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Help dogs with anxiety - extra sub box toys?

MrsDogfireMrsDogfire Posts: 2Member
Good morning all,
I am disabled and have been involved with fostering dogs; rescue work etc off & on for years aside from my previous professional career work. When my circumstances changed, I wanted to get back to the dogs as they say - but a little differently. It began with the dog of a friend of a friend who had such severe anxiety/separation anxiety that the owner could not find a suitable, affordable full-time "daycare" for the poor pup. So, he came to me. Why am I telling you this? Because I now have a purposefully small, full-time separation anxiety support group consisting of only 4, each of whom belong to wonderful doting owners who are priced out of full-time, smaller doggie daycare options. They provide their own kibble & treats, the rest are donated by friends/families, made, or I buy - this is to help keep dogs & owners together. I am happy to provide extra info off line. But I am desperate for toys! Anything, please, that Barkbox etc sent and maybe your pup tired of or didnt like. Please contact me with questions, this is a small effort to help out a few good hardworking families who are like many do live paycheck to paycheck, and if hanging on my couch means theyre not home alone whining, barking & potentially ticking off a landlord, I am happy to help them out. Thanks, Randy (sorry if this is not appropriate request)


  • MrsDogfireMrsDogfire Posts: 2Member
    Thank you, thank you Pink!!
  • lilyannelilyanne Posts: 11Member
    Have you made sure to check with owners that none of the dogs are resource guarders? I'm sure you have, or that you would have noticed if they got aggressive with each other over foods or treats, but it might be worth double checking.

    Some dogs value stuffed toys higher than pretty much anything else!

    I wish I had some toys to send along, but my apartment doesn't allow pets (the saddest rule.). Have you checked out petsmart's 2 for $5 toys? They are surprisingly nice! A bigger dog would probably rip one apart in a day or two, but you get at least a month of chewing and ripping and fun for a smaller dog. My parents have a special needs dog (from an abusive home and he has Cushings) who will carry those toys around even after they've been de-stuffed. He likes to bring a toy outside, and those are the ones he's allowed to.
  • GanendalGanendal Posts: 2Member
    Watch out for the stuffing rippers, anything swallowed can do great damage in a number of ways. I got stuffing free toys for my Bella but she began to rip up the cloth and vet said that too is dangerous. Now she is tearing up Nylabones... Gonna call tomorrow, that can't be good either
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