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List of all the colors?

svollgasvollga Posts: 149Member
I've just started to go into the vast and glorious land of Julep polishes. I don't subscribe, though - for now, I'm swapping for the colors, I think it will last me for a while. But I'm feeling a bit of frustration because I'm a completist, and I want to know what colors there are and which were discontinued or special events and so on and so forth! I've started my own spreadsheet to keep track of colors I want, colors I swapped for, colors I liked and disliked (otherwise swapping would end in tears and duplicates). But I was wondering if anyone with more experience has a spreadsheet or list already? I talked to google but the only one I could find is old and for Apple users. So I was wondering if someone had the same completist instincts as I do and willing to share )))


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