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Help me with vacation mode please

EmilyAEmilyA Posts: 184Member
Hi ladies, after all the drama going on this month, I need to turn on my vacation mode. However, I don't know how that works. Can someone please explain your knowledge of it to me? Will I still get swap requests? Will I still get comments from recent swaps? Will my current open swap be able to still communicate with me? I'd like to take a break from receiving requests but I need to know that current/ recent people can still get a hold of me if they need to. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!!


  • House06House06 Posts: 965Member
    I have not officially done "vacation mode" I delisted most of my items which helped. If you go into your profile on your swap listings page- there is a section - edit profile. You can put yourself on "vacay" there.
    Also I have noticed that people list that on their profile and kindly ask people not to request while they are away.

    Yes, people who are on vacay still get comments- I just got one from a recent swapper on vacation. I am not sure that putting yourself on vacation will entirely do away with swap requests. I have read on the forum that others still receive them while "away"

    It is painful but delisting all your items - will definitely not encourage requests. Hope this helps and you will be missed while you are gone! Take care!
  • SchriftstellerinSchriftstellerin Posts: 108Member
    @EmilyA, I have done vacation mode a few times, mostly when I need a general sanity check or things are nuts at work/in general. I did it once this summer when I was on a proper vacation and really needed to step away from it (and social media). That time, I put on the "about me" that I would not respond to ANY new requests and to please respect that until a specific date, and I still got requests. Nearly every day. It really made me very grumpy, actually, because I specifically asked for that time away (I'm on here allll the timmmmme).

    BTW, I have <200 listings and really don't want to take them down each time and put them back up. This is a method some swappers employ though.

    Now, some people go on vacation mode for various reasons and there has been a lot of discussion on whether or not it's rude to request. I have some long-pending swaps with people who have been on vacay mode seriously for months. Maybe they're lurking or initiating swaps on their own only so as to keep the traffic down; who knows. Some folks request with the understanding that person has put an invisible disclaimer that they're just going to take a while to respond, not that you outright can't request from them.

    Just like someone said the other day, you can't please everyone on the swapsite, nor can we read minds (really, thank goodness we can't), so there's no "right" answer. And I'm just as guilty as getting mad about silly things that in retrospect, maybe someone didn't appreciate I did to them (though it's all 100% unintentional!) :)
  • EmilyAEmilyA Posts: 184Member
    @House06 @Schriftstellerin Thank you both so much for replying to my question!! You both helped answer it!! So, vacation mode doesn't block requests nor messages. It just communicates your intentions in terms of reading/ replying/ etc. So if I ship all my swaps and then turn on vacation mode to take a break, I should still be able to get messages if necessary from people I was currently swapping with (or just shipped to)? And I can pretty much politely ignore all new requests since, in some ways, those people weren't reading my vacay request to begin with.
  • KatieKatie Posts: 354Member
    edited December 2016
    When you have vacation mode turned on, you will still get swap requests, you are just unable to respond to them until you turn vacation mode off. You can still enter shipping/tracking and make/receive comments in all swaps (including the ones where they have just requested from you while on vacay mode).

    I don't take getting a request during a vacation personally - plus lots of people have long outdated profile ISO text so it's kind of a gamble whether people read that area ("I will be back in July!" and it's December, "ISO XYZ item" which you have and they don't want anymore... ). If you really want to disconnect, have your swap profile connected to an email you don't use much - then the notifications won't bother you. I didn't log into my swapping email for most of November, it was great.

    P.S. When I've swapped with someone on vacation, I usually comment "In case you're interested in swapping when you get back" - it's called vacation mode, not do not disturb mode.
    I’m having my own fun. It’s amusing to me how worked up you all get
  • Ponder88Ponder88 Posts: 697Member
    When I saw this post I thought for a second you meant you needed help turning on, "Vacation Mode," in your mind. Like, your brain is in, "Work-mode," and you need tips on relaxing! I was going to suggest listening to music and sipping a hot beverage, but I see now I misinterpreted what you needed to be informed about!
  • EmilyAEmilyA Posts: 184Member
    @Katie So helpful! Thank you so much! I changed my profile description to say that I'm on vacation, and that seems to have helped. I might still switch on vacation mode just to really get a break, but we'll see :)))))
  • EmilyAEmilyA Posts: 184Member
    @Ponder88 Honestly-- I could use help with that too!! Lol. I think I'm going to take your suggestions right now and make some tea. Thanks for looking out for my mental well-being too
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