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Robb Vices - Feb. 2017 [spoilers]

DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
My FedEx shipping label was created last night... adult signature required, so there's alcohol in this month's box.


  • LC12LC12 Posts: 187Member
    @DianeER have you received your "bonus box" yet. I'm seeing mine will be picked up and dropped of today and I was still waiting for it.
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
    @LC12 I have not received my "bonus gift" yet -- they told me a couple months ago that it would not be a box, but maybe they're sending a box after all and that's what I've got a notification for? Odd...

    If it turns out to be that, I'll delete the thread until the *real* Feb. box is on its way.
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    @DianeER do you enjoy Robb Vice boxes, I mean compared to Luxor or OP? How would you rank it? I got the misfit ray in a swap and enjoying. Trying to decide if I should subscribe to RV vs OP. I know they are in different categories. I have a mini Luxor and PS
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    I mean enjoying using it
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
    edited February 3
    @maddiewin Interesting question. OP vs Luxor vs RV.....

    I was an OP subscriber for a year, I think I started with their 2nd box. I never once got a high-value box, and it was a constant struggle against shipping weirdness, box envy, too-dainty low-value jewelry, and high-value skincare items that I never used. On the other hand, I did get turned on to a couple French products that I now use All. The. Time. (LaFare 1789 shampoo, Graine de pastel rubbery blue body butter) But overall I was disappointed regularly, and did not renew.

    I have bought a few Luxor boxes here and there, and generally enjoy their contents (sometimes a *lot*), but their heavy-handed wording about how ONCE WE HAND YOUR BOX TO THE POST OFFICE WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IT IF IT GETS LOST OR DAMAGED, YOU TAKE YOUR CHANCES combined with their items often being fragile made me swear off it.

    Robb Vices is a different beast. It is not geared to women specifically, so there won't be jewelry or purses or makeup or such. When they do include skincare items, it's something that could be used by either women or men (Radice orange blossom water refreshing spray). I've found the boxes I've gotten from RV to be really well curated. Some of them have alcohol (and those items have been new to me, at least in the brand), some of them have technological gadgets, some have both. They always seem to me to be very well curated. I find that the retail value is always there for me (RV's RV ha), but it might help to know that I have a husband and two adult sons (ages 27 and 30) to whom I gift some of the items I might not use. (My 30-yr-old son absolutely *loves* the Schaatzii bullet bluetooth earbud from a couple boxes back. He would have loved the Z-clip high-tech money clip but had just bought himself one.) I loved their Nov. box with the lovely super-high-quality pie plate from France, which I use all the time, and I have become inseparable from my Misfit Ray.

    Overall, RV is a big win for me. I love the surprises and use almost everything in them (and the rest I gift). It is the one box I will keep subscribing to, along with Adidas Avenue A. I've canceled everything else.

    As we used to say in the early days of Internet forums, "YMMV".

    (Edited to add: And the book they pack in each box is really well written and fun to read, and always has recipes or other tips and sometimes discount codes. And don't even get me started on their packaging: it is AMAZING! The items each month are fit into laser-cut foam and have a miniscule chance of damage during shipment (although it has happened for a few folks here).)
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    @DianeER RV needs to pay you for your pitch. Sold, i am going to sign up. Thank you pointing out all the things and things you didnt like about each box. It was very insightful. Thank you, thank you
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    I am too late for this month. I guess i will keep my money a little longer. Hoo hoo. So sad that i couldnt subscribe but saving is good too
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 668Member
    @maddiewin my boyfriend and I actually share this box because some items are more up his alley (like the money clip, bluetooth earbud, whiskey, etc.) and some items are more up my alley (like the cider, snacks, fitness items, skincare, candles, etc.). Typically one of us will have a use for the items, and some served as excellent Christmas presents to our families this last year (we ended up gifting the pie plate to his mom because she put one on her list and she was so pleased with the quality and liked it better than the one she put on her list lol).
    Please ask for my swap id if you are interested!
  • LetsGeauxLetsGeaux Posts: 1,955Member
    @ginamarie135 So sad that I missed the November box. I emailed them hoping to get November for the bonus box but they never responded & the October box arrived last week. I love cider, the food items looked incredible - esp the Beekman 1802 - and the pie plate seemed to be great quality.
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    @ginamarie135 i am persuading my husband to share with me
  • KadrenKadren Posts: 387Member
    Sad story on the Schatzi bluetooth speaker. I thought I would try it and found I really liked it however to my dismay it fell out of my pocket while at a banquet and it is lost forever! I feel like it is a punishment for actually USING it and liking it! If I would have just left it alone and wondered about it I would still have it...dumb me!

    I cannot justify the expense of buying another one, but that really is a nice little speaker!!! So, note to the future if I have a handy little (and it IS tiny) it will not be placed in a pocket it can fall out of!
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    @Kadren so sorry to hear about that. I gave my sister the rz bracelet from miansai and she lost it. She didnt even know what happened
  • KadrenKadren Posts: 387Member
    @maddiewin Thank you!
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
    If there were a sad-face agreement button I'd click it for you, @Kadren :(
  • vanstojvanstoj Posts: 270Member
    @DianeER, I also have label created in my fed ex delivery tracker so I suspect this is our february box since I already received my bonus box
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
    @vanstoj Also this box has a weight of 9 lbs, which is more than any of the past boxes. Feb. RV here we come!
  • leiaburgessleiaburgess Posts: 253Member
    I live in Utah and they don't ship to Utah! Does anyone know if they ship to PO boxes, NV is less than an hour away.
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    @DianeER i cant wait for the spoilers. Probably die from envy. Hahaha
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
    Unfortunately they do not, @leiaburgess . From their FAQs:
    How does shipping work?
    Products are shipped via Fedex and often require that an adult 21 years of age or older sign for the product upon receipt. If no adult is available to sign for the product, the product will not be delivered and the carrier will leave a door tag notifying you that a delivery was attempted. After three attempts, the package will be returned. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you have the products delivered to a business address. Please note that delivery to P.O. boxes is not possible.
  • KadrenKadren Posts: 387Member
    @DianeER thanks...I kind of miss the little bugger =)
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 628Member
    I was all excited that it was the bonus box but now I'm glad it's not. Hopefully I will get a second box soon as I'm supposedly in the next wave for October boxes.

    Just remember… "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."
  • AnnAnn Posts: 2,020Member
    So has anyone actually received their box yet?! I am hoping for a non-alcohol box this month. I didn't expect to receive so much booze and it is really piling up around here. My cousin came for a funeral and made a dent in the scotch but aside from that it is all still here.
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
    They have not started moving yet, @Ann -- just label creation. (Unless they get underway tonight, it won't be until next week.) Adult signature required, so there will be alcohol. 9 lbs.
  • ZuZuZoomZuZuZoom Posts: 556Member
    edited February 4
    Robb Vices has the worst of the worst customer service!! I've been lied to, haven't received my free box, and they answer my emails 50% of the time or less. I sent them an email tonight with all my issues and addressed it to a couple different managers. In it, I told them what went wrong and how they can fix it. I don't think they care and won't fix it.
    Post edited by ZuZuZoom on
  • KadrenKadren Posts: 387Member
    @ZuZuZoom I agree with you. I haven't tried to contact them in months due to the same issues you had. I got my bonus box last week so for that I am happy though it was 6 weeks late! I have 4 more months with them so I am just HOPING for awesome boxes to justify the expense. Dec and Jan were pretty nice, though after losing my Schatzi speaker I am now afraid to USE any of the high value tech gadgets.
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 628Member
    @Ann Definitely Booze in this one. If you look at the FedEx shipper it is LuLuChen. They are a liquor shipper. Although mine is still in label creation I'm sure an adult signature will be required for this box.

    @ZuZuZoom - Love the comic. It is so true. I had a business consulting firm and customer service was one of the hardest things we had to convince small businesses to concentrate on. Customer acquisition cost is one of the highest expenditures for small businesses, so keeping existing customers is critical.

    Poor treatment gets remembered on MSA and continually comes up in reviews and on the forum. Tack on a few more comments on social media and you have new customers grabbing their 10 foot poles and existing customers cancelling or not resubscribing.

    Just remember… "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
    @flirtmd my label in my FedEx tracker says adult signature required, so yes, booze. No movement overnight, just a label, so it will be next week.
  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,227Member
    BTW, I posted a review of them somewhere and mentioned that while their products were great, they needed to make their customer service more prompt, consistent, and responsive.

    They replied to me, saying, "We are thrilled to hear you are loving your boxes. We love what we do, and are so glad you enjoy it too! Our Robb Vices family is growing, and as we grow we think you will be pleased with the rate of response of our customer service team. We always aim to provide service as quickly, thoroughly, and personally as possible. Moving forward we will have new systems in place to make it easier for you to get in touch with our amazing customer service representatives in a timely and convenient manner."

    They have a way to go to get there, but at least they've heard the concern.
  • ZuZuZoomZuZuZoom Posts: 556Member
    I was shocked to get an email back today about the one I sent last night. I told them in the email how they could fix the situation with me and they said they are going to try. If they do fix the situation they will have their fan back. Fingers crossed something happens that helps with the communication for all customers.
  • TiaTia Posts: 196Member
    edited February 7
    No tracking here yet. I do hope it ships out next week so it's here before Valentines Day <3
    Edit: Just got my tracking and it says it will be here Friday :D
    Post edited by Tia on
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