your baby beagle! And @SJP and @janemockingjay --broken AC in the middle of the summer is THE WORST! It was 107° in the shade in my backyard yesterday...crazy! Most sane people in our area headed for the beach where it was about 20° cooler (I live 25 mi east of San Francisco) but we were too jetlagged to deal with that. The day we got home apparently the power had been out for 6 hours, and it was over 100° that day as well. Thankfully it went back on about an hour before we got home so we could crank up the AC! It's supposed to be 80s the rest of the week so way better.

    I'll post some trip pics later! It's now 7:15 am and I never went back to sleep after's going to be a loooong day :#
  • megganinwonderlandmegganinwonderland Posts: 349Member
    @SJP That's a good idea! I thought about starting a thread talking about it, but wasn't sure that was allowed. Do you know? I actually was thinking it would be nice to highlight all other small businesses like that that people on the forum have, as I would like to support them! I know someone has an Etsy shop, things like that...
  • LadybugLadybug Posts: 81Member
    I thought about this thread when I was awake from3:30-5:00 this morning. I feel all out of sorts from the lack of sleep.
  • AngienharryAngienharry Posts: 1,307Member
    I was up at 1am and hunted down this thread and the app froze up on me. I was so sad!
  • SMZSMZ Posts: 787Member
    @californiajanet Croatia was my favorite places that I have been! It just had that charming old country feel.
  • SMZSMZ Posts: 787Member
    I've started this terrible habit of taking a nap after work because I'm so dead tired. Then I can not sleep at night! It's a vicious cycle.
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,055Member
    @megganinwonderland I don't know if that's allowed, though I would guess probably not. But I know you can put a link to your own personal blog in your signature line & that could be about your business. I only meant that I thought I had seen some posters reference Scentsy so I thought you could search for those posts to see what people had said. You could always ask Chris if a thread about personal businesses would be allowed---there's no harm in asking! :)

    @SMZ , @Ladybug , & @Angienharry I, too, was going to post here last night but as I was about to get online (after tidying up until 2:00 am) my kiddo came upstairs because he couldn't sleep. So, we went into our extra room where we have an air mattress out right now & had a sort of slumber party so he could go back to sleep. The problem is that I was then stuck in there because I didn't want to move the air mattress & wake him up---it is exhausting to be stuck, wide awake, in a room where you are basically trapped with nothing to do. :hushed: I did not plan my exit strategy well! :D At least I know he got a good amount of sleep.

    I've essentially become nocturnal & I hate it when this happens. I miss everything that happens during the day & then I'm the only one awake all night. It's pretty isolating. Plus, whenever I'm awake during the day I'm totally useless because I'm so tired----I'm such a loon! I really hope this cycle reverses itself soon.

    @janemockingjay How is your pup? I hope she is recovering nicely! Is your A/C working yet?

    @californiajanet I really dislike 100 degree weather. How fortunate that your A/C started working so you could at least sleep that night. (I adore San Franciso so I'm totally jealous that you live so close to it!)
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 872Member
    @SJP yes she's doing okay just very very groggy. She's slept ever since I brought her home. A/C still broken, the repair guy didn't come today but he had said it would be Monday or Tuesday on it so I'm giving them til tomorrow before calling the landlord to ask about it. We have a portable A/C I borrowed from my work so we are okay right now, just have to keep switching it from the living room to the bedroom every night lol
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