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Mini-giveaway and thank you!

HeatheryHeathery Posts: 1,313Member
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I came home from work to a pink hearts package. I don't have any swaps going right now, so I was like ehhh? It was a package from @Jennifer3141. She sent me the Gatsby wrap belt from Rachel Zoe. Yes, the one with the $100 RV. I do not have a swap with Jennifer nor did she put it up for claiming in the RAOK thread. She just, apparently, looked through my followed list, saw she had something, and decided to send it to me. I guess she had my address from a previous swap because I was 100% not expecting this. I am just... flabbergasted that she sent me something so valuable like that. I literally started crying lol. It was just so unbelievably thoughtful. Thank you, Jennifer! Thank you so much! <3

I don't have any high dollar items because I don't subscribe to any high dollar boxes lol. But, I still wanted to give away a few things since I was the recipient of such astonishing generosity. I wanted to include a little make-up grab bag, but I gave all of my make-up to my sister a few weeks ago because her dog ate hers lmao.

SO, here's what I want to give away. Since there are only three "packs," one pack per person! Just comment which one you want. First come, first served. The books are used and may have a tear or two; they're definitely readable though. The hair items are new, never opened.

Pack 1: Hair (pic 1) - CLAIMED

Pack 2: Bodice Rippers (pic 2) - CLAIMED

Pack 3: Supernatural Fiction (pic 3) - CLAIMED
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