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Birthday Game #5

HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,431Member
I have fond memories of doing mad libs as a kid so I thought it maybe fun to do it again. It could be great fun or not but we shall see. For those of you who don't know about this it's a book of puzzles intended to make learning about grammar fun. You blindly give answers and at the end the answers are filled into the key and read out loud many times with very funny results. At the end I will type in the puzzle key so you can be in on it.

The winner will be determined the person whose answers make Jim laugh the most. Honorable mention will be given to any runner ups that cause drooling.

Give your answers:

1) Geographical Location
2) Adjective
3) Noun
4) Noun
5) Noun
6) Part of the Body (PG please)
7) Part of the Body
8) Part of the Body
9) Adjective
10) Noun
11) Adjective
12) Noun
13) Noun

The prices to choose from are: 1) Sheet mask assortment, 2) A cute themed lot, 3) I can also put together a cosmetic lot or 4) Bead lot put together for you from my collection(this is what I was amassing before sub boxes), 5) A blue glass candle holder(I can take a picture of it if you want to see), 6) Cat theme lot, 7) Yummy Asian sweets lot featuring Hello Kitty Marshmallows with mango or strawberry, 8) I could also put together a little cross stitch lot,

I'm adding a spongella as a possible price for this contest.

Deadline is Feb 16th 12pm Pacific time.



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