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Swap Site Wish List

catcat Posts: 1,921Member
edited July 2016 in Swaps
There is the same discussion somewhere on the forum, yet its many pages long. Thats why I decided to start this post.

My wish list for the swap site:
- Have a different category for non box items that would be separate from the boxes, maybe listed as a non box item swap list similar to a pinterest page. This would eliminate the clutter of non box items listed under different boxes.
- If the item is anyway different then the main photo, have the swapper take another photo and ad it to their listing. Many people are visual. Many times i've swapped for items i thought are the same size, same scent, same color and when the item arrived i realized i looked at the photo and did not read the description.
- If someone requested from the same swapper, have a date when an item was requested, instead of just an item date requested. This will help the swapper realize that they just requested a swap.
- anonymous feedback with a 5 star rating under shipping, description as described
- Have a reason similar to the polls on why a swap is canceled.
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  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,764Member
    OMG! Is #2 about the Zoya I sent you?!? :(

    You could send some people a box of roses, and they'd complain about the thorns, or the smell, or the color.
  • catcat Posts: 1,921Member
    @MelissaB no :) - I knew the color (you had it in the description) :) I've learned to read the description and never to accept swaps at 5am before morning coffee :D
  • chrischris Posts: 3,883Member, Moderator
    Here is the original thread on this topic: MSA wish list / ideas:
  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,764Member
    Yes to what @Miriam said - please streamline "swappers following my listings" and remove inactive users.

    You could send some people a box of roses, and they'd complain about the thorns, or the smell, or the color.
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,826Member
    The next update really needs to have either a way to edit the other persons side of a swap as soon as they send it to you or a requirement that I get to confirm the finalized swap before it actually goes through. I keep having swappers request items that are out in swaps, I send them a note explaining, request my items and ask if there are other things they would like instead and they just accept the swap cancelling multiple other swaps. :( It is nice that the items are relisted when I request a swap cancel, but I still have to apologize and restart the other swaps. Not the end of the world... but it's getting pretty frustrating.
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,826Member
    edited July 2016
    Just had another one... even if the items weren't already in swaps to other people it is completely uneven she has to know I didn't intend the swap to be that way. I left a message immediately and a cancellation request and she enters tracking info! I also sent her an e-mail. This is completely ridiculous. I guess from now on I'll have to have people restart a swap if they request items that are out.

    @Liz Cadman @chris This is my suggestion: Any time an item is added to or removed from a swap it goes back to the other swapper for final confirmation. If they add an item, it goes back again.
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  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,764Member
    @elizabethj Those are great ideas! Sometimes I list an item just to see how many followers it has. Then I can either leave it listed or take it down.

    You could send some people a box of roses, and they'd complain about the thorns, or the smell, or the color.
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,826Member
    @MelissaB How do you see how many followers an item has once it's listed?
  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,764Member
    @Miriam Well I go to the "Swappers following my listings" page and then I count. It can be tedious, but most of my items have few followers, so it doesn't take too long. But once I had a Beauty Blender and it had like 112 followers!

    You could send some people a box of roses, and they'd complain about the thorns, or the smell, or the color.
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 1,108Member
    Agreed @Miriam - I have some swaps that we chat back and forth about different configurations and such and it can become confusing. On a recent swap, we were talking about two different necklaces and we both got so mixed up. Thankfully we both had a good laugh and it worked out well, but it seems like the process would have been easier if we could just counter back and forth and then finally agree to accept.

    Also - I wish that there was a way to highlight swaps that have comments on them. I know people get emails, but when I go to my page I would just like to see who I need to respond to on the top of my page (or with some other sort of indicator). I don't know if people read their emails and I currently have a swap that I have a question about but the swapper hasn't responded to my comment. I'm getting nervous because I am supposed to be shipping but don't know the answer...
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,826Member
    @MelissaB Thank you. Yeah that's what I figured. I just have way too many items listed to do that. I don't even look at the swappers following my listings. LOL I love beauty blenders too I just think it's so funny that it's only a $20 item and so highly coveted.

    @missycat928 I agree. I also think swaps should move to the top when there's a new comment. Also, I think the comment section should be at the top. Not everyone gets e-mail notifications, it seems that some people don't even realize there are comments.

    I know it's not a big deal since I'm not shipping my items, but I sent this swapper numerous comments and an e-mail. There is no way she hasn't seen them. But she shipped her items out already and still hasn't responded to me. I'm not sure what she's hoping to accomplish but it's annoying that I now have to wait for her cancel in order to restart the swaps that had those items.
  • eastereggeasteregg Posts: 156Member
    It would be nice if items that have been flagged would disappear from someone's listings. When I'm trying to make a swap, sometimes a good-looking item will be unavailable.
  • elizabethjelizabethj Posts: 592Member
    I have an idea! I really like the Recent Swaps page, but what if there was also a personal recent swaps page where it showed all the recent swaps that involved either an item on your swap list or an item that you follow? That way you could see what items you want or have are "going for."
  • DebraDebra Posts: 696Member
    I've noticed some things recently and find myself going back and forth between pages quite a bit. If I go to a swapper profile, I don't see their "Looking for" comments. It would be nice to have that on their swap page. Also from a swapper profile, if I click on one of their items I don't see any special comments they made about their item specifically. Instead I'm taken to the item's page, then have to click "view listings", then have to find the person in the list.

    And I think someone has already mentioned a refresh option on the swap matchmaker? I'm adding my vote to that!

    Thanks for the swap site! Overall it's a wonderful tool!

  • ElmaElma Posts: 1,146Member
    @easteregg - tons of flagged items are flagged by mistake and are actual sub-box items ... noticed a trend on LLB items - I'mm assuming a lot of people still have bad feeling about stuff that happened last year and are flagging the items since MSA did not review the box during that period (about a year I think) ... or people on phones flag items by mistake .... we should be able to "un-flag" an erroneously flagged item
  • AnnAnn Posts: 2,020Member
    We mostly do this on our phone. When we are in the forum we should be able to click on a forum friend and go to their swap page.
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,128Member
    @emandal Ok, now I'm curious. People keep mentioning an ominous "incident" with LLB last year. What happened? I'm thinking of subbing, but now I'm getting nervous. If it's not forum appropriate, could you send me a PM? Thanks!
  • ElmaElma Posts: 1,146Member
    @Nightshift - there must be a thread - I'll try to find it for you
  • ElmaElma Posts: 1,146Member
    Basically some people made negative remarks about the box/CS on the MSA review posts, somebody from LLB tracked them down, nasty emails were exchanged and LLB canceled their subscription. Since LLB used MSA's post to retaliate, Liz banned the box from the site for about a year. After that they all made up and LLB is back on MSA reviews. Problem is CS can be different for different people, depending with whom you spak. I never had any problems at all, I think they learned a lesson so you should not have any issues.
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,128Member
    @emandal I found the emails and the discussion on MUT. :astonished: Oh. Em. Gee! I hope they are better than that now.....
  • ElmaElma Posts: 1,146Member
    I contacted them a few times so far and had NO issues or problems whatsoever - actually, I must say, the communication was rather pleasant :)
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