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The Case of the Disappearing Swap Listings

SchriftstellerinSchriftstellerin Posts: 98Member
I know there's been a big push to clean up the swap site & merge duplicate listings. Great! But has anybody noticed their swap listings disappearing entirely? (Normally merged listings were still showing on your page, but if you clicked on it, it would say it's been flagged or merged). Since I have (cough cough) a few hundred listings, not sure how long it's been going on or if it's just me.

Case in point: KVD Everlasting lipstick--decided I wanted to keep mine and went to my listings to pull it and could not find it ANYWHERE--there are ~110 listings for this shade and mine is not one of them, either. I know I had it listed because when that Play! box came, I had five requests in under an hour but no matches that worked out.

Then the other day, I could not find one of the items somebody had requested in a swap. I THOUGHT I'd swapped it out previously, but she'd requested it, so I had to have it still, right?? She'd already sent her end, so I went to the store to buy her an actual full-size replacement (after OKing it with the swapper)...after all, it wasn't her fault.

Anybody else? Bueller?
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