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HeatheryHeathery Posts: 1,313Member
Does anyone here use LipSense? I've recently been introduced by a friend and I AM HOOKED! 10 hours of breakfast, lunch, two cups of tea, bottled water, and constant talking at work and this stuff has not budged! It's expensive (to me) at $25 per lipstick and $20 for the glosses, but totally worth it! Also, it's cruelty-free. <3 I currently have two colors and one gloss. I NEED MOOOORRREEEE! :D Also, I like that you can sandwich a regular lipstick in between two layers of the LipSense to give your LipSense a slightly different color. That'll hold me over until I build my collection lol.

Note, I am not a seller, so this is not an advertisement lol.

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