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Swap both pending and cancelled

homesweetgliesehomesweetgliese Posts: 157Member
I have a swap that says both. In the Cancelled area, when I click on it, I see it has been cancelled and is no longer active. In the Recent Swaps area, when I click on it, it shows as still waiting for the other swapper to make a decision. Has this happened to anyone else?
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  • PattyKPattyK Posts: 422Member
    This can happen if you sent 2 requests for the item to the same swappers. When one swap is accepted, the other request is automatically canceled.
  • homesweetgliesehomesweetgliese Posts: 157Member
    This is a request sent to me. I picked items I liked. I then checked on it later, and it shows up as both waiting for response and as cancelled. I know a swap will be automatically cancelled if an item I requested got swapped away, but the swap then shouldn't still show up as waiting for response in addition to cancelled. I guess I'll just wait to see how the system sorts this out.
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