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loot wearables bundle frustration

I have been so frustrated with this box that I need to vent. I subscribed to the loot wearables/socks bundle in dec. some time. I knew my first box would be jan. cool. Anyhow, I have yet to receive jan and already charged for feb. so I haven't even gotten a thing from them and they charged me 2 months. They didn't even send out my socks and said only the issue was with the zipper hoodie. My God, why didn't you send the socks? On top of that they sent me the wrong size t-shirt and they are so hard to get ahold of by email. So I went on chat told the guy I already emailed a pic and everything and he said ok hold about a replacement and then he just disconnected the chat and I couldn't respond again except by email. I needed to vent, I used to love loot crate but boy they are testing me lately...


  • Rain08Rain08 Posts: 236Member
    Since it had been so long since I'd heard anything about January's bundle, I opened a ticket with them, and mentioned being charged without receiving January's box, and that I'd been planning to skip that month. They told me they could offer a refund of February's, but it meant cancelling my account, and I could reopen it later. I took that option, and have already gotten the refund. Given the last email they sent out about receiving stock after Feb 5th, one hopes it would be soon?
  • Rain08Rain08 Posts: 236Member
    Actually, I just checked fedex, and I have a package coming from lootcrate that was mailed on the 13th. Since I don't have anything else coming from them, that should be the bundle.
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 943Member
    edited February 15
    @shelli320 I've been frustrated too. I think the cost of shipping items separately kept them from doing it. They're throwing in an ice mold for free by way of apology, but it was a loooong wait for this hoodie. It better be awesome.
  • potboilerpotboiler Posts: 27Member
    i just chatted with them. they still haven't received the hoodies. i cancel awhile back, they keep sending mens socks and the don't fit
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 943Member
    @potboiler That's crazy! At this rate, I'll get Feb before I get Jan!
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,823Member
    I don't get the bundles, I just order from each category dependent on whether I like the spoiler or not, and they usually do send it all in one package if I order more than one.

    ... except for all those times where I get the wrong size, or I'm missing an item even though it's listed on the packing slip, or they've substituted a random men's size of their choosing instead of the women's size I have listed in my profile...
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 943Member
    Finally got my bundle yesterday. The hoodie is HUGE, like just hangs off of me. It's a Large, which tells me they didn't do gender sizes, and it's all sized for male.

    I waited so long for this thing, I'm kind of annoyed I'd need to exchange it for a smaller one. If someone has a medium and wants to swap, let me know.

    In other news -- I hate the Feb boxes, but I'm too late to skip them. Ugh.
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,823Member
    @Shawna yes, almost all their Level Up clothing is "unisex" aka men's. I had a Serious Discussion with a CS rep about this, because they DID send a women's size ONCE for the wearable item, so that is what I have marked in my profile -- for the best possible fit, I need a women's size. And since all their women's stuff is so fitted & tiny, I need a 3X (even though I usually wear a 2X, or even 1X).

    But when the mystery item for the month is only in a men's size, they don't relay that information. So they send you whatever men's size they see fit -- in my case, a 2XL instead of the 3X -- without consulting you about what men's size you'd prefer. Obviously, the men's 2XL is comically overlarge on me. So I asked CS if there was any way to indicate both of my preferred women's & men's sizes in my account profile, & she said nope, I should use my preferred men's size, since they usually send only men's sizes. Which means that if there is a month where they send out a women's size, I'd still get the ill-fitting men's size, instead of a women's size that fits well! UGH. So frustrating. Needless to say, I haven't ordered any of the Wearable items since this conversation.

    What really ticks me off about the whole thing is that LootCrate has that weird way of managing your account where you have to submit all your billing/address/profile preferences for each of the individual boxes you could sub to. So, for example, the Firefly crate I've been subscribed to since the beginning (which sadly still does not have a sizing option for women's shirts) has my preferred sizing for "unisex" clothing in it! So all the info LootCrate needs to know is RIGHT THERE in my account, but the company would rather throw whatever they feel like at me than perform the due diligence by checking my account data, or, you know, actually emailing me to let me know my preferred size isn't available this month!
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 943Member
    @entwashian I actually know a few people who work at Loot Crate. I may see if I can bend their ears about this.
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