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Swap Offers

MisaMisaMisaMisa Posts: 635Member
The swap site is currently set up to have you request items that you're interested in, but you can't really offer what you would like to swap for those items (except in comments). I thought it might be useful to have a place where you can specify what you want to swap for different items. This way people can put out generous offers for their unicorns and see if anyone bites. Or if someone is in search of an "albatross" they can offer something in this thread that seems fair to them instead of putting out a zillion swap requests. Or if someone received one variation and would like to swap for a different one.


"I am looking to swap 3 Issac Jacobs frames for 1 pehr bin."
"I have a chalkboard candle and I would like to swap it for a Capri candle."
"I would like to swap my beauty protector sample for a tassel necklace."


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