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What have I done? Radiant box?

mfrancesmfrances Posts: 21Member
Let me begin by saying it's all your fault. One week ago I had never heard of subscription boxes. An ad popped up on my facebook for universal yums and I started googling to find out more info. That found me here. So I inquired on info for sub boxes for my daughter for her upcoming birthday. You evil enablers actually recommended really good stuff and I signed her up for 2, but then birchbox was sooooo popular with everyone, and then there were two coupons I ended up signing MYSELF up for birchbox....for a YEAR! During this sign up it offered me to make my first box the "radiant box" what the heck is that? Anyone have a clue? I tried to find it online and I got nothing. TYIA
p.s. BTW already planning on signing my 8 (will be 9 year old daughter up for some for her birthday in October) kids seriously LOVE getting mail addressed to themselves!


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