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Disappointing items you've swapped for

EliseElise Posts: 665Member
I think there has been another thread on this but I can't find it right now... I think we've all had items that we fell in love with on the swap site or through reviews and then when they finally came they were just...ok. My recent one was the tappan collective umbrella that came in a FFF box a while ago, way before I knew about sub boxes. I thought it was so dang cute and I totally needed a new umbrella! Well when I finally swapped for it, I was right, it was super cute! But also, smaller than I was expecting. And flimsier than I would expect from a $32 rv. And was the 3rd time I used it I think and it broke :| so..what items have you been excited about but then disappointed once you received them? (and also...any suggestions for a cute and DURABLE umbrella? maybe I'll try to swap for the henri bendel one...)


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