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May Birchbox review

nananana Posts: 835Member
Got my box today. I was fairly happy with it but I think it's because I enjoy the boxes now more that I'm not reviewing them for my blog (so stopping reviewing was the right decision). Part of it, I think, is that I now don't calculate what the value of the box was so I don't get as upset if it was low.

I got:

- Goldfaden Face Scrub. It's only a 1/4 oz, but I only use face scrub once a week or so, so this will last me forever. I'm excited about trying it when I finally finish the scrub I'm using now.

- Jouer liquid lipstickin some pink color. Too pink, gave to my daughter, but the formula was fine and she liked the color. I didn't check to see if it is really long lasting, it didn't survive eating pizza, that much I can tell you.

- Laura Geller Spackle primer. I've gotten this one before, but a long time ago, when I didn't use primer. I do now so I'm looking forward to trying it.

- Parlor Salt Spray. I'm not big on hair products, so these ones are usually losses for me. I definitely don't need any more salt spray, but I'll use it eventually.

- Supergoop sunscreen oil. This was my sample choice. I didn't try it on my face yet, as I had BB cream on when the box arrived, but it absorbed quickly on my hand and I like the beachy scent.

I'm not sure that there is anything that would make me go head over heals over a box any more, but again, I was pleased enough with this one.


  • Em1Em1 Posts: 1,238Member
    Thanks for sharing! I'm paying $6.40ish per box this year and this month, I got 7 samples so it was a money maker! I actually really like the samples I got, too: Clean perfume, Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner (love this stuff!), Coola sunscreen sample choice, and the Davines trio of the All in One Milk, shampoo, and conditioner. This is definitely one of the better boxes I've gotten in a long time.
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
  • AngienharryAngienharry Posts: 1,411Member
    @HappyCat I got the $77 a year deal for the sub (was it black today? I don't remember now) that brings it down to 6.40 a month, and when you review your items for points, it's practically free! I got 6 items this month but typically get 5 so it doesn't even out to 100% free, but close enough for me. I love that I can actually use up BB items so, for me, it never gets old. This is one I will most likely never cancel.
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
    @Angienharry I will keep an eye out next black friday. I think the same thing. I can't think of a day I would ever cancel at as it's currently like paying $5 for 5 samples that I can trade away if I don't like. The other $5 a month is in my "product savings account" :smile:
  • Em1Em1 Posts: 1,238Member
    @HappyCat Yep, it was the $77 annual sub from Black Friday.
  • bonbonbonbon Posts: 333Member
    That $77 annual sub is a great deal! I'll definitely be paying more attention to sub deals this fall. Did anyone get the jouer lip gloss too? It's so teeny tiny. Wasn't very thrilled this month. I really like bb and ipsy because they're risky, lol. Most boxes vary and it's a total surprise.
  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,771Member
    Someone on Facebook posted a video of her teenage son unboxing her May Birchbox in the Ipsy/Birchbox Sample swap group. It was kind of cute.

    You could send some people a box of roses, and they'd complain about the thorns, or the smell, or the color.
  • bonbonbonbon Posts: 333Member
    Has anyone else received the w3ll people concealer in their bb this month? Just wondering if the only color they gave out was light. I checked the swap site and only saw a few light listed.
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