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flingoflingo Posts: 1,003Member
edited December 2016 in Swaps
I run an online business and send out 10-15 packages a day. I thought I'd seen all the terrifying alert messages the USPS had to offer, but this one is new.

THREE of the packages I sent yesterday are showing this on the tracking. I am going to go to the post office first thing tomorrow and try to get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime, I wondered if anyone had ever seen this happen before.

Two of the packages are orders from my Etsy shop - those are easily replaceable. The third is a swap with about $150 worth of stuff inside. :# :# :#

I double checked all the addresses and everything is correct. I use commercial shipping software to generate the labels, so it's not due to handwriting or anything like that. If it was just one, I would be more likely to assume I'd done something wrong or the buyer/other swapper had put their info in wrong, but.....The fact that all 3 show that they departed my local post office - and then arrived back at my local post office - makes me think they got dumped on the wrong truck or something.


On a related note, I may need to emergency swap for a replacement tiny satchel from PS LE and a red Kosta Boda ornament from Luxor.


  • sarasara Posts: 4,228Member
    Is the MA town your home PO? Cause if it is, I bet something goofed and the packages are being sent back to you...
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  • homesweetgliesehomesweetgliese Posts: 157Member
    I know there's been some snow storms across the country. Have any been in your area? Or in between you and the recipients? I had something like this happen once when my region was iced over for several days. My package had been loaded on the truck right before the storm, then the storm shut my whole city down for a few days.
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  • flingoflingo Posts: 1,003Member
    @sara Yes, that's my local PO - that's sort of what I'm hoping for. Returned to me is annoying, but better than lost in the wilderness for who knows how long. Blergh.

    @homesweetgliese It could definitely be weather related. I've never seen the "forwarded" message in bad weather before, but it definitely could have something to do with it.

    Hopefully the post office will have some answers for me tomorrow and be able to sort it out quickly...sort of wish I hadn't noticed at night when they were closed, ha. But fingers crossed it works out!
  • MariekMariek Posts: 195Member
    edited December 2016
    I am so done with them! Sent my ss packages and they have not moved out of my city yet. One of them was suppose to get to my ss today, but it's still showing that it's in my town! Also sent a package overseas to my loved one and that one has been stuck at my city for a week! No movement! I'm so frustrated! I understand they are busy but I also understand that many of them do a terrible job, and just don't care! I have witnessed it and have been treated badly. I'm so mad, and stressed over this :disappointed:
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,831Member
    @flingo Have you spoken to the recipients? Maybe they are out of town for the holidays and are in fact having their mail forwarded. Yes. That is unlikely.

    What's more likely (and incredibly annoying) is that they are being returned or something else and the mail person just arbitrarily picked something to mark it is and it happened to be that. I've had so many packages marked as being returned to sender only to show up the following day.

  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,358Member
    This happened to a package mailed to me once. The sender had reused a box and Sharpied over another tracking barcode. It went to my post office, then the old barcode was scanned instead of the new one, and it rerouted my package. Eventually it made it's way to me.
  • dsbldsbl Posts: 1,338Member
    I had this alert when the recipient moved and I sent to the old address without knowing, so it had to be forwarded to her new addition per her instructions. But that alert came when it reached her old address hub.

    I hope it all works out!! Good luck!!!!
  • pnutbuddapnutbudda Posts: 203Member
    I got this exact alert once for something I ordered on Amazon. I freaked out. I thought someone had hacked my account or something. I alerted Amazon and while I can't remember the exact explanation I was given, they essentially said, yeah, that's a weird thing that sometimes happens, give it a day or two before you panic. Sure enough, my package arrived to me the day it had originally been scheduled for delivery. Sorry I can't offer a better explanation, but at least you can be reasonably hopeful everything is ok!
  • BestAuntEverBestAuntEver Posts: 1,422Member
    @flingo Not sure if this is related or in any way helpful but...I ordered some yarn online and the tracking showed it was delivered to some random address somewhere in the armpit of South Georgia. I freaked. Talked to the shop owner and she was confused, too - no issues with the address on either side.

    For whatever reason, the PO just lost their minds and put it on a wayward truck whenever they do their 'update' online. It was *not*actually delivered to the armpit...and arrived safely at my door within a day or so. The tracking updated correctly, too.

    So....that's all I got, dear. Sorry!
  • michellemccmichellemcc Posts: 632Member
    @flingo I was alarmed about showing that exact message on a swap package that was being sent to me. However I did receive my package the next day. It had not been forwarded but was sent directly to me. Just the tracking online was messed up. ??!!??
  • House06House06 Posts: 965Member
    @BestAuntEver - just curious what do you consider the armpit of S GA ? :) have a feeling that could be dangerously close to my hometown
  • House06House06 Posts: 965Member
    I believe this time of year - shipping is insane! I ordered something from Kate Spade ( online) less than 48 hours ago. Got a shipping confirmation yesterday (UPS) not trackable- had not entered the system. And less than 48 hours later - the super nice UPS guy was knocking on my door with KS box in hand! WOW- UPS !!!!
  • LalaLala Posts: 276Member
    I've received a similar alert, but I was on the receiving end. They asked for an alternate address, so I put in my work address, then some post office person called me and lectured me about changing an address after it's already been delivered, etc. etc. It ended up being delivered to my original address. It was the most bizarre thing.

    Sidenote: When I order from Target I never, ever, ever receive a. confirmation, b. shipping notification or c. tracking information. I order it and it just shows up - usually pretty quickly, but still.
  • BestAuntEverBestAuntEver Posts: 1,422Member
    @House06 LOL! Wish I could remember, it was months ago. But, I'm born, raised and still reside here in Georgia, so I'm sure some of my folks are located in an 'armpit', too!
  • Cara0730Cara0730 Posts: 1,375Member
    @flingo That exact thing happened to me recently. I was the sender and I was SO nervous that I messed up the address or did something else wrong. Thank goodness my swap was with the always awesome @MelissaB It said the package was being forwarded back to me and I was so upset. It was a very heavy box and I really did not want to mail it again and I didn't want her to have to wait for it! It eventually arrived to her, not me! If I remember correctly they told her neither one of us did anything wrong. It was just sent to the wrong post office for sorting? @MelissaB Isn't that what happened to us?
  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,771Member
    Yes, @Cara0730 sent me a big package, and when she sent it, the P.O. where she mailed it from entered the wrong destination zip code - 59101 instead of 59601. So the package went to Billings and was there for over a week. Every day the tracking said that it was out for delivery. Finally I called them and asked why they couldn't figure out that it was supposed to come to Helena. The woman on the phone (this was at a PO call center, not the local Billings PO) told me that Cara had incorrectly addressed the package and that it was going to be sent back to her to re-mail. A few days later, though, the package did show up, and Cara had addressed it PERFECTLY. The only error was when the clerk at the origin PO entered the wrong zip code. Still, why can't an actual human being in Billings *look* at the package and see, "Oh, this says it's going to Helena, not Billings?" Argh!

    Also, I just had a very similar thing happen *again*! I ordered 2 lipsticks from Melanie Mills. They emailed me a copy of my order, and it looked correct. However, the Helena PO delivered it to PO Box 287, which is *not* my address. I get my mail at Postnet. The PO blamed it on the sender, but I really don't know. Anyway, they advised me to file a claim, but it hadn't been sent with insurance, so I couldn't file a claim. Then I called Melanie Mills and asked if they were sure that it had been addressed correctly. They told me that they would replace the items, but nothing has come yet.

    You could send some people a box of roses, and they'd complain about the thorns, or the smell, or the color.
  • flingoflingo Posts: 1,003Member
    edited December 2016
    Thank you so much for sharing, everyone - your input was super helpful!

    I'm thrilled to report that yesterday, all 3 packages just casually arrived at their intended destinations as if nothing unusual had even happened. I still don't know why or how or huh or what, but as long as they got there, I really don't care. :p So yay!!

    Thanks again, forum friends!
  • dantesmomdantesmom Posts: 487Member
    @MelissaB I had the same thing happen to a box I sent from TN to CA and it just hung around for an extra week until we tried to track it down and then suddenly it started moving along again. Oh and love how the Post Office blames their customers for their own mistakes. Great customer service that is.
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