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How to see who is following my listings???

michellemccmichellemcc Posts: 632Member
Hi all. Is there anyway on my cell phone to see who all is following my swap listings? Thanks!


  • bonbonbonbon Posts: 333Member
    when you're in your profile hit the my swaps at the top it's the green/tealish color. You'll see swappers following my listings.
  • michellemccmichellemcc Posts: 632Member
    @bonbon thank you very much.
  • wldflowur13wldflowur13 Posts: 689Member
    Is there a way to see how many people follow a particular item? Say I have a bag, is there a way to see just the people that follow that item?
  • luscinialuscinia Posts: 322Member
    I'm a newbie, but I'll take a shot at answering this one. The list of people following your listings is arranged by item. If someone is following multiple items you have available, s/he will show up multiple times in your list. All you have to do is find where in your list a particular item is, and all the people following it should be listed together. Good luck!
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,203Member
    edited May 20
    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I have the same question as @wldflowur13 had a year ago. I can find the set of people following my items but that list is dozens of pages long. How can I pinpoint those following a particular item I have available?

    More to the point, if I have not yet listed an item, is there any way to see all of the people who are following a specific item, regardless of whether I have it listed or not? (In other words, the "see all following" version of "see all listings" for a specific item.)
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 579Member
    @DianeER Same question! And if there is no way currently to do it, I'd love for this feature to be added!
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