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Luxe for Luxe - let's swap

sarasara Posts: 3,876Member
edited February 15 in Swaps
I might just be lazy, but I am finding it difficult to look at all the different luxe swap threads to swap my luxe items (1951, OP, luxor - plus swap offers and ISO). I also don't like listing my luxe items because, try as I might to say I will only swap for other luxe items, I keep getting requests from people with nothing but $2 beauty samples. So, at the risk of cluttering the boards with yet another swap thread, I thought I'd give this a try. Feel free to chime in!

I have: 1951's, XL in Corail, an Rond Crackle, perhaps a blue nuit besace (which has been used once)
LemLem coverup, (which I am happy to swap for 50% RV)
Van Gogh Sunflower vase
Waterlilies mirror
Assortment of David Jorquin perfumes, brown, blue, red
Les nereides flower bracelet
Joe Sews pouch, gold/cream and black, on the diagonal
Shaffer LA bucket bag, tags off

I also have other luxe items which I have put away unused, sure I will use them but could be tempted to swap for the right items

I am ISO bangles, a HD pale pink or many of the BangleUps, a Ripauste bag, perhaps a Massi throw in a light color.

Anyone else with the same predicament?
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I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!


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