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Which Items Have You Swapped Multiples Of?

NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,168Member
I've done this twice and I was wondering if anyone else has as well. I'm not talking about double boxes and swapping away the extras, I mean having an item you swapped away, then swapped for, then swapped away again.

Stain Remover from LLB
I wasn't going to swap it when I first got it, but then someone who had something I was ISO was following it, so I swapped it to her. Then I swapped for it, bc who doesn't need stain remover in their lives? And I've just swapped it away again

Bobby Pins from PSMH
I swapped them away bc I didn't think I would use them, then changed my mind and swapped for them, and now have just swapped them away (actually it was the same swap that took the stain remover, but I do not care at all bc IT NETTED ME A RED LLB BAKER!!!!!!!). Now I'm trying to swap for them again.


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