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Buy One Get One plus more on Bijou Candles

bethieannbethieann Posts: 138Member
edited March 2017 in Free Stuff
This may or may not be going on anymore but the free $10 to send to friend or family is always going on...
Do you love pretty things then you have to go check out these gorgeous candles over here at Bijou candles. Soo pretty. These are the kind of candles you see in those expensive premade gift boxes that cost like a 100 for 4 items. Anyway they have buy one get one right now. The smaller size scents are worth it plus there are 3 scents that are already on sale. Plus hear this

I sent my boyfriends email a FREE $10 code and then I bought a candle FREE. Then when I used that code then Bijou sends my email $10 dollars FrEE to use at I want...
You can't use both codes together sadly but it worth it. I have a code if someone wants $10 now just message me for it. K k.
Free shipping is only over 20 now.....
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  • sakuralilysakuralily Posts: 3Member
    Is this still going on? I'd love to get a free $10 candle! they are sooo cute and dainty!
  • LaurenelizabethLaurenelizabeth Posts: 166Member
    Would love to get in on this action
  • bethieannbethieann Posts: 138Member
    edited April 2017
    @Laurenelizabeth .... If it doesn't work I can email it to you but need email. Sadly the buy one get one isn't going on anymore but you can get anything for 10 +...the other thing they changed is free shipping for 20 and up so you it would be 10 +.If i get and email with a free 10 dollar code after you order then you can have 10 free again.
    Ps sorry I dont know whats going with the site anymore. This was months go that I posted this....
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