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Try the World/Countries/pantry

sarasara Posts: 3,384Member
So, I signed up for the promotion of Try the World. I liked it, but it was too many sweets, not enough savory and cooking items for me. When I went to cancel, I got a message that if I tried their Pantry box instead of cancelling, I would get a discount, and the Pantry box looked more like what I’d use. So, I converted to that. Within a month, however, I got an email saying that Pantry was converting to Countries, and that I would get a full Countries box instead of my Pantry box. I went in to look at my account, and it looked like they were going to charge me $29.99 for the Countries box, so I emailed them. I was told I had a credit of $39.99 for my Pantry box, (I had paid much less than that), and it would apply for the Countries box, and It would ship within about a week. So, I decided to try it. But now, nothing has shipped. Just emailed them again. This is the company that took over Hampton"s Lane. Has anyone else had better luck?
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  • janeyjaney Posts: 269Member
    Ugh, I got an email about getting $x off a box or something, so I did it, and I ended up paying $2 a box for Try the World. I was so excited, but it's been so long and I haven't gotten a shipment notification yet.
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  • lovethesnowlovethesnow Posts: 469Member
    I thought I had cancelled all my try the world subscriptions but I had a charge show up last week for $29.99. I don't know how my account for countries was activated. Anyway, no shipment notification yet.
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,519Member
    edited October 4
    @sara I remembered being interested in the box a few years back when they were running a lot of promos but after researching reviews I found that a lot of people were being charged and not getting boxes or never getting their free boxes from BOGO promos or were having trouble canceling. I took a look at old posting on the blog and found a lot of comments from 2014-2015, then it looks like back in January someone from Try the World customer service responded to those comments, 2-3 years after they were made. Sounds like they're trying to turn it around but the same issues seem to be happening from what you ladies are reporting. Personally I would request a chargeback.
  • sarasara Posts: 3,384Member
    @lovethesnow, did you have a Hampton’s Lane subscription? $29.99 was the amount they were charging for the initial box for conversions from Hamptons lane. You had to opt out if you didn’t want it,

    I just got a tracking notice for my Countries box today. Interesting timing, since I had emailed them last night. It hasn’t moved yet. Anyone else get tracking?
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  • PamPam Posts: 2,192Member
    I was pretty impressed with my first box and got a free box too. I downgraded to their snack box since I don't cook a lot and thought I'd like the snacks better, but it wasn't as impressive of a box, so I upgraded again. I didn't get a box in September so I emailed them and they said they were running behind. I got a shipment notice today.
  • sarasara Posts: 3,384Member
    I think they are trying to change the company since they are taking over Hamptons Lane. I got a shipping notice for Spain, though, and their website says this months box is South Africa. Was yours for Spain, @Pam? They had a Spain box in 2017...
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  • PamPam Posts: 2,192Member
    @sara if the shipping notice mentioned a specific theme I didn't notice.
  • sarasara Posts: 3,384Member
    Has anyone who has gotten tracking actually seen their box move yet? Mine still shows “label created or am error in number”
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  • magoosmommagoosmom Posts: 242Member
    Another box that has a mix of savory and sweet, plus pantry items is Degustabox.
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