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Konmarie convert: share your journey

LingLing Posts: 293Member
I've been asked by @cat to start this thread. This thread assume you know who Marie Kondo is, is a Konmarie convert, or beginning to, and really like to 'tidying' :). If not, a simple search on Google will have tons of blogs/references/links that you can go to. Since there are a few people on forum that knows about Konmarie, and/or going thru the process, thought we can group together to support each other.

So I start first, I bought her book in December, after reading all the news about Kondo on almost every site. I thought starting after Christmas would be a good start. I started with clothing, of course. That took me about 2 weekends. I split my clothing into sub-clothing category. I have about 3 bags for donation. Since then, I've done shoes, bags, books (that was easy, as I have less than 20, and keep only half). Most of my personal belongings are in order. I don't have any pictures to share, but I try to do a 'during' pic when I'm in my next stage of category. I still have papers, photos, kitchen, personal care items (that is about half done, as I kept what I wanted to try, and the other to 'swap' pile :wink: However, I have problem discarding items that simply not working for me), and whole lot of 'komono' items.

Overall, I can see the positive changes in life. I never know that vertical folding can actually make me feel better, folding clothes after laundry is no longer a chore.
My husband ever clearing a few boxes of books on his own, without prompting.

Now, I don't know if I will shop less, or would I shop smarter. I just order 2 pair of shoes from Modcloth surprise this morning. So, if the 2 pair of shoes does not bring me 'Joy', I know I spent $20 on a lesson (still, pretty cheap lesson, if that didn't work out).

I am sort of applying the same concept on Sub boxes, cancel bunch, and surprisingly, not feeling antsy at all. I figure, if I like it, I swap for it. If I really really want it, I would buy it. But I know I would pretty much cave, if a really, really good deal come about (I'm looking at you, PSMH for the Black Friday special).

I don't know which category I will tackle next. Kitchen is really screaming at me, but somewhat harder, as it is combination of before marriage 'his' kitchen items, and during marriage 'our' kitchen items.

Anyone else?


  • catcat Posts: 1,923Member
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  • KatieKatie Posts: 261Member
    I am really looking forward to following this thread and attempting to put the technique in my life. I have read some book excerpts, read a lot of blogger posts who are doing it, and watched youtube videos on it! I own a lot of stuff, which is funny because 2 years ago I got rid of almost everything I owned in preparation for a cross country move. It fell apart when I was offered a dream job where I was so now I'm "comfortable" but living with too much stuff... and the itch to move away is eating at me again!
  • MoiSurtoutMoiSurtout Posts: 605Member
    Over the weekend I went through part of a collection I have and picked out some items to sell. Collections are hard to prune! And I was telling myself that this was just 'round one' and I'd reevaluate it all again next year. I have to start somewhere.

    My interests tend to be cyclical, so sometimes I can't really tell if an item sparks joy or not. I get bored of things, but I don't think that means I should continually get rid of everything on a whim. Often if I put something away for a while, I'm happy to see it again after time passes.

    When going through my collection though, I ran across various odds and ends that I was immediately able to make a decision about. Some of the items I've had quite a while, and it surprised me how my attitude's changed. It does get easier.
  • misanthropic789misanthropic789 Posts: 925Member
    I keep wanting to start this process and then run into a road block - he's 6 feet tall and wants to keep everything in case we need it in the future. We have an entire ROOM of that kind of stuff. It is making finding the motivation to start even basic decluttering REALLY hard because I know that even if I do all of my stuff, there will be a ton of his stuff around to make everything feel cluttered and chaotic....
  • MoiSurtoutMoiSurtout Posts: 605Member
    @misanthropic789 Maybe if you do your stuff, he'll see the benefit of doing his? Or just dump his stuff in The Room and perhaps he'll see the point once the debris gets waist high.
  • LingLing Posts: 293Member
    @misanthropic789 Here is a quote from Marie on her FB page.

    "One of the most common questions I hear is, ‘Your book helped me, but what can I do about the messiness of my husband, wife, co-worker, etc.?’ I always answer the same way: ‘Nothing. You can’t change them, and you shouldn’t try.’ Show them what you have achieved through your tidy room, your freer soul, and let them find their own way forward."

    You will get there. :smile:

    FYI, my husband keeps a lot more stuff than me, and I don't attempt to tidy his things. Once he saw how many clothes I kept, and he look at his (way more), and he said, ok, I need to do something.
  • NatlovesmelodyNatlovesmelody Posts: 3,412Member
    You are all inspiring me!
  • misanthropic789misanthropic789 Posts: 925Member
    @Ling too funny. My husband definitely has more clothing than I do and it makes me giggle sometimes. I still win on shoes though ;)
  • NatlovesmelodyNatlovesmelody Posts: 3,412Member
    You have inspired me to list items that are for is freeing!
  • catcat Posts: 1,923Member
    @Natlovesmelody thanks for sharing. You are giving me a motivation today :) To start it organizing again. I need to start on my overflowing soap basket.
  • bellamiciabellamicia Posts: 459Member
    Bought this book,and loved it! I've made it through clothes and books,but need to find time to keep going. I work full time and have three kids, so, sometimes, It's hard to pull a bunch of stuff out into the middle of the floor and sort them with intention. I certainly try,though! :#
  • HazelnutbreveHazelnutbreve Posts: 541Member
    I have not read the book. What does the book say about family photos and albums?
  • NatlovesmelodyNatlovesmelody Posts: 3,412Member
    @bellamicia I am doing this while my husband is at the cabin, 200 miles away. I tidy his stuff but it is not my place to discard but it is nicer to do this alone. Taking a short break. Need to recharge :-)
    @Hazelnutbreve there a whole segment dedicated to photos. It would be one of the last sub categories that you would do. The theory is by the time you are ready to tackle photos and other mementoes, you will be experienced in deciding if it gives you joy or has it served it's purpose and it is time to let go. You handle each and every item. Sometimes, you discover an item actually harbors negative energy and or memories and once you free your self from it , life is that much sweeter! For now I am only thinking about the category at hand and following the directions given! TRUST THE PROCESS :-)
  • HazelnutbreveHazelnutbreve Posts: 541Member
    ah. I was hoping the book suggested a better way to store them.
  • bellamiciabellamicia Posts: 459Member
    Helpful to me: If you search konmari on Pinterest, a lot of blog posts come up that are specific examples of people putting the steps into action. I found these both inspirational and informative. One blogger even took her young son through the process which was helpful as that isn't covered in the book. A video popped up as well that was a visual tutorial on her folding method- super helpful!
  • LingLing Posts: 293Member
    For some reason, I thought this thread is dead... :o My bad!

    There is a FB group (group name: Konmari Method: Life-Changing Magic), where people share their pictures and stories. You can check under there too. Marie just have a baby girl, and I'm sure with time, she share some more stories / strategy with babies / kiddo. I read somewhere that children can learn tidying as young as 3, or she planned to start with her daughter when she's 3.

    @Natlovesmelody that's a big pile. Keep us updated once you're done. :smiley:
  • ChristineChristine Posts: 958Member
    I purchased the book and promptly lost it. :/

    For two years I was running out to Cape Cod to dog/house sit, constantly packing and unpacking left a horrible mess. Add the fine dust from construction project on the outside of the building (re-pointing the brick). AND I had just began the sorting and tossing process to 'purge' the apartment of unnecessary things

    No dog/housing until this is done. Keeping my things organized makes me happy. I love opening cabinets, closets and drawers and seeing the things I love neatly stored -- easy access to is a must. No "safe places" everything has a home, in a labeled, color coordinated, storage container. Some may find this excessive (my mother) but order makes me happy.

    My next task is cleaning, organizing, then selling my decorative arts books that were a 'must have' in graduate school -- which the first time I faced 'mean girls'; a terrible memory.

    When I get the book, I am sure there is more to do. Most likely it would have been too much for me to do at one time. I do know that you only keep things that make you smile. Just doing that has dramatically decreased the amount of stuff I own.

    One thing is certain:
    I will not get rid of my George Bush and Saddam Hussein action figures. It is a reminder of many, many good things. Plus they are limited edition, collectibles. Some day they will be valuable ----maybe.
    Besides, they are tucked away, almost out of sight; I am one a few people who know what they are. >:)
  • NatlovesmelodyNatlovesmelody Posts: 3,412Member
    @christine I love your sense of humor.....
  • ChristineChristine Posts: 958Member
  • MoiSurtoutMoiSurtout Posts: 605Member
    @Natlovesmelody Wow that's really impressive! And you got through it all really quickly too.
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,337Member
    OMG @Natlovesmelody I need you! I have been trying desperately to organize and get rid of stuff. Each time I try i get super distracted and stop or I do manage to go through some boxes but insist I need to keep all the old papers that I've never looked at. If I ever disappear from the forums it is because I have been swallowed up by my clutter. I've even tried bribing myself with promises of more subscription boxes!! But I know that if there was something I reeeally wanted I'd just get it anyway :(
  • NatlovesmelodyNatlovesmelody Posts: 3,412Member
    @MoiSurtout still working! The house looks like it was visited by a tornado:-) @Miriam I started out small. I would keep a small box and when I came across items I no longer needed, wanted or liked , I would add to box. Once filled, I would take to our Thrift shop as a donation. Having done this for awhile, it made it easier to approach full speed with the KonMarie method. Reading the book help to fortify me. Round one will be clothes only. I am running out of time and energy. I am glad about the results so far :-)
  • NatlovesmelodyNatlovesmelody Posts: 3,412Member
    Fun fact : I found clothes I bought with tags I had totally had forgotten! Some I kept some I said good bye
  • NatlovesmelodyNatlovesmelody Posts: 3,412Member
    edited October 2015
    Hello Everyone! Well, after two days moving on to day three ( mind you it is due to my stamina not necessarily THE ENORMOUS STOCKPILE OF BELONGINGS) , I am down to my last dresser that will house base layers ( I do live in Michigan and WINTER is coming) workout clothes and lastly my pajamer whammers.

    Once the last dresser is complete, I will review all clothing and do a final culling of items that are still here due to obligation, memory attachment rather than JOY.

    This clothing round has produced at least 8 stuffed plastic bags and 2 boxes of items I will deliver to the thrift shop as a donation and three bags of trash. All proceeds from their sales go into the education of our young.

    Here are a few pictures of progress.

    @Miriam even though, I cannot be there in person to help you, I would be pleased to send you the book that inspired and instructed me in this endeavor. If interested, just pm me with your name and address and I will pass it on to you :-)
  • LingLing Posts: 293Member
    @Natlovesmelody That's really great progress in just a few days. Mine took me a few weekends sorting all the different clothing category (it was only a few hours each time)
  • NatlovesmelodyNatlovesmelody Posts: 3,412Member
    @Ling I had to take advantage that my husband was out of the house. The rest of the categories will be like you. A couple hours at a time.....
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,337Member
    @Natlovesmelody First off, congrats on all the hard work! Second, I so appreciate the sweet offer but I honestly can't think of anything short of perhaps a drill sergeant yelling in my face that would make me give things away or throw them out. I would much rather the book go to someone who would use it, but thank you so much for offering <3 I am a pack rat, my mother is a pack rat, my grandmother was a pack rat... it's in my genes (and not even the worst thing in there :# ).
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